Saturday, 30 June 2018

Blast from the Past.

This photograph was taken not long after we moved in to this house.  You can see my priorities were the same - my Shedudio!  Although I did completely decorate our bedroom.  Hallway too.  And the downstairs loo.

2011 30th June.

Today has been hotter than yesterday, and tomorrow will be even more hot.  So I have done nothing.

This upset Sithcat  He gets very worried when the normal routine does not happen.

British Lung Foundation says.....

strong sunshine has caused the level of ozone in the air to rise. High levels of ozone and other air pollutants can cause breathing problems and trigger symptoms if you have a lung condition like asthma, bronchiectasis or COPD. 

So that is why I have not done anything today.

I did manage to get into the Shedudio.  The DP had opened the doors and so it was pleasant.  Sith came too and reminded me when it was time to go and open the wine.  Some things never change!

Friday, 29 June 2018

A Better Day.

Very early was the Haar which began yesterday evening.  That cleared and it was overcast.

After lunch the DP and I had our monthly meeting with the Committee, sorting out Fraserburgh Art Group's annual exhibition, FASE 5.  Our fifth year of setting this up.  The DP is chair and I am secretary.  I was already exhausted after all the talking!  Plus the thought of all the work I now had to do behind the scenes.....

Here is a picture from last year's exhibition.

The Community Challenge was the bunting depicting 'My Town' and was a great success.

This year it is Fraserburgh Flyers = mobile art.  My task had been to do the guidelines, send them out, and for the rest of the committee to take the posters out to wherever.

The meeting began at 2 and was over just after 3.  By which time the sun was out.

So a bit later than my usual we went to the Prom.

Lovely to see the Gull Gang out in force.  Bathing and preening.

There is me watching them.

Back home.  Not enough time or energy to start painting.  So I gazed at the garden.  Finally!  Rambling Rector has decided to unfurl it's blooms.

Just look at the amount of buds there are!

This pot of Lilies really needs splitting and replanting once finished flowering!

This is a few small pots from Lidl been re planted into a large pot.  I love Lilies.

A newly fledged Great Spotted Woodpecker eating seeds from one of our Rheum Pulmatum.

The Cherry thief, a Blackbird on one of the front garden's two edible Cherry Trees.

The rest are ornamental.  We have a few.  Hence the name 'Cherry Cottage'.  

The DP is watching a programme on Wildlife Gardens.  Hopefully ideas for ponds.  This is the first house we have lived in that has not had a pond.

As I said, a Better Day.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

I give up.

Today the temperature went off the scale.  As advised by the British Lung Foundation I gave in and decided not to go out.  Hot weather not good for lung problems, something to do with Ozone.  The decision was helped by this motley crew.

Apparently they were waiting for the tar lorry, also not good for lungs.  They are standing on the entrance to our road which leads to Fraserburgh and the Prom.  There are other ways, which take longer, but that decided me.  Not to go.  They did some patching the other week and now our road was closed to allow tar and gravel to be laid.  So once done 20 mph speed limit, being totally ignored so our garden is full of gravel.....

I went to the Shedudio instead.  Both doors and both windows opened.  Thank goodness the roof is wooden, unlike a conservatory so I was in welcome shade.  Still stripped off to me vest.  Hot weather has always been unpleasant to me.  My brain switches off.

The window on my left, seated at my work table, shows the Yellow Loosestrife now coming into bloom, with White Campion  and the purple Cranesbill.  All survived the flattening winds we had recently.  Further left our Birch Spinney we planted, also known as the cat cemetery,  is coming on.

Sith cat, who has asthma, is also struggling and found a shady spot.

At the far side of the patio the blue clematis has had its 'pyramid' stand uprighted.  And like everything else that blooms, this year has been amazing.

The DP is currently designing the garden to incorporate more paths for me to get around and - a pond.  The only thing missing from here.  We have always had a pond.  Can't wait.

Visitor of the day to the Shedudio - a Red Admiral.

It is now cooler.  And will be tomorrow.  Normal life will resume I hope.  And I shall gird up my loins to wash my hair, swollen feet, and stagger up the Prom.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

22 degrees in NE Scotland - I dont believe it.

Neither do I but it is.

And as always the Haar looms on the horizon!

I had the DP accompany me today.  

Just to show I take better photos than him - here is one he took of me looking like something from that book by Victor Hugo.

Fishing boats going in and

going out.

Back home our lane was yet again closed for road works.  The local authority is now top dressing the roads.  So we had a council van, along with signs, blocking the road, but the van would move if one required access.  He would then move, let the vehicle through and then return to outside our garden, engine running, diesel fumes, wonderful.  Tomorrow it could be our turn for the top dressing.  Tar will be spread and then the gravel.  The DP thinks I should vacate the premises.  As none of this is good for my lungs.  Not happy.

