Wednesday 29 February 2012


I dont like writing about gloomy things.  But I needed to apologise, not just for the gloom, but for not commenting on anyones blog lately.  Please be assured I love them all.
Following the hairy, scary trip to the opticians I developed yet another chest infection.  This time a real bummer. Hit me Monday evening and was so bad I was considering an ambulance, but I cant stand hospitals.  The doctor visited and has given me so many tablets  I rattle.
Puzzle cat also had to get pills after being aneasthetised and his throat examined.  So I have to be careful not to take one of his.  Or vice versa.

The poor Dawn Patroller is having to do everything.
But still manages to get out and bring me photographs back.
So here they are.
This sculpture is at Fraserburgh Leisure Centre.

 A collared dove seeking sanctuary at one of the churches.

Heron on the pond just down the lane.

And finally....

Ships painter, though I have yet to see any ship/boat this psychedelic.

Hopefully as I am slowly improving, I will be back poking my nose/words into your comment space.

Monday 27 February 2012

In sickness and in health.

Saturday morning I awoke and when I looked out at the sky, this is what I saw.  All manner of stuff floating in my right eye.

Now I have had 'floaters' in my left eye for yonks, but these seemed bigger, more of them and came on suddenly.  So, as you do, I went on Google and - frightened myself to death.

Whilst waiting for the 'emergency' optician appointment at 4p.m. today.   One of our cats was took to the vets.

Having not eaten for two days, which has never happened before, this cat lives to eat.
He had his temperature took which was raised so has had a couple of jabs, one for inflammation and one antibiotics.  
He returned and has been snacking on and off ever since.  I do sometimes think I would be better seeing a vet rather than the G.P.

I then saw the optician.  Drops in the eye.  Photographs taken, etc. etc.  Tis just old age, nothing to worry about, just have to forget the tadpoles and spiders webs that are constantly in my vision.  I then had the scary task of driving myself home with one pupil the size of a football.  The optician said, "Make sure you are home before dark."  Whoooo.

 Located off the A975 just north of Cruden Bay and about 25 miles north of Aberdeen in northeast Scotland, the Bullers of Buchan is a collapsed sea cave forming an almost circular chasm (the "pot") some 30 metres (100 feet) deep, where the ocean rushes in through a natural archway.
The cliff scenery here is spectacular and seabirds of many species such as Puffins, Kittiwakes, Guillemots and Razorbills proliferate during the spring and summer, when wild flowers including campion, heather and orchids colour the cliff tops.

Fulmars having a love in.

 Guillemots nesting.

Herring Gull waiting for a mate.


Hopefully lots of healthy birds with lots of healthy chicks.

Puffins will soon be arriving and choosing their burrows.

I have been promised that within five hours I will be able to use binoculars, my eye pupil will be back to normal.

Oh, and I was in before dark.

Friday 24 February 2012

I am a Grandma.

Never thought when I gave birth to four daughters that they in turn would produce children.

My eldest daughter and her two sons.  Aged three and 4 months.  Playing my piano.

Its not easy being a Grandma.
Not always easy to be a Dad.

Not only  do you have the new babies to come to terms with but also the in laws and out laws.

Seeing your son/grandson skip over the sand .

Not quite get blown away.  Well he does with enjoyment.

Eldest daughter with eldest grandchild.


Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wednesday witterings.

 What on earth was this cat doing sitting in the middle of a field just after daybreak?

 Not one of ours.  Cats usually skulk along the edges of a field where the vegetation is higher and the mice or birds dont see them coming.  

Its that time of year most definitely.  These pictures I would love to have sound effects to.  Sarah Millican for instance, 
"You been chatting up my bloke?"

Just dont try it again... ok?"

Tails flared at dawn.

We have had seven pheasants in the garden this morning.  One male.  This caused all the excitement.  Handbags at the ready?

Yesterday I did my stint with the kids at school and our Catty Tail making is reaching a crescendo.  We, the adults are now totally bored stiff with it.  The kids do not need any help any more.  But try and prise them away from their creations.  Oh no.  Even when we persuade them to create a fish or a heart by sticking their creation on to a sticky card shape, they cant wait to start another catty tail.  My time is spent now on tying on another colour as they want stripes, - and concentrating on extending their language skills.

 Which is another reason for us being there as there are more kids from Eastern Europe than Eastern Scotland.

Just imagine for a moment this 60 plus year old who still does not understand off side discussing football teams strips, and who won at the weekend.  Well it wasnt Barnsley.
This latter discussion often depends on where they were at the weekend as unfortunately a lot of them have two homes to stay at, one with Dad and one with Mum.  The kids actually see this as a plus.  One wee girl recounted how many homes she had, "Grandmas, Aunty x, Aunty y, Mum, Dads."  

One child lurches between two schools but seamlessly slots back in to wherever....

Well now, this is to be a lengthy witter.

Update on art class.  Our tutor is still undergoing tests in hospital.  Last week, if you remember I went and we managed to have a session.  I sent word round on the grapevine that we hoped to carry on without tutor so the whole thing didnt fold.  
This morning I arrived and was told only one person had turned up and it probably was not viable to continue after all.
So in to the room I went .  And was followed one by one by one until there were more people there than on a 'normal' lesson day!

I was so choked I couldnt speak for all of ten seconds.  (Long time for me).  I have been unanimously voted to be the coordinator to ensure the group does continue.

I might just finish this Redshank  (theres no such thing as a red legged sandpiper!)
Witter over, lets all breathe a sigh of relief.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Magical Mystery Tour.

This morning the Dawn Patroller discovered this barn at Little Invernorth Farm.  At the top of it's roof were four statues.

He managed to get photographs of two of them.

Now what on earth is the story behind this?

Some of the houses aroond and aboot have statues, some really naff ones, in their front gardens.  I guess that's where you would expect to see statues, in a front garden.  On top of a barn????  Well, no.

I just have to know the story behind this.

It's exciting int it.

Monday 20 February 2012

The Fillums.

These are the two latest films the DP and I have watched on our in house cinema.  Dvd to the rest of you.

To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

Tinker, Tailor and whoever was not a patch on the earlier version.

And The Brothers Grimm just left me totally bemused.

Into my mind came, "The Good Old Days."  Yep a sign of old age.  But by gum it were better then.

Saturday morning matinee.  Although I lived in a Yorkshire pit village it had a cinema.  

Lassie.  Thats him on the left.  Elizabeth Taylor on the right.

 And the Mark of Zorro.

Roy Rogers and Trigger.  The poster was in colour but the film was black and white.

And Tarzan.  Cheetah has only recently died.  At a guess the humans are long gone.

Totally enthralled from beginning to end.  We kids hung onto the edge of our seats.  Once back out into the real world as I walked home I could hear, "Ahahahaaa, ha aaaaa" from miles around.

Now you dont get that any more do you.

What films are in your memory bank?

Sunday 19 February 2012

I must go down to the sea again.....

We had quite a few blizzards today, but the snow did not settle.

The sea was rough.

The Eider Ducks managed to keep their 'matador hats' on.

And the boat kept moving to where it wanted to be.

The Red Legged Sandpiper went about his business.

And I finished a couple of pen and water colour 

I must go down to the sea again, the lonely sea and the sky.  I think I left my socks there, I wonder if they're dry.  
Spike Milligan.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Art or vandalism?

A sculpture by Sydney James Burnett, erected in the late sixties at Fraserburgh Community Centre.    It depicts Seagulls.

 Photograph by Stanley Bruce.

As you can see it has been subjected to a lot of graffiti.  Should that have been cleaned off?

Or had done to it what one of Fraserburgh's artists in residence got the kids to do to it?

Which, according to some of the natives, is indeed vandalism.  And encourages kids tro daub other works of art.

I tend to agree, not sure what Mr Burnett thinks.

Now a few images of Spring.

Memories of primary school days when there was always a jug of catkins in the classroom in Spring!

Now two robins in the garden.  The Dawn Patroller has along with other nest boxes, erected one the Robins should like.  I am sure you are all aware that different birds have a preference on their boudoirs, hole, no hole, large hole, small hole, ledge, platform of twigs, somebody elses nest.....

I spent almost an hour watching this lot of Rooks and Jackdaws.  Wheeling around the field, landing, taking off again.  I just thought it was like the Mecca of my old days where you drifted about, did a bit of a dance, keeping your eye on the talent around before homing in.  They were not feeding.  Definitely eyeing up the possible future partner.

So I really feel Spring is on its way.

Pity about the weather forecast.