Sunday 31 July 2011

Almost back to normal.

Daughter and grandson returned to Edinburgh this afternoon.
Perhaps as well as the weather has returned to rain and cold....

First a morning visit to see some big ships. Fraserburgh Harbour above.
Cairnbulg Harbour below.

Only Mike got to see the deer this morning.

Below is sea rocket, which grows in abundance at St.Combs, and no doubt elsewhere but thats where the picture was taken the other day.

Think this is an ox eye daisy, growing wild around here.

And thanks to the birds for planting this one in our garden.

Having had considerable experience of this plant over the years, I doubt it will supplement my pension. And I could never see what all the fuss was about when I tried it many years ago. I wonder if anyone has tried to make wine from the leaves? Hmm. There is no way it will flower outside, and I haven't a green house as yet, and I dont fancy being arrested. So its heading for the compost bin.

Right. Beds stripped and in the washing machine. Towels already done. Toys ready to go back into storage and the cats have moved back into the house. (How do they know the small person has gone? The toys are all still in the house, admittedly lined up by the door..)

I shall be back up the ladder again tomorrow, back in or out of the Summer House, weather will decide.

Then it will be back to normal. The wine glass calls. Cheers.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Tired - who me?

Black sheep. Slight resemblance to moi?

Chocolate cake was yummy.

We all liked the donkeys.

Daughter with Grandson and 3/4 of another.

I really did like the donkeys.

Hugh Grunt.

Animals much bigger than in the picture books.

Glad I have teddy to look after me.

Today we went to the Willows Animal Sanctuary, at Strichen. There they rescue animals that no-one else will take in.

Llamas, donkeys, ponies, sheep, pigs, cats, rabbits, hens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, goats, iguanas, snakes, that was what we saw today. The larger animals Zach was not too sure about. But he loved the tractor.

We went in the afternoon and the sun came out, we didnt need coats it was wonderful!

When we came home Zach helped me water the plants in pots. I am sure they didnt mind being drowned.

We kicked a ball around for a bit.

I unfastened his 'stuck' Little Tykes Coup Car a hundred times.

We packed away the duplo a few times and then got it out again, (tipped onto the floor - easiest way isnt it.)

Tired - who me?

Friday 29 July 2011

I must go down to the sea again.....

.....the lonely sea and the sky.

I think I left my socks there, I wonder if they're dry. (Spike Milligan.)

Directing Granddad to construct sand castle.

More directions.

Mummy get the water.

Grandma trying to convince herself its July. But keeping her socks firmly on.

Thursday 28 July 2011


The field of barley at the rear of our house, this morning.

A cow on the top of the hill. I can just imagine it rolling down, its thinking about it!

And ducks just waking up. You should be able to see the morning mist too.

Also up bright and early I FINISHED the bedroom. Yay.

Minerva McGonagall sitting on my dressing gown, not exactly Ideal Home, but then.

Not just one achievement today. This is my second orchid I have managed to regenerate. Theres more! I have two more sending up shoots. It isnt really anything to do with me to be honest. It is the position they are in now we have moved. Its the kitchen window which faces North West, so no direct sunlight, but bright. And they obviously love it. I do feed them when they begin to grow. My problem has been sourcing pots to pot them on into. I am not sure whether I can just put them into any old pot, as they come in tall opaque efforts. I have managed to find a couple at the garden centre but they have none left .

My latest acquisition is in such a tiny pot if there was a cruelty to plant society I would be calling them in. Its just roots in a pot. I am reluctant to do anything to it until it has stopped flowering but will then give it a new bed of orchid compost and cross my fingers.

I am itching to get sewing again. The cushions in the sitting room have been as below for too long and are ready for a change. Well, go on then, I am ready for a change.

The footstool below was found in our previous home in the loft. Just a piece of wood on four legs. I put on some padding and covered it. This is its second covering and I have tons of this material, which I love as it is so unusual. (Thanks Marina!)

So a makeover of cushions beckons.

