Sunday 31 May 2020


I do not like the heat.  Never have.  There I said it.  Now I will shut up.

I went down to the Shedudio.  Opened doors and windows.

The Herring Gulls progress.  Enjoying this one.  

Out in the garden flowers are blooming.  As are the weeds.

If it is a bit cooler the next few days my aim is to do some garden sorting.  What a mess.  Much as I have tried I have found no-one who will do gardening other than cut grass.  The DP says thistles are good for wild life.  One or two maybe......

We went to the Prom.  On the sea were noisy and smelly jet skis.

One small boat.

The Gull Gang were there for a while but the Jet Skis chased them off.

I did not walk.

The Prom was heaving.  I got to the railings took a few photos and then thought no way.  Very little social distancing.  Could be as it is Sunday there were so many people.

I shall march up and down my paths tomorrow.  But I need the sea air.  So a trip to see what I can see.  I had the car window down today and took lungfuls.  Well - 26%,  Thats all  I have!  

Saturday 30 May 2020


I so wish I could do more.  The DP has been told to rest his foot as much as possible.  He pointed out he was my main carer.  The nurse said she knew it was difficult but to try.  So I just get in the way and upset his routines!

I said I would go to the Prom on my own and he reminded me last time I got the chariot out of the back of the car it fell on my leg.....

So we went to the Prom.  I got out and walked.


Not as many people.

Earlier I was painting.

Three Skurries.

Later we were visited by Dyson and Henrietta.

Not as hot today.  But I am tired.  

Friday 29 May 2020

North East Scotland 22 degrees.

Summer clothes dug out.  New pink jacket from Dorothy P.  Vastly reduced I hasten to add.

Just a t shirt beneath the jacket.  Our Prom visit was not that enjoyable as there were more people which made it difficult for me to walk as not everyone was giving a wide berth.

Through the heat haze big and little boats.

Jet Ski.


A not very well Guillemot.  The DP phoned our local rescue centre but due to the pandemic they could not send a volunteer to trap it.  So we had to leave it to its fate.  You don't think of these things with the b****y Corona thing.  Saving a bird is not an essential trip......

Two people, sensibly in wet suits the sea is still cold, swam across the bay.

The Gull Gang gathered in the Kessock Burn.

Hot again tomorrow.


Thursday 28 May 2020

Hot - 18 degrees.

Almost too hot.  But on the Prom was fine.

People and boats in and on the sea.

Some on the beach.

From tomorrow I can drive legally with chariot and oxygen tank up to 5 miles to exercise.  So the Prom is fine.  Easing of lockdown.  Still a no no for me seeing my kids and grandkids.  Three hour drive away for the nearest.  My middle name is not Cummings.

Our paths are now finished.  Well pleased.  Although we are looking round for possibly some additional work!  One thing we had to sort ourselves was a step for Sith Cat to get in through his cat door.

Too much for an old cat without a step.

The slanted paver is the Septic Tank inspection thing.


Patio area outside dining room.  Bird feeders back but birds suspicious.  All need to be replaced - not posh enough!

My step up into dining room.

Lots of planting to do.  We fancy Virginia Creeper to clothe the fence.  It is hardy.

A nice table and chairs to sit and watch the sunset.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Where is the septic tank inspection chamber?

Well sadly its under there.

One more day to finished.  Which might now be extended as we realised the paving although impressive now conceals the inspection chamber.  Access is necessary as we may need to clear a blockage.....

Here is the paving being delivered.  Our lane was totally blocked.

Paving ready to be laid out on the lawn.  New Patio outside the kitchen door.  Path linking to the path down to the Shedudio.

Heading off to the right is the bit that is going to have to come up so we can access the septic tank inspection hole.  Well, not us but the drain people.

Patio outside the dining room.  Which joins up with the new sloping path from the Shedudio patio.  Bit like the left leg is connected to the ... thigh hear the word of the Lord.  Silly song.

Beautiful warm day I was able to open both patio doors in the Shedudio, listen to the bird song.  And visualise how the garden is going to be.  Accessible bits so far.

We had an escape.  Too much dust from paving stones being cut.

No coat, well I had my new pink jacket on as I need a pocket for the camera.  No hat or gloves.  Remembered not to touch the railings.  I have sanitiser in the car to use after every trip out.

Hoping to get down the Shedudio tomorrow and do some painting.  All these Gull photos are asking to be painted.

Latest challenge in the daily sketch is feet and hands.  May well be a lot of bird feet in there.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

A Path in the making.

My carer came and went.  Then the garden transformation team arrived.  Three vehicles, plus a trailer and 5 men.

The door into the kitchen.  They removed a step which previously had a slope added but was more like a pimple on a giants nose.  Not useful.  Removed some shrubs.  The paving will be extended and make a mini patio and room for the chariot to come out and turn and head off to the path down to the Shedudio.

Some of the removed shrubs.  None of these worth saving and there are the same remaining further along the garden.  The two pots have chives in and sat either side of the door.

This is the patio at the front of the Shedudio.  The new path slopes up.

To where there will be a new patio outside the dining room patio doors.  The path will be paved.

I am now getting excited about the transformation.  They are back tomorrow and said they would be finished.  I shall be thinking of more for this firm to do to get me able to access even more of the garden.  

While the men were raising dust we escaped to the prom.

Lots more cars and people.


Then this Paddle Surfer.  I did wonder if we should call the coastguard as he disappeared round the Golden Horn!

Some Gulls managed to get their ablutions before humans and dogs scared them away.

A Painting I think?!

I walked.  Well away from anyone else.

More paths tomorrow?