Wednesday 31 October 2018

Samhain - Halloween.

The DP measured my fat leg for the Compression stocking.  I phoned the measurements through to the GP Surgery.  May be at the chemists tomorrow.  Hmm.

Then it was phoning Breast Screening.  Telling them I don't do steps and why.  The woman said I would have to change my appointment to early morning as that is when the Porter is there to work the chair lift.  I don't do mornings, I am still taking medicines up to 10 a.m. Then she said I could come to Aberdeen.  Over an hour there and one back, no.  

So we ended up her asking me to try the steps.  Well that being the only next Thursday.  

The Breast screening is in a mobile unit in the local hospital's car park.  My appointment remains at 13 minutes past 2 so I will probably have to be there at quarter to with the DP who will supervise my climb and who will then guard the chariot(walker).  I am sorely tempted, as this is my last call for breast screening to say stuff it.  

And then it was time for Sanity and Vitamin Sea.

A suitably spooky sky.

The Gull Gang by Kessock Burn.

Two rather good surfers.

Back home.  With all the medical stresses of this week I have not done any drawing and painting.  Fortunately I now have a photo which has triggered the creative juices.  Will make a start tomorrow -  hopefully.

So this afternoon I was in the Shedudio just looking out .  

In the right place at the right time.  We get thousands of Pink Footed Geese overwintering here, they roost at the local bird reserve, Strathbeg.  These hundreds had been feeding in a field just up the lane and went up and round ready to return to Strathbeg to roost.  A magic moment.


Tuesday 30 October 2018

A full day.

Washed body and hair by the personal carer.  Who also makes me laugh.  

The DP had gone off for the daily paper and a walk along the harbour and beach of our nearest village.

The phone rang.  It was the chest consultant I saw in September who has set many balls rolling, for a chat!  

After the legs ultrasound examination and no clots found it has been decided I do not have to have the next planned examination which involved me being injected with a dye, in the groin.  Phew.  She confirmed the low dosage antibiotic prescription.  She also advised me to obtain a compression stocking as the swelling in the leg is down to the Baker Cysts.  Which will eventually disappear, but may take some time.  She will call me back in in 2 months for us to 'catch up'.  I thanked her for contacting me and if I could have I would have danced a jig.  She also said she would be chasing up the Oxygen Team, and was surprised they had not contacted me by now.  I love the NHS - AGAIN.

My surgery contacted me then to say the prescription would be at the chemist this afternoon.  Do you think they read my blog?!

So - weather being not too windy and dry - to the Prom!

Not many people out and about.

No boats.

Just me and the sea.

That is how I like it.  Of course the minute I got in the car a flock of Oystercatchers came shouting in and landed on the bit of beach that wasnt covered in sea.  Another day.

Home for a meet up with Social Worker and Care Provider.  All good.

The DP went off to collect the prescription for the low dose of antibiotics.  He also asked about the Compression stocking.  The pharmacist gave him instructions how to measure the leg, which bits, and first thing in the morning before the swelling starts.  This has to go to the doctor who will do the prescription.  Seemple.

I apologise for the rant yesterday.  Today has been a full day of quite a few people helping me and I am feeling very humble and grateful.

Monday 29 October 2018

Surreal day.

This morning I was at the GP surgery seeing the nurse who has been dressing my ankle pressure sore for some weeks.  I have had iodine patch applied and plaster.  The plaster has caused me more annoyance than the pressure sore.  But today she announced it had closed and then applied padding and a sock thing.

I have no idea how long to leave it on, I assume I can get washed there and then put it back, but just as I was about to ask I was informed my GP wanted me to have an ECG.  What for?  Because the Consultant had asked for it.  Well, nobody told me.

So on the bed 17 electrodes!  17...  Felt a bit like Frankenstein.

Still none the wiser it was back into the waiting room before I saw the Asthma Nurse.  Now I do not have asthma but she also knows about COPD.  The DP came with me on this visit.  He hadnt got over the shock of me having an ECG either.

I was then informed I was to have a low dosage long term antibiotic.  Well no-one had mentioned this to me before.  Apparently research has shown this can be very helpful to severe COPD patients.  Right.  I was also advised re the Oxygen Team , who would be contacting me, but she didn't know when.  And blah blah.  By this time I was in brain meltdown.  Should I not have had a consultation with the GP going over all these things?  Anyway the nurse said to go to the chemist and the prescription for the low dose antibiotics would be there.

