Thursday 30 April 2020


Got a man coming tomorrow afternoon to discuss the paths.

I managed to get a Tesco slot for home delivery without any help from the government or the council who have been promising same for two weeks now.  I do the walk on the prom with a combined essential out - a shop or the chemist.  

Deserted Prom.

The sea.  Gull Gang on the edge.

Daily Sketch challenge is a landscape.  Not really my thing but I took these photos of the dunes and will have a bash.

My Oystercatcher is finished.

I quite fancy drawing a boat at some stage.  Note the social distancing!  One man in the cabin one man out.

Oxygen tank and I pounded up the Prom.  Physical and mental exercise.  Hope we can crack on with the garden paths.  Then a big water feature....

Wednesday 29 April 2020


Not sure how I am going to manage this.  But I am contacting some gardening construction company to create me the network of paths I have craved for some time in our garden.  More access for the chariot and moi.  The plans we had drawn were useless with steps everywhere and a dug pond where the mains electric cable is......  Watch this space and we will see what they come up with.

My exercise today.  As usual.

Going later pays off.  No one around.  Just one other car.  Never saw the occupants.

Good to exercise for both physical and mental health.

Almost finished.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

I get tired talking.

My lovely carer was here this morning and we talked through all the washing, drying and creaming.  Oh and being dressed.

Later I had a telephone call from my Care Manager from Social Services and we had a catch up.  Me talking far too much.

The physical exercise.  No I wasnt surfing.  I stopped whilst walking to get the breathing on an even keel so took the photographs.

Said hello to the Gull Gang.

I did a lot of swearing at every news bulletin on the radio.

Our other two ornamental Cherry trees at the side of the Shedudio.

I am now going to the Shedudio earlier to get some work done!

I am now being silent.  Good night.

Monday 27 April 2020

Nature carries on regardless.

Our house is called Cherry Cottage.  I would prefer something more Scottish.  Hey ho.  We have two cherry trees which produce cherries.  The rest are ornamental.

This is one of two that grow real cherries.  The Blackbirds get most.  

This photograph is interesting in that it shows the lane alongside and you should be able to see how narrow it is.  Cars zoom up and down this lane as its treated as a short cut to the Aberdeen road.  The main reason I drive to the Prom.  The chariot and I would be risking life and limb to walk on the lane.  To Anonymous.  My half hour walk is the total time it takes me to walk to the Kessock Burn with frequent stops to get breathing again.  COPD is like breathing through a straw.  Try it.

One of the ornamental cherry trees.  In past years this would be smothered in bees , sadly not this year.  Too much weed killer and other chemicals around.

I will show the other cherry trees tomorrow.

The beach today.  Two surfers.  No-one else.

Art of today.  Another Oystercatcher and a Heron.

I go down to the Shedudio after lunch.  Then late afternoon we/I go to the Prom.  I used to go there after lunch.  But now we know no-one or very few others are there late afternoon so thats when we go.

Adapting.  As one must.  Envying Nature.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Lock down?

Shops and businesses opening up right left and centre.

This government - not an easy job but not a lot of common sense either.

Not a soul in sight so I walked.

Tell a lie.  There was a Paddle Surfer but well out of the zone.

The Gull Gang.

Five minutes to drive then half hour walk, stop, breathe.

Back home and I noticed our spinney was covered in bluebells.

Proper Bluebells.

Down into the Shedudio there was a small Tortoiseshell in the pot outside.

So having kept my physical self and mental self into not having to burden the nhs I did my daily sketch challenge and began to paint too.

Saturday 25 April 2020


Beautiful day.  The oxygen tank and I ploughed up and down.  Keeping fit in the fresh air and vitamin D.

Friday 24 April 2020

Being teased?

Is never pleasant.  At the moment items of news dribbling in talking of lifting the lock down.  Hmm.

We did an essential shop.  I sat outside and people watched.  Then to the deserted Prom.

Saw no-one.

Only the birds.

What a surprise!  Eider Ducks at the shore edge.  Never seen this before.  Usually out at sea.

Sketch a Day Challenge bit of a disaster.

Must do better.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Another beautiful weather day.

Prom and walk.  Lifted the spirits.

Not difficult to do social distancing!

Today's Daily Sketch Challenge.