Then I still have to finish the Summer House. We had that lovely day yesterday which I didnt see much of being stuck in the hairdressers and then a shop. Today its gone back to rain.

Ah well tomorrow is another morning.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Evening all.

Bit late today.
Just got in from Rotary.
We have a challenge from our new President. Remember the bible story about the talents? Well he reminded us, in fact for a while I thought I was back in Sunday School listening to the vicar droning on.
Anyroads our President has given us all a fiver and told us to go forth and multiply.
"Right, nearest street corner then, a fiver should get me fishnet tights."
Not everyone has the same sort of sense of humour as me.
Although my friend N had to be taken out as she couldnt stop laughing.

Mallow in the wild. You really cannot beat Mother Nature. Far nicer than you get at the garden centre. The last one I bought grew so huge it just snapped off at the first breeze. But this little beauty knows how to grow - low and oh so beautiful.

My day has been quite a mixed one. Into Peterhead in the morning. Filled up the car at Morrisons, still the cheapest and you get a shopping voucher - eventually. Battled with the air thing to check my tyres and confirmed one was flat. Reflated it. Then with black hands I went on to the hairdressers.
Now today the weather finally went back to being Summer again. So I am sitting in there for what seemed like hours with tin foil all over my head. The door is wide open as it is so hot and outside are traffic lights and buses and boy racers revving up like mad filling the shop up with fumes!!! What fun.
I went on to one of the dress shops which stocks a petite range. There was a sale on so I bought a pair of trousers and a top and was then asked if I would like a points card in which case I would get 10% off said purchases. Go on then. Another hour stuck in an airless shop while the assistant went back and forth from me to their credit control. Our last address does not exist. Does not exist? Its been there since 1862. The post code is it, there is only one building for that post code. Eventually, with five minutes to spare on my parking ticket, she announced, "He's done it manually." Was I supposed to cheer? 2011 and a house that has stood for all those years and is still standing does not appear on his stupid computer.

DEEP BREATH. Tranquillity.
The water feature sprang into life this morning.

(After Mike had realised he hadnt quite got the connections right.)

Evening all.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Is it bed time?

Two strips to do and two more wardrobe doors. Then its finished.

While I was battling with the wallpaper Mike was constructing compost bins. With a little help.

I do worry about this little chap as he is so tame. Interesting to watch his feathers getting redder.

When we had both stopped work we set up the water feature. Not in its permanent position, as yet to be decided, but so we could see if it works. No sun today but promised tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Our friends are returning home today. We had to phone them to warn them not to fall over the cat bowls just inside the door that Mike had used, putting food through the cat flap.

Only to be told there was a spare set of keys and where they were hidden!!!

I havent laughed so much in a long time. Mike's face was a picture. He had only said to me he was glad the door could not be seen from the main road as he felt such a fool talking to a door, "Here is your breakfast boys."

Thank goodness its bed time.

Monday 25 July 2011

You're not such an ugly duckling...

A Mute Swan.

Lesser Black Backed Gull.

Herring Gull.

Hope you are taking all this in as this is a rarity! A Glaucous Gull.

All these taken at the Ugie Estuary in Peterhead this morning.

Mike went off to do the Monday shop, in Peterhead today. Because he also needed to call in to Donalds Emporium. They sell everything and anything. Tucked down the back streets there is this vast amount of buildings in which Donalds offer their wares. Today it was the flooring department. To get a price on the laminate flooring we are to use in the dining room, our bedroom and the downstairs bathroom which will match what we already have everywhere else downstairs.

Price quoted. Price accepted. Gulp. (Believe it or not it was better than the internet.)

The carpet in our bedroom is now all gone, and the underlay, and the gripper stuff and the staples. I dont know why people pay vast amounts to go to gyms - just get stuck in to diy. Get fit, sweat, up your heart beat rate. Seemple.

So we are about ready to nudge the joiner who has quoted for fitting that we are now ready for him to do it. Dont hold your breath. I am still waiting for an electrician to arrