Monday 30 September 2019

Ah Monday.

Shopping day for the DP and bed changing and vac and mop everywhere.  I just sit feeling guilty.

We went to the Prom.

Boots on now, cold.  Big coat will be added tomorrow.

Oh to be young and glamorous again!

Impossible to get this boat in the frame due to it going up and down in the sea swell.

To my left.

To the right.

Yes we do have surfers all year round.


More on the Hares.

Less on the bruises.

All good.  Night.

Sunday 29 September 2019


On my own.  The DP away to photograph the local fun run.  The two words do not go together for me....

I managed to put cream cheese on a ryvita and peel a banana - that was lunch.  Put the walker in the car and drove to the Prom.

In hindsight its time for the winter coat and boots.  

High tide and the spray from the waves was wetting the lower Prom.

Small boats heading back into the harbour.  Note all the Cormorants on the harbour wall!

Tiger Hill, our biggest sand dune.

Another wee boat and more Cormorants.

Bit of progress on the painting front.  This is down the Shedudio and am proud to say I managed to fill up the bird feeders outside.

Still lots of work to do on this one. 

DP returned and has made the tea.  All well.

Saturday 28 September 2019

The Deluge.

Lots and lots of rain here in the North East of Scotland.  Roads closed, fields flooded, car parks flooded.  Our drive, garage and path outside the front door flooded.  The DP had to go and clear the gulley up the road which was totally blocked and the council yet again have not kept it open.  Hence it all runs down to us ....  Fed up with it.

We went to the Prom and it stopped raining.  This was after the DP went to collect his car and got soaked walking down to pick it up.

The Kessock Burn was boiling.  In full spate.

Small boats inning and outing.

The big boat had needed the Pilot to get it out of the harbour.

The Pilot boat taking back the Pilot.

Then away the boat goes.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  Stove lit!  Our two  friends came for a visit bearing gifts.  Beautiful bouquet and a box of chocs.....  Great catch up.  Two lovely young men starting life together in a new house that they are still doing up .  The DP had made Strawberry Muffins which one of the friends being an ace chef was quite a challenge!  But they passed muster.

Tomorrow is the Crimond Fun Run.  So far it is still going to happen although many of the roads were closed today but they reckon the floods are departing and no more rain is forecast.  The DP is to go and take photographs.  I was hoping it would be cancelled being totally selfish.  But no I have to get me own lunch and get myself to the Prom.  Hmm.

Tonight the sun setting behind the clouds.



Totally swamped with rain.  Roads blocked, carparks, fields flooded.  Our garage flooded.  The DP had to go clear the gulley up the road which the council are supposed to do but never do.

It stopped raining when we went to the Prom.

Little boats toing and froing.

The big boat needed the Pilot. To get out of the harbour.

Pilot Boat collecting Pilot from the big boat.

Away the big boat.

Kessock Burn in full spate.  Boiling!

Back home and our two lovely young men came to visit bearing gifts.  A beautiful bouquet and some chocolates!  Had a great catch up.  They are doing up their first home together.  Once done they are to choose and collect one of my paintings as a gift.

So the DP has his car back.  Got soaked collecting it.  He is away tomorrow to photograph the local fun run which is apparently going ahead despite the deluge.  So I have to sort myself out.  Not impressed.

Tonight's sunset behind the clouds.  There is also an Aurora tonight but, yes you got it its too cloudy.

Friday 27 September 2019


End of the working week.  But then I no longer go out to work.  Or indeed do very much inside!  Would that I could.

The DP came with me.  As can be seen by this photo taken by him.  Bruised side of face on show.....  It was quite chilly today hence hat and gloves though I still havent dug out the winter boots.

I walked to the Kessock Burn.

Some impressive Surfers out this afternoon.  Stayed upright long enough for me to photo them!

This fishing boat leaving the harbour shows well the swells out there.

Just imagine coming back loaded with fish...

My painting progresses.  Straight in with the pen.  The Hares are from a photo taken by the DP earlier in the year when Hares were boxing.  And generally being silly.  They were in silhouette from the rising sun.

And there is the DP's car in the finished line up!

A friend visited this afternoon and offloaded.  Nice to see her and catch up.  Tomorrow two more visitors in the afternoon.  Recently engaged and bought a house should be lots to hear.  Also to twist their arms to choose a picture for their new abode as I didnt make it to the engagement party.

Its all go .

Thursday 26 September 2019


Better weather today.

Still the breeze, of course.

Here whipping the surf off the top of the waves.

Almost deserted beach again.  There were a fair few dog walkers around.

A fishing boat away on the hunt.

But the highlight of my trip to the Prom was the Oystercatchers.  I counted 13.  They were grouping and posing.  Lovely.

With some Skurries.

Lots of painting inspiration.

Speaking of which I finally put brush to paper.

A not very exciting stubble field!  Occupants added tomorrow.

And the bruising is clearing slowly.

The DP has been asked to photograph a local villages fun run on Sunday.  As his car is still sitting in the same place at our garage across the field I decided to message the owner and say we really need 2 cars on Sunday.  So he is going to look at the DP's car tomorrow......  It is near the end of the month and I can only assume he has been MOT ing like fury for people wanting to tax their cars.  Tough.

And finally - tonight's sunset - behind the cloud.