Thursday 28 April 2016


The photographs are by the Dawn Patroller.  

The Ythan Estuary The Ythan Estuary is the tidal component of the Ythan River, emptying into the North Sea 19 kilometres (12 mi) north ofAberdeen, Scotland. Wikepedia.

It is also a favourite for seal pupping.

Little Egret.

Grey Heron.

The DP takes the photographs and some of them I turn into a painting.

He enjoyed himself today.  He also saw Avocets but in the distance.

I enjoyed myself as I went to the hair dressers. Well I enjoyed the end result. NOT the instrument of torture to get there. The rubber hat and the hair being pulled through with a crochet needle.

When I finally got to breathe easily, after I had arrived at the salon, the lady waiting for her personal torture asked me if I was okay and why did I have the chariot.  So I explained about COPD and the chariot was a walking aid which really helped.  

She said, " I have incontinence."

And do you know what I said "You wont want to cough then."

I really should get my brain into gear.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Seeing and hearing.

Can you see the hearing aids?  Hope not.  But they are there.  And boy what a difference. Its like Niagara Falls n the loo. Crashing waves when I move. A drum roll when the cat skitters across the floor. And the Halleluia Chorus of bird song when I am in the shedudio is just - wow.

Just before we set off to have the hearing aids sorted I had a text from the optician to say my new glasses were in.  Too much excitement.  But I coped.  Not too sure about the choice of frames I made but hey ho. As I swanned out a little old lady with blue tinge perm looked horrified at me. Probably the same age as me and totally disapproved of my choice. Well I didnt much care for her severe black efforts either.

My new glasses will now enable me to complete this commission.  I have always been able to see to drive.  Since the cataract operation my long sight is back to 20/20 but the fine detail caused some eye ache and doubt. Now the new glasses have returned my vision to - well - just watch this space.

Saturday 16 April 2016


Ten days ago this wee cat made a determined onslaught to move in with us.  And won.

We had havered as to whether to get another cat when Minerva finally had a tree planted in her memory. (With her underneath it.) (Quince).  But for various reasons, one 12 year old remaining, we not getting any younger, etc. we didnt.  

Along came this pretty thing and Sith was happy about it.  We realised that altho he and Minerva were never cuddle pals he missed another cat's presence.  

To cut a long story short we contacted the Cat Protection League and she was a stray and claimed very quickly by an overjoyed family.  She didnt come from that far away, but far enough away for their to be a mystery as to how she had found her way here.

So with no more ado. We got back in touch with the Cat Protection and here is Martha.

Settled in very well.  One thing we did not know is a cat door is something new for her.  So just waiting for the weather and my health to improve before we show her how to use it.......