Wednesday 23 November 2016

A Better Day - with some dogs.

Beautiful day.  Sunny, not much wind, cold of course.

Now driving my car as my legs no longer wobbling but still with the DP in attendance off to the Esplanade.

Today was such a good weather day there was the chance to chat to other walkers.

My friend M who has two lovely dogs.  When I returned home our cat Sith spent a long time with his fur fluffed up going over every inch of the chariot !  One of the dogs had made a big fuss of me and left lots of smells on it.  Winding round and round.  He also took great exception to a wee child in a bright pink jacket who was running towards us and M said he never barks.  

As I walked up towards the playground and the boardwalk going down to the beach this wee Bichon Frise (I think) dog came up and attached itself to me.  I shouted to the DP is this dog on its own?  He looked around and saw someone obviously looking for a dog.  The lady eventually saw us waving and came to join us.  Now this dog obviously wanted to be with me rather than her.  Most odd.  She eventually put the lead on and dragged it away. By this time I am thinking do these dogs know something I dont?  Protective big time.  

Redshank and Oystercatchers.

Rook on the Prom fence.

A different pheasant in the field behind our house.

A Better Day.

Monday 21 November 2016

Been a while.

I would prefer to blog when I have more positive stuff to write about.  But hey ho.  Since I last wrote I have been ill.  Some days I managed with the help of the Dawn Patroller to get out and at least look at the sea. Two chest infections.  Been a struggle. Antibiotics steroids, bottles of ? instead of proper food.  But still manage the red wine.

It has been very cold.

This photo was taken at 2 p.m. this afternoon.  Still iced on the beach and dunes.

With COPD not good..Breathing cold air.  But I managed a walk.  Albeit a small one.  Today was a bit longer and a bit faster.

Tomorrow I have an x ray to ensure nothing else going on.  

We just had a lovely weekend with youngest grandson.

With the Dawn Patroller.

Christmas looms.  Nothing organised whatsoever.

Been a while since I was organised.  But I live in hope.