Saturday 31 August 2019

A Better Day.

Despite struggling to control my breathing aka breathing at all when I move it has been a better day.

We went to the Prom.

So windy.  The DP by the Kessock Burn.

I battled my way with the wind in my face up to the Kessock Burn but then veered off to shelter and get my breath back.

Back down the Prom, wind now behind me.  The Golden Horn, Harbour beacon.  Gulls out at sea.

Then the car and home again.

The newest arrival to the Highland Coo herd with Mum and wandering.  Like a Teddy Bear!

Sunset - just after 8 p.m. now.  Nights getting longer  Day shorter.  Heading in to Autumn.

We had a lot of rain today and strong winds.  It is quieter now.  I wish you all calm.  

Friday 30 August 2019


Not a good day.  Started off ok.  Was washed, moisturised, hair washed. Thanks to my lovely carer.  Dressed.  

After lunch to the Prom.  Very windy and warm.  I forgot my camera.  Doh.  The DP took some photos for me.

Small boat.

Gull gang.

I used to walk up this path.  I call it the Path of Doom.

A Cormorant.

In the afternoon I had a visit from a Social Worker to discuss my care package.  

One of the things on offer was day care.  Day care?  Do I look as if I want to sit in a care home with old people?  And their germs?  NO THANKS.

I am still in shock.

Thursday 29 August 2019


I recently donated a painting for a raffle.  Then this happened.  You should be able to read all about it by clicking on this link.
I have no idea whether this works.  I have acted on the DPs instructions.

The Prom.

Quite windy and cooler.  I walked.  There was some sun but not a lot.

The tide was well up and as we watched it turned.

Gull gang.

Just chilling.

As were these juvenile Herring Gulls.

Young Goldfinch on the Angelica seeds.

Sunset.  Night night.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Mixed bag.

The blood extraction was painful .  I had a nurse who was not going to listen to the patient.  I told her I had narrow veins she ignored me.  Apparently it is a regular test for kidneys and liver function.  Why?  No answer.  I did not bother to ask her about other things that were bothering me.

After lunch we went to the Prom.

Tide coming in.

Gull Gang.

Guard boat coming in to harbour.

Three swimmers who have swum across the bay.

This evenings dinner time visitor.  Female Sparrowhawk.  She did not catch any dinner on this visit.

Tuesday 27 August 2019


A degree cooler and a wee bit fresher.

Managed the Prom on my own today.  Have to stop being a wimp.

Not as many people on the beach.

Some of the Gull Gang.

Possibly the Chloe May off out.

Tonight's magnificent sky.

Rain in the morning is forecast.  So expect more humidity.  I have been called to the surgery to give blood tomorrow, no idea why.  Hey ho.

Monday 26 August 2019

Hate Hot.

Really have had enough now.  But it may change towards the end of the week.  Everything crossed for that.  The DP came with me to the Prom.  He is coming with me in case I cannot find a Blue Badge parking space free.  But I did.  I need the space to get the chariot out of the car.

Despite the heat I managed to walk up to the Kessock Burn.  There is always a breeze here.  A very slight one today.

Where the Burn meets the sea.

The DP on the sand.

The Gull Gang were way over on the left near the rocks by the caravan park.

Not many people on the beach.  We dont do Bank Holidays in Scotland.  Well some, but not this one.

Chloe May off home.

Some of the Gang on the Sea.

I have had every window and door open.  But there is no wind.  Ditto in the Shedudio.  I even took some clothes off.  I do have a fan, hand held.  I also have a fan which plugs into the laptop so they are some help.  It is cooler now as the sun has set.   And the leaves outside are moving a bit.  But I am praying for rain.  I apologise to all you sun worshippers.  But this is horrible for me.

Sunset twenty past eight.  Days getting shorter.....

Sunday 25 August 2019

Its too darned hot.

Lots more people on the beach today.  So hot.  Hard work for my lungs.

Paddle Surfer up and off.

Big Fishing boat and little one.

Yesterday the lifeboat we saw zooming off and away had to tow this boat into the harbour.  Biggest boat they ever have had to rescue.

Back home and Sith cat is telling me its too hot.  I know.

Sunset and at last it is cooler.