Saturday, 29 February 2020

Another Challenge.

First the Prom.

A few people on the beach.

And an enormous dog!

Big boat on the horizon.

Small boat.

Quite a few Surfers.

Still a cold breeze but I walked.

Blue sky!

Climbing up Tiger Hill.

My challenge today was to carry on being a normal person and enter a supermarket and select some new clothes.  I have avoided shops for quite a while being scared of picking up an infection.  As I have had two now without going anywhere....  

So Pink took over!

Jumper and cardigan to match.  Both long and baggy.  Lovely.  I also bought a pink watch.  Haven't worn a watch for years.  My only regret was not buying a pink bag.  Perhaps tomorrow!

I have also had more battles with the new tablet.  The DP has promised to help tomorrow as I had steam coming out of my ears.

My children have took over booking the house we had last year for them all the first week of the Easter school holidays.  I shall still pay but they managed to negotiate a discount!!

I might be even more of a normal person by then.

Friday, 28 February 2020

Still windy.

But that did not stop me!

Tranquillity sailing into the harbour.

Sea birds on the shore.

I walked with just the sea air.  Such a cold wind.

Then I went to the Fraserburgh Art Group meeting - and was cheered when I entered!  Good to feel like a normal person.  Although I was using the oxygen.

I think it was Chris who asked how I used a tablet for painting.  Well I upload the photograph onto the tablet.  Once there I can touch the screen and enlarge detail.  Such as eyes.  My current tablet is refusing to take in the email with the photo attached.  Hence getting the new tablet working, not there yet.  Hopefully will get it sorted as I now have the urge to create - again.  Which is good but currently frustrating!  So an ongoing challenge....

When we came out of the meeting the rain came on.  Horrible lashings of it.  Very cold - so home.  At least I got my Prom walk in before all that.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Back to the Prom.

I so miss my daily promenade.  So today we went.  Very windy, not pleasant.  But the sun was shining and I walked from one bit of shelter to another.

The tide was just beginning to go out.

Blackheaded Gulls were sheltering by the caravan park rocks.

Out at sea it was rough.  

The little boat finally made it safely to harbour.

My challenge today was to sort out my tablet which was playing up.  It is what I use for most of my paintings and I was intending to paint.  But no.  So the next challenge not yet finished is to set up the new tablet.  So far I have charged the battery!

Tomorrow possibly another challenge to go among people at a meeting of the art group planning the Summer Exhibition.  Hope I am still up for it tomorrow!  I will have a Prom visit first as the forecast is for less wind!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

A Difficult Post.

No Prom trip today.

A shame as the weather was lovely.

Instead I had my lovely friend and fellow artist visit and wait with me for the DP to return from ARI and his discussion regarding his Prostate Biopsy.

He has non aggressive Prostate Cancer.  Various options.  It was agreed the best way forward was regular blood tests.  Next year another MRI scan and biopsy.  He is fine with it all and  looking into life style changes to help.  Now the dawn is more accessible he will be patrolling again.

Life goes on.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

A Good Day.

My favourite carer this morning.  All clean head to toe.  Moisturised and dressed.  Lucky I am.

Prom after lunch.

The sea was wild.  

Surfers taking advantage.

There was no wind, or rain, and then the sun came out.  I walked.

Lots of boat activity.

A small challenge was to return where people gather.  And have a traybake as well as a cappuccino!

A Good Day.

Monday, 24 February 2020


I have decided to set myself challenges.  This is to move on and live.

First Challenge was revisit our favourite cafe.  I avoid cafes and shops in case I pick up a chest infection.  But as I already have one.....

They do a very good Cappucino.

I also bought some waterproof over trousers.  The Dunes is not just a cafe but a golf shop.  I had some of these trousers but as I have become shorter they are way too long!

We had gone here after the Prom.  It was raining loads.

Through the windscreen.

Wet everywhere.  And no-one else on the Prom.  

Blackheaded Gulls.
Solitary Oystercatcher.

Some boat activity.

Challenges.  One is to prune the roses in the front garden and the hydrangeas.  Depends on the weather of course!

The big challenge is the DP wants me to go with him and the Photographic Society on one of their jaunts.  This involves buying a wheelchair.  Argos would you believe do a fold up lightweight one.  Perfect.

Watch this space.

Sunday, 23 February 2020


Managed another night with oxygen.  Main problem is going to the loo and trailing wires.

We went to the Prom.  The wind was the worst I have known.  Gusting from all directions and nearly blew me over once.

Two big boats out on the horizon.

Tiger Hill.


The house is full of flowers.  There are some, now droopy, vases of Tulips in the kitchen.

Thrilled to have our friends visit this afternoon for a catch up.  Who brought more flowers!

The DP says we should open a flower shop.