Wednesday 31 July 2019


I managed some of my pulmonary physio exercises this morning.  

Then I went to the Prom.

There were quite a few Surfers.  More over the other side.

He was doing fine until.....

At the shallow end 


We have had no rain.  Although we have a flood warning?!  It is so humid I have every window open and patio door and still no air.  Breathing is not coming naturally.  Have to consciously work at it.  Always a worry.  I have fan going now which will help.  

Tuesday 30 July 2019


I managed to do all on the list of things to do.  Taxed the DP'S car - online.  Checked the bank beforehand.  Had a panic attack as I checked all the accounts and the credit card was nil everything which wasnt right.  I checked it later and it had righted itself.  Phew. 

 Ordered heating oil.  This may  seem strange to some of you in the Summer.  Oil heats our heating and our water.  Obviously we use miniscule amounts at the moment as we do not require any heating, but do need hot water.  But once the tank goes below half I have it topped up.  

Oil tends to be cheaper in the summer.  Also = peace of mind.  

Had my full body and hair wash from the carer.

Hot and breezy.  The DP came with me to the Prom.

Pilot boat waiting.  Not sure for what as it was there still when we left.

Fishing boat away on the hunt.  Ready for a repaint in dry dock - well rusty at the rear.

Applauding the determination of this lady to have a paddle.

People enjoying the beach.

The DP drove the new Kia for the first time today.  He filled it up with petrol, collected my prescription and went to a  meeting.  He likes the Kia.  Its still mine!

Things I have not done today.  My pulmonary exercises.  Picked up a pencil or a paint brush.  Bad.  Sad.  

Its over 80 degrees in the Shedudio.  Even with the doors and windows open.  Not conducive to doing anything.

The list tomorrow is EXERCISES.  Fingers crossed.

Monday 29 July 2019

A small Achievement.

My first solo drive in the new Kia car.  Its not just about driving the car, I could do that with my eyes closed, but I wouldnt do that!  Its the physical effort to put the chariot into and out of the car.  But all done today.  I also managed a short walk.

A lot less people.  Although there were more dog walkers.

A lot of the Gulls were in the pools created by the sea as the tide turned.

Mainly Blackheaded Gulls here.  Young ones too.

Skurries/Herring Gulls on the rocks by the caravan park.

Back home.  I noticed our new Buddlea was flowering/struggling through the Yellow Loosestrife.  Hmm.  Yet more judicious clearing required.

This evening.  Well no amazing sunset.  The Haar descended and is still there.  I will just have another glass of wine and say goodnight.

Sunday 28 July 2019

The sun still shines.

The DP came with me to the Prom again.  However I think tomorrow I know where all the buttons are and learned that if a tyre deflates the Kia tells me and which one.  It also tells me what gear I am in and which I should be in.  I do not like that being told all the time.  But tomorrow I will set off alone.  And ignore the screens and other visual warnings, comments as one would ignore a Mother.......

For a Sunday the beach was very quiet.

On the sea a Kite Surfer.

People, and Gulls paddling.

This is Sunday.  Peaceful in the country.  Don't be daft.  The sun is out so let's get the harvest in before it gets wet.  Combine Harvester getting in the Barley.  Neighbour across the road cutting his grass,  then strimming the verge.  Not peaceful.  

It has felt fresher.  I actually had a short walk on the Prom today.  

Still no rain forecast for tomorrow.

Good night.

Saturday 27 July 2019

If I could I would do a rain dance.

Heat and humidity continue.  Totally debilitating.  

The DP accompanied me to the Prom.  A day when I had to force myself.  But I always feel better after breathing in the sea air. So I went.  

Not as many people on the beach.  Although the car park was almost full.

The Gull gang were present.

Again very near to humans.

Fishing boats small and large heading off out on the hunt.

This morning the DP was back to our friends as one of the Barn Owls was by their kitchen window!

Seemingly quite happy to be near people.  It preened and posed.  Fantastic.

So despite the heat wave nae a bad day.

Friday 26 July 2019

Bring on the ice age.

To add downers to the heat and humidity the water pressure went down to just a trickle.  We and our neighbours have had varied responses to our complaints to Scottish water.  The latest is at 5.30 p.m. That it had been fixed.  Well it hasn't.  One of my friends who lives up a hill still has no water.  How the farmers with livestock are coping.....

Earlier in the day I drove the Kia to the Prom.  Still with the DP at my side to work the air conditioning and warn me to put the foot on the clutch before turning on the ignition, otherwise it doesnt work.

Not many wind break squatters today.

Beach cleaners.  Many thanks from us all.

The Gull gang getting braver.  Near people.

Its the heat.  Cooling off.


The above two photos I took a long time ago.  The rider and owner of Scott the horse works as one of the groundsmen at the golf club.  He had a fire in the caravan he lives in and Scott saved his life by kicking the caravan and waking him up.  He lost everything in the fire including photos of Scott the horse.  So I have got these and printed them off for him.  Saw him today and said I had found them and would get to him at the golf club next week.  Hoping I can find a frame to put one in.

This afternoon the DP went off to friends of ours who have a pair of Barn Owls living in one of their buildings.

See the hole?

There is one!

As everyone I am also finding this heat a struggle.  Unable to breathe, well obviously I do breathe as I am still here.  But cant wait for it to break.  Hope its soon.  Looking at the weather forecast it wont be tomorrow.

Bring on the ice age.

Thursday 25 July 2019

High spec - not me the car.

The DP and I went to swap cars today.  Bye bye much beloved Fiat.  Can you believe the Fiat Punto is now discontinued?  So I now have a Kia Titanium edition.

The steering wheel was adjusted and the seat highered.  I can now see the windscreen in full.  Most of the dashboard thingies were explained.  When I turn the engine on the doors lock.  Spookie.  But no-one can throw themselves out. Also I have a button to press so no one can enter the car and kidnap me.  Hmm.

We got back safely and went on to the Prom.

The registration - the DP says its 'For Mums only' !  S is for Scotland and 19 is the year.  This is going to be the first car registration I will be able to remember!

Shanty Town!

Many people enjoying the water.

I had to reverse out of the parking space.  On the screen wherein is the radio and what is playing appeared a picture of what I was reversing into.  Goodness me.  How have I managed all these years without a rear view camera...... but I have.

The car also has air conditioning.  Whats wrong with opening the window?  There was a lengthy explanation from the DP.  But I still opened the window.

Anyway I found the car comfortable.  A pleasure to drive.  I cannot fault the help I had from the staff at the garage.  I get three free services.  18,000 miles or 12 months.  So it will be 12 months as my daily mileage is almost nil - 6 miles?   The DP is happy, the family are happy as Mum has a car that will be a while before bits start to drop off.  Or go wrong.  If they do I just have to phone the garage.  

So for your delectation, tonight's Sunset.

High Spec by Nature.  Ace.