So we went and it wasn't.  The Pharmacy phoned the surgery, the prescription was sitting there to be signed once the doctor had seen the ECG results.  The surgery would phone us when it was all done.

The DP and I went and looked at the sea.  It is still there.  We came home.  Had lunch.  Then I hit Google big time.

Lots of research has been done into this low dose long term antibiotic.  It appears to have many pluses and no minuses.  So after my initial reluctance to take antibiotics when I am not ill has dissipated.  Apparently one has to have another ECG after the first month and this ECG is about how the heart reacts.  Irregular heart beats... I am going to re read everything tomorrow, when a bit more of it might go in and stay in.  

Still in shock as I had no idea any of this was going to happen.  First time I have not been happy with my GP.  Having nurses gabble at me gaily is neither use nor ornament.  My GP is straight and gives me proper answers to me questions.

Hope for a better day tomorrow.

Now getting lots of Pheasants visiting, the two above were part of a group of four.

Super Autumn colours on the lane behind the shedudio, between us and our neighbours, and our neighbours Autumnal colours.  Night night.

Sunday 28 October 2018

Totally Different.

Wall to wall sunshine and hardly a puff of wind.  Our weather!  

I actually walked to the Kessock Burn.  Have not done that for some time.

Still good surf.

Almost high tide.

This is the Grampian Conquest, safety standby vessel.

The Harbour Pilot boat heading out to her.  To land the pilot.

The big boat turns so the pilot can climb up the ladder to get on board on the sheltered side.
Once the pilot is on board he guides it into the harbour.  The pilot is required when the ship is big and this one is huge.  The DP took this photo with his super duper lens.

He also took these photos of the Surfers.  

The look on this lad's face says it all.  How he is enjoying himself!

This chap is the expert.

And here is me - now in winter plumage.  The sun was shining but it was aye cold!

Finally.  My Christmas Robin continues.

Saturday 27 October 2018

More Rainbows but no pot of Gold!

My new header picture is one taken by the DP.  He had to go outside the house to get the whole arch.  But cracked it.

Still blowing a gale today and a few Ninja showers, and hail.  I just went to the Prom for a look see and some breathing but when I got there it stopped raining and the wind dropped a wee bit, so I got out of the car.

The sky was amazing it changed every minute it seemed.

Not a lighthouse this is the Harbour Beacon which does have a light.  Locally knows as the Golden Horn.

Tiger Hill, the large sand dune.

A very wet lower Prom.

And a Rainbow, well a bit of one.

Yay we are a winner!

Back home and carrying on painting the Singing Robin.

Must not forget to fall backwards.  Clocks.  Night night.

Friday 26 October 2018


By the weather!

Usual Friday morning.  Washed head to toe, hair washed too, and moisturised.  Did the pulmonary physio exercises.  

Ah the weather.  Strong to gale force winds and later the lashings of rain, sleet, dead leaves et al.

I stayed in the car.  Opened the window to take in the sea air.  Also to take photos.

Very rough sea.  All the boats were in the harbour.

But wait, the black head is a Surfer!  

This is a Surfer, and his board, struggling to get back out to surf back in again.  Mad.

Back to the Shedudio.  The DP had lit the woodburner so it was cosy in there.

It is that time of year again to be thinking of Christmas Cards.  So I began a painting from one of the DP'S photos of a Robin.  Who will be possibly be singing a Christmas Carol.  Or Christmas Song, havent thought yet of one that will make people smile.  I could do a Christmas Tree in the background and have him singing "Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree."???

The rat and I are still at war.  I use the chariot hooter whenever he/she appears.  He/she scoots off.  As I was painting and it got gloomy I put on the daylight lamp, well he/she did not like it at all.  I twisted it round so it 'glared' at the rat and that was it, didnt see the rat again.  

However the time has come for us to stop feeding the birds down by the shedudio and the rat will hopefully discover the lovely black box which contains quick death food.  I can then have my birds back.  They do come and feed until they see the rat.  Also it chased off the pheasants which have only just reappeared.

As I returned to the house I had to stop and take photos of the hanging baskets still blooming strongly.  Such a bargain they have been.  £5.99 from Home Bargains and have never stopped, and different flowers keep appearing.  All the DP has done is water and feed them.

They swing in the wind and creak.  But keep hanging on!

Unlike me not defeated by the weather.