Wednesday, 23 December 2020


No visitors today apart from the Postie.  More cardboard under the tree!

 I have been banned by the DP from opening anything as we have found nothing inside the cardboard is festively wrapped.  Now why is that?  Even Amazon shove it in a fancy bag, of which we have two such.  I cannot really complain as I send money.  Not seeing Grandkids I have no idea what they would like.  Memories of my own I know it is far better their parents can purchase and wrap.  Or after Christmas for the older ones they can go spend.  Bah Humbug.  I am very grateful to still be around so I will shut up.

The cold - I do not remember being so affected by the cold.  Today I didnt even try to get out of the car.

Note the sheep on the hill.

All the above taken from sitting in the car.  I miss the walk though but so much effort to get the coat on, wire up the oxygen pipes over the ears, and the hearing aids!  Then freeze so get back and unhook and uncoat.  Could be termed as exercise I guess.

Earlier today the DP went for the newspaper and had to wait for the Highland Coos to be moved into another field.

Later at the Prom he did walk.





Harbour Seals.

So lucky we are.  To live in this beautiful place.  Lovely people too.

Happy Christmas Eve tomorrow.  The DP is collecting stuff from our butcher who is mortified as he couldn't get us any 'Bambi'  His words not mine.


Ruth said...

Those 'Highland Coos' are enormous!! How marvelous to see them. The little robin looks quite different from those here in the States. Such a pretty combination of blue and orangey-red breast. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

The Furry Gnome said...

Every now and then I have to remind myself that I'm glad to still be around!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful place to live. You get to see so many wild animals.

When we visited Scotland a few years back, I fell in love with your Highland Cows.

God bless.

Tigger said...

Loving the seals. They look so playful. Have a great Christmas.

Jules said...

The DP has captured some lovely images. Lovely little Robin. X

Carruthers said...

I ordered a vegan roast from Tesco's. All I got was note saying they'd run out!

Happy Christmas!

Tom Stephenson said...

I was chased by a Highland bull once. Twice actually. Once a broken wall saved me and the other time a single strand of electric fence which I did not see in the gloaming.

Laurie said...

Very lucky you are indeed! Merry Christmas my friend❤️

Mary said...

Loving the photos...especially of the Highland Coos. Hope your Christmas is cozy--even if not all you might wish for.

crafty cat corner said...

When my son lived in a different house in Ayr, he had those cows at the bottom of his garden, they are so majestic.
p.s. got the card yesterday and its lovely , thanks so much Jill and have a nice relaxing few days.

EM Griffith said...

Merry Christmas, Jill. May it be bright and warm. Filled with all good things.

Chris said...

Cows have such beautiful faces with their long lashes. One house I lived had them in the field at the bottom of my garden and I used to walk to the wire fence and they'd arrive and I loved them! Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and yours Jill.

hart said...

I love seeing those seals. You are lucky to have them so near, not to mention the highland cattle.

Mum said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay safe.

Rambler said...

I love your photos, especially the Highland cows and the birds. But the Harbour Seals are a special treat in this post. Your camera must have a brilliant zoom lens to capture such sharp photographs. Thank you for sharing your surroundings every day. - Rosemary (in East Cornwall)

thelma said...

Happy Christmas and a better New Year. Those cows are something else!xxx