Monday 30 April 2018


A few problems.

One being I am feeling much better, until I do something physical, such as walking, trying to wash my feet, etc. - and becoming breathless.  I do know how to regain control over my breathing but am having to do it frequently.  Hey ho.  My steroids finish tomorrow and my antibiotics the morning after.  So do I return to the doctors and enter the surgery full of germs?  Problem.

Secondly I did a 13 second video of the masses of Herring Gulls today.  Never seen so  many and Facebook has refused to actually post it on a number of sites.  So here goes.  Bit out of sync with the rest of the post but videos take ages to upload for me so I decided to get it over with .....problem.

I mentioned visual art exhibitions the other day.  Well, now it is a problem.  There are art exhibitions, one in May, one in June, which both open over a weekend.  Then I and the DP have been asked to put on an exhibition in a local cafe, which is run by a charity, which will run for two months.

The problem is have I enough new work to place in all three that hasn't been shown in them.  As I am hopeless in keeping records of what I have exhibited and where...........

I will get there.  But it is a problem.  Made my by myself.  As most are.

Today, a Monday, the DP does the shopping.  So he was off and away this morning.

After lunch he was off and away again as he got chatting this morning and did not actually do any shopping.

I went off to the Prom.

Yet another beautiful sunny day, albeit with a cold breeze.  That sea air really helps my breathing.  Perhaps I should just go buy a camper van and live there.  (But still be able to come to the shedudio.)

So many Herring Gulls.

Feeding frenzy as you can see from the video which has now uploaded. (Yah boo sucks to facebook)

Two more heading for the food.  Still have not worked out what the food was.  I have seen them catching and eating sand eels but sand eels - no, not this time.

Quite a relief to come home and carry on playing with the watercolour pencils.

While out shopping the DP bought a replacement bird feeder.  We are now having Rooks come to our bird feeding stations who totally destroy the feeders.  Problem.  So this is a new one.

Very different.  Took a while but now birds have landed.

Hopefully no more problems tomorrow.  Please.

Sunday 29 April 2018

What larks!

The DP was off to the Loch of Strathbeg bird watching.  So after lunch I managed to put the chariot into the car and off to the Esplanade.  (Brochers insist it is the Prom but there is a large sign saying ESPLANADE.)

Superb weather.  Not cold, no wind and sunshine.  Now into my Parka coat, unlined and slip on canvas shoes.  No hat, no gloves - great.

It being Sunday and a fair few walkers, with dogs or kids, so Gull gang way out to sea.

The tide was high so once that had receded I am sure they did come in to the Kessock Burn for a drink of fresh water, though they do drink sea water, and a wash and brush up.

On my way home I somehow managed to become part of the Buchan Vintage Tractor Road Run.  Every year this takes place and all done for charities.

10 mph.  So I managed to take these two photos with the camera and my left hand.  Probably worse than using a mobile phone but I was watching the road!

Eventually they turned off to the right, I then went to the crossroads, turned right.  Belting down the road they appeared again on my right....  But I was waved on, managed to get home to alert the DP, who I think managed to photograph the lot, passing our house, over a 100!  No I wont bore you with them.

So down into the shedudio and some replies to comments.  Bath Backus asked about the Harvest Mouse and having to pay to use the photo.  The small canvases I have been offering for sale at £12.  Canvases are cheap, bit of cost in preparation for using watercolour and you have to varnish to protect as they are not under glass.  But yes I shall be pricing this one at £30 and see what happens.

Chris Elliot.  I have a tin of Caran D'ache Watercolour pencils, had them for ages.  Never been shown what to do with them though there is plenty advice on the internet, I prefer to have a bash myself and see what happens.  You can draw, then wet, or dip the pencil into water and then draw.  I need to do a lot more practising but so far have really enjoyed doing something new and experimenting.  If you put a mark on paper then you can become an artist!

Rosemary.  Here are some mounted paintings.

Mounts enhance do they not.  Having a painting mounted does not cost a lot.

I then wrap them in florists cellophane to protect them from finger marks etc.  Most exhibitions have a browser, or studios -I have three browsers!

This one is wrapped in cellophane, hence the shiny reflections.

Frames cost more.  But make the whole thing more permanent.  I choose white frames as that is what I want in my home, its neutral so when you are selling would go in any setting.  If they do not sell they are enjoyed hanging in my home or shedudio.

I do hope that this year I manage to sell some, and provide for raffles as I am becoming rather swamped.  But can't stop painting or drawing.  What larks.

Saturday 28 April 2018

Up and out.

Quite a struggle but I washed and dressed and drove to the Prom.  The DP came with me, mainly to put the chariot into the car, take it out, and repeat.

By the sea it was beautiful, sunny, no wind.  Back home remained very dark clouds.

You can just see the edge of them over to the right of the picture.

A couple of Paddle Surfers joined the Surfers.

There was a wee boat out collecting Lobster pots.

And as the tide was going out and there were enough places to land in came the Gull Gang.

Then back home.

Because it had been so cloudy it was quite cool back home.

