Friday 31 July 2020


Hoping today is the peak day and I will begin to start feeling better tomorrow.  Struggle.  My carer came and we agreed I should not have my hair washed.  I would have probably fell into the bath on which I lean.

Later in the day - of course  - I went to the Prom.  I managed to get to the railings.  It was quite windy but warm.

The Gull Gang.  Just before they were disturbed by one of the hordes on the beach.

I did lots of deep breathing and when I checked the pulseometer the sea air had got me to the same levels oxygen does.  I am eyeing a caravan up!  But later found out they are all booked til October.

A fly past by a Skurry.  Chuffed to have captured it and it made me smile.

Tonight.  The Moon and tree lights.

And the good news is I sold a painting!  Framed.  One Upmanship.  It was seen at last years exhibition and the purchaser finally made a space for it.  Wowee.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Two for the price of one.

Do not miss the post after this one.  Video of where I live.  

I did a wobbly video for you today of the Gull Gang.  

Full blown chest infection antibiotics and steroids.
Not much of a walk.  So here you go.

The DP had his Photographic Society jaunt this evening photoing remote control cars.  Heavy rain stopped play.  Sunshine tomorrow but the wind is back.

Fraserburgh48 Coastal

Wednesday 29 July 2020

A Full Day.

So I am now exhausted!

Our Doctors Surgery Paramedic came in the morning.  Temperature took - fine.  Pulseometer - fine.  Listened to chest.  Could hear a wheeze.  So Antibiotics and Steroids courses to take.  Chatty catch up.  It is talking that makes me breathless!!

At 2 my friend arrived.  I can now have people inside socially distant.  

The DP had gone in to the Shedudio and worked out the distance and cleaned a bit and put stuff into drawers so I don't know where anything is..... 

We had a big catch up friend and I so more talking.

She left and we went to the Prom.  My car has just had its first service as it is a year old.

A cool wind, not as strong as yesterday, led to the empty beach.  I walked.

Some of the Gull Gang.  I had a photographer accompanying me on some of the walk again I was chatting, its fatal....almost.

A fishing boat and a Beam Trawler.

Back in the car and out of the wind.

Blackheaded Gull sat alongside.

I did not have to speak.

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Today we have the wind.

30 mph gusting.  I didnt get out of the car.

Photos taken through the window.

Earlier I had a telephone consultation with the Oxygen team.  I have been getting headaches since I started on oxygen.  So they did some tests remotely with me wearing the pulseometer on my finger.  They want me to get a home visit from the surgery to make sure I haven't a chest infection.  So I will attempt to arrange that tomorrow.  They say the oxygen I am using fine but are concerned at the headaches.

My latest paintings are now all mounted, still one to come.  I shall be putting these up for sale on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.  I had forgotten how productive I had been during lockdown!

Always look better when framed.  Now there's a thought I will get a big frame and wear it.....

Monday 27 July 2020


No chance of missing the rain today.  Non stop and heavy and still at it now.

The DP had to go to the doctors for a blood test for his Prostate Cancer.  I drove and we went from there to the Prom.  A bit of cheer in a dreich day.

We sheltered at the cafe.  So I could breathe in the sea air.

My view.

A group of Kittiwakes.  Bonnie birds.

Winter boots on.  Sheesh.

First coffee in the lockdown.  Ace.

Sunday 26 July 2020

More rain but I missed it.

DP has been like a bear with a sore head.  But today he did something that worked and his computer is now working ok.  I swear there is a gremlin in this house.

The Prom this afternoon.  Surf School in full swing.  It is interesting to see the kids coming on.

Quite a few boats.

They are all so enjoying the activity lovely to see.

Dyson came to inspect the Patio.  I have employed a new gardener who weeds (without chemicals).  So the nettles and thistles will be going.  We leave some for the butterfly larvae - nettles.  The Thistles are loved by the Goldfinch, but not by me.

Here is a young Goldfinch perfectly able to feed himself but still begging!

Finally the sunset tonight.

I found it quite amusing that the British Transport secretary will have to quarantine as he returns from his Spanish holiday.  

Saturday 25 July 2020


After lunch I went down the path to the Shedudio.

After a while I looked out of the window.

Darker and darker.  Then I was marooned.

Once it stopped we went to the Prom to get a bit more wet.

Surf School.  Paddle surfers.

Deserted beach.


A rainbow.

Brightening up.