Wednesday, 30 December 2020


I had my video  consultation with a member of the oxygen team.  Very useful.  All my questions answered.  Some tweaks to the routine suggested.  Their phone line is active five days a week and I can contact them should I need to.

And most important she said, "I will see you again in 6 months time."  So they haven't written me off. She has referred me to Physio Pulmonary team for help.  Also chasing up the Fire Department's advice section to visit and check out where we have the oxygen in the house.  

She had had her second Corvid vaccine today.  Hope mine is not long to wait for.

So it was a bit later than usual that we went to the Prom.  I GOT OUT OF THE CAR!  I also walked.  Probably half the walk that I do.

So it was heading for nightfall!

And still they surf.

Just make out the Gull Gang?



The DP walked to Tiger Hill.


The moon this morning.  A skein of Pink footed geese fly over the house calling.  A magical sound as they call to each other.

A good day.


The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you got out walking, even for a bit.

Laurie said...

Amazing photos! The difference a day makes,, sleep well.

it's me said...

The moon was beautiful this morning! Glad you’re getting the oxygen supply sorted out.

Debby said...

Some days are just encouraging, aren't they? Glad that there were so many good and positive things for you today.

Jules said...

A positive day. I'm glad you got your questions answered. X

Tom Stephenson said...

That's a great moon shot.

Ellen D. said...

Glad you got to walk at the Prom. Loved the photos you shared - especially that last one of the geese!
Hope you have a happy, healthy New Year filled with many fun trips to the Prom!

Jackie said...

I am so happy that you got to breath the good sea air today.

I am also very happy that you had all your questions answered and they will be there if you need them.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

God bless.