Not for long!

Settled down in the shedudio with the wee stove warming it up I painted.


I decided to finally have a go with the watercolour pencils, have had them for ages, used them for the odd outline but never a whole picture, so started on a Hare baby, from a photo of a rescued litter at a local rescue centre.

Always something to learn.  Speaking of which I learned a lesson today.  I always ask photographers if it is ok to paint from their photos.  I have never had a refusal.  Today I was asked for money for using the photo of the Harvest Mouse in a tulip.  The photographer said as I had work up for sale I was a business as was he and therefore I should pay.  Well - I did pay him.  I had painted the picture.  But although my work is for sale I rarely sell anything, being disabled I cant tout it around, so it is only exhibitions when the DP takes it for me, and they are rarely visited by people who buy.  So I paid out for my pleasure in painting a lovely photograph.  I will stick to my own photos, the DPs, my friends, and all of the many wildlife photographers who have given me blanket permission to paint from their photographs in future.  

Up and out again tomorrow, weather forecast good, hope all the drugs I am on carry on the up.

Friday 27 April 2018

Moving on -

Art exhibitions are looming.  They start next month.  Invited to exhibit at Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh.  

Strichen Episcopal Church is in June.

I can't remember when New Pitsligo Community Art is but soon.

This is a few years back.  Not the best displayed exhibition.....

Most of these ask for paintings that have not been exhibited before, although one does see the same old.....

So today at the meeting where I am secretary of, and was not present, my framer brought in stuff I had given him, gave to the DP, and I am now with 6 framed paintings that have never been exhibited before.  (And quite a few mounted ones too.)

Happy to be moving on.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Oh woe.

I know there are others far worse off than me.  But why these almost continuous chest infections?  So back on antibiotics and steroids begin in the morning.

I have been in bed most of the day.  High temperature. etc. etc.

Managed a trip to the shedudio in the afternoon.  Sith cat accompanied me.

The DP had to cancel his bird watching jaunt.  He was away shopping in between looking after me.  On the way back from on of his two trips to shops he got these photos.

This Yow (ewe) is one of six that the wee boy across the field manages.  All the others have long since produced off spring, including twins.  Sheila Sheep has sat about for ages.  Then there it was.  As I said to the DP I no longer have to worry about something that is absolutely nothing to do with me!!!

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Ill again.

Hope to be feeling like this again soon.

Marching up the Prom.

Birds pairing off and nesting all over the garden.

But for now an early night dosed up to the gills.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

S is for Sea and Sanity.

The family have gone home.  Another morning of all up at 4 a.m. or was it 5?  My daughter partner and grandson are moving house soon.  We all are hoping that the move will improve the sleeping pattern of the grandson.  He will have his own bedroom.  If he turns out to be one of the geniuses that only needs 3 hours sleep he is not coming back.......I do not really mean that.  

A beautiful weather day.  I took myself off to the Prom.  Though every move was an effort I was soooooooooooooooo weary.  Our Grandson will be 2 in July such a happy chap.  He has mastered "Grandma", but the DP is still "The Man."  and Sith is "Cat".  Sith cat has been amazing in his patience.  I am impressed.

Good to see the Gull Gang.

The Pilot Boat.  This wee boat guides the biggies in and out of the harbour.

Back home and into the shedudio.  One of the Harem of Dyson Pheasant appears to have moved in to the garden.

This is her nodding off outside the shedudio.  Having eaten her fill.

My painting of a Harvest Mouse inside a Yellow Tulip is about finished.   A small canvas which now needs varnishing.

We are now being ploughed.  The field at the back of our garden.  Bit late this year down to the weather.

Masses of worms coming up and being eaten!

Slowly recovering, almost back to normal.  Tomorrow is Doctors, lunch out and then more Sea and Sanity.  Yay.  Hopefully after a full nights sleep.

Monday 23 April 2018

Family visit. Day 2.

Grandchildren wake at the most ungodly hour.  Found myself having to feed Sith cat at around 5 a.m. as a human had appeared downstairs.  aka someone to provide cat breakfast......

Later, when I had eventually turned into an awake human, we were all up.  The DP had done his patrolling.  Breakfast.

The family and the DP then disappeared off to Macduff and the Marine Aquarium.

There is a hands on session at the Aquarium.  Eli meets a Spider Crab.

There is also a camera link to the Gannetry at Troup Head, on of the largest onshore.  All nesting like fury.

I met them at the Dunes Golf Centre cafe in Fraserburgh.

For a lovely lunch.  From there we went to the beach.

Just about had it to ourselves.

Apart from a few gulls.

Never seen a yellow boat before. 

Then back home.  I escaped to the shedudio.

This is a lot of fun.  A small canvas, prepared for watercolour, almost there.  A Harvest Mouse inside a tulip.  Somehow I have to work out how to portray the amount of pollen he/she had on his face.

We are all heading for bed very early.  We are all exhausted by a delightful, full on, enjoying life child.  He has mastered "Grandma" but the DP is still "The Man."!!!!!