Saturday 30 November 2019


The DP had planned to join our local Labour Party canvassing, delivering leaflets etc.  But it was called off in respect for those caught up in the terrorist attack in London yesterday.  I don't go as I would be useless physically.

We managed the Prom.

Lots of boat activity.

And Surfers.

Although the sky was threatening it did not rain and I walked.  Very cold and a bit of a breeze.

Back home and in the Shedudio I did lots of folding of card ready for the picture to be stuck on.  

Our lovely joiner came and fixed the doors which if they got closed we could not open .  He also brought a catalogue of door handles and we choose a replacement for the seven interior doors downstairs.  He is to get them and fix them asap.  He is a star.

My camera is now so bad the DP is to obtain its replacement so Christmas will be coming early.  But there are not many things in my life I can do and which I take pleasure in.

So a lot to be thankful for and more.

Friday 29 November 2019

Another week over.

One day left of November.  Tomorrow is the 30th and my only granddaughters birthday.  She is 8.

Here she is.

And the newest Grandchild at 7 weeks.  He is coming up from Edinburgh for us to meet him soon.

I had my hair cut today.  Cut and blow.

This was me down the Shedudio late afternoon watching birds.

A feeding frenzy of Sparrows.  House and Tree.

In between hair do and bird watching we went to the Prom.

 As it was later, after the hair do,  it was getting dark.

There were two Surfers.

There is me.  I am having problems with my camera.  The thing is not opening as it should nor closing.  and I cant zoom in sometimes.  The DP is to have a look at it.  But this may be a replacement from FC  if he cant fix it.  Annoying.  The other annoyance is all the internal door handles are failing and we have to be very careful in leaving interior doors open so that we get inside the house!  More stress and anxiety.  

Thursday 28 November 2019

The Almost Constant Feature.

Of living in the North East of Scotland is the wind.  Today we had it big time.  Gusts up to 30 mph.

Creating wild seas.

I got to the railings and did my sea air breathing.  But no walk further as the wind was too strong for me to do it.  

So I went back to the car and took these photos from the car window.

We then came home.  

I got cracking on guillotining the photos of my original paintings for the Christmas Cards.

Next is to do the folding of the card, stick on the image, put in envelope, address, stamp and post.  Oh not forgetting, which has been known, writing in card and saying who from!

While I was chopping up the photos I was bird watching at one side of the Shedudio.  Visits by two different Sparrowhawks.  One an obvious juvenile learner as it crashed.  Not the elegant swoop of the older one.  I was looking at the changing sky.  Cant wait for the 22nd December when it is the shortest day and then begins to lengthen.  Slowly.

My eldest daughter who is a research fellow at Edinburgh University has been and will be on a picket line outside said University.

She is the one in the high vis waistcoat.  Very proud of her.

So now it is the evening.  Feeding log burner, sipping wine, on my own apart from the cat and talking to you.

If you are a friend of mine on facebook do not respond to a friend request.  Delete and report to facebook.  I have been 'copied' apparently.  Oh and just to show you this

This was put up by Channel 4 as our Prime Minister was not man enough to appear on the leaders Climate Debate.  Shame on him.  It is an ice sculpture.

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Medical mysteries.

This afternoon I had yet another blood test for liver/kidneys.  So I asked why.  "Well it could be due to some of the medication you take.  But your liver is up and your kidneys are down."  So they have to keep checking.  Mystery solved.  Not sure where up is or down.

To add to our woes the DP's last blood test on a routine b.p. check showed problems with his Prostate.  The GP said as he had no symptoms it was probably nothing but he had to refer him.  So today a letter - he has to go to ARI on Monday afternoon.  He is quite happy for me not to go with him as this is a consultation with a support nurse.  Support for what?  Future treatment?  He is totally laid back but of course I have gone big time anxiety.  So we went to the Prom.

Harvest Dawn battles her way into the harbour.

Nae a bad day.  It had rained overnight.  No wind.  No sun.  Lots of standing water.

Just the one Surfer - packing in.

Tide almost in.  So not a lot to see of the Gulls.

Just before we left the Prom three Oystercatchers landed.

Then it was back home.  I went in the Shedudio with the electric fan heater.  Watched the last birds of the day come for a feed.  That was it.  Darkness fell.  Back to the house.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Battling on.

My permanent Tuesday carer is to be the one who has so far been unable to be on time.  So it was her last chance today.  Someone must have had a word and she was only 10 minutes late.  I can cope with that.

Dreich day again.  Rain all morning and grey.  Doubt it makes anyone happy...

So I went to the Prom solo today.  The DP was lighting the Shedudio stove and feeding the birds.

The rain had stopped.  But there was a strong offshore wind.  But I got out of the car.

Describe these scenes.  GREY.

Ahh there they are.  Oystercatchers.  And some Gulls.  Way up the beach.  With the wind no way was I walking up there.  Fortunately my camera was behaving and zoomed in.

Stove making the Shedudio cosy.

Bleak views outside.

There were plenty birds but on this photo one Tree Sparrow on the fence.

Ever hopeful for improvements all round for tomorrow.

Monday 25 November 2019

And Breathe.

Much better.  Although a bad night waking frequently after bad dreams.  The DP said it was down to the Cheese on toast we had for dinner!

The Prom was superb.  

I walked.

Redshank.  Another bird I have painted many times.  With a Turnstone in the front.


Rock Pipit.

Lots of Oystercatchers.

Had a good day.  Also managed the Shedudio after a few days gap.  The DP lit the stove , cleaned the windows outside, and I watched the birds.  Hoping to return to drawing and painting soon.  So yes - today was more normal.  Getting there.