This evening the sun still shines brightly and I so enjoy watching the garden birds.

Our fourth child enjoyed the interview.  Chosen for the interview from over 4,000 applicants really boosted the morale.  Has been stuck in this zero hours contract for too long which has led to mental health issues.  So fingers crossed.  My youngest is as capable as the other 3 lets hope just having the interview convinces that it can be done.  And whatever the result its a  move onward and upwards.

It is to be as hot tomorrow.  Must plan my escape from the road works.  

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Black dog - now gone.

This creature had one of his visits in the last few days. I painted this picture.  I guess any of us who has a long term illness, or not, has a visit now and then from Black Dog.  Half the battle is to recognise its presence and to know it will depart.  Many bloggers have commented recently on mental illness and depression.  It is far more common than many of us realise.  But we should acknowledge it and support each other.  Anyone want to know about the Black Dog just google it.  There is an amazing, supportive clip on the Black Dog.


My visit to the Prom and I saw the yacht again, so maybe it is not heading for Portsoy, well not yet anyway.

This wee fishing boat I think was Mackerel fishing.  There were a lot of happy gulls behind it which appeared to be feeding on the bits of fish no-one wants apart from a Gull. But it may have been sorting the Lobster Pots out.  But certainly fed the Gulls on something.

The Gull Gang today at the waters edge.

And really having fun.

The DP has been painting on and has almost finished all the new walls first coat!  Thrilled.

Three finished canvases, larger than the ones I have done before.  I have sent off for a spray varnish which is allegedly better for the environment being water based, and better for my lungs.  With the good weather we are experiencing at the moment I will be able to do the spraying outside so even better.

The garden is blooming.  I spent a long time replanting plug plants from an offer in -I forget.  I remember it being pretty tedious.  But it has paid off.  Colour bursts everywhere.  Although the DP had a strong word with our lawn mowers/strimmers that the Foxgloves were not weeds and lets hope they come back..... The plants and the grass cutters.....

At the moment I have fingers and toes crossed that my youngest child gets the job she is being interviewed for tomorrow which will recognise her degree and MA rather than the zero hour crap job she is doing.  Then the Black Dog will grow wings.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Short of breath.

I am also short.  4 feet 10!  Used to be 5 feet 1 3/4"  !!

It is hot.  Took me all morning to wash myself and my hair.  Then the Pulmonary Physio exercises.

After lunch to the Prom.

Cooler there.

Lobster boats checking their pots and re stringing the buoys.

A yacht far out.

Probably heading to Portsoy.  The weekend coming is the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival.  We have been twice to this and it is amazing.  Do google it.

Back home it was hotter without the sea breeze.  So both doors open.  And a window.

More wall painting by the DP.  

A lot of the Alliums were felled by the strong winds.  So I have had to hope they dry okay being brought in much earlier than I would normally do.  I usually wait till the stems have gone woody.

This is the centre piece of the patio.  It was a solar powered fountain water feature.  But it stopped working.  So we turned it into a planter.  The Mushrooms clank/tinkle in the breeze.  Its a fun feature.

The blooms on this clematis are enormous compared to the others.  It is/was on an obelisk which the winds blew over.  As Clematis is/was a ground cover plant I left it.

Later while we had our evening meal Dyson and partner joined us.

Hot again tomorrow......and breathe.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Not a lot.

After the cat treeing trauma of yesterday I have not felt like doing much at all today.

Where the dogs live, across the field.  Sith cat has spent most of the day asleep.  But then when he did go out I was really jumpy.  Which is silly I know.

The weather has been much better today.  Sunshine and no wind.

Across the bay is the villages of Cairnbulg and Inverallochy.  Susan M who recently visited Maggies Hoosie - you didnt know how close you were to me!  5 minutes.  The cross roads where you entered to the two villages had you turned the other way ....

This is no ordinary step back in time; Maggie’s Hoosie has been lovingly restored to represent the life of the fisherwoman who lived there, and her parents and siblings before her. And when we say restored: picture earthen floors, no electricity or running water and four walls that have seen a lot of work - preparing and baiting fishing lines, curing, smoking, salting and drying fish. Visit Aberdeenshire.

Two Jet Skis - so no sea birds.

Playing in the sea - in wet suits of course.  This is the North Sea.

A very strange boat.

Back home.  Watching baby birds being fed.  The DP has begun the interior painting of the new walls in the Shedudio.

I have done not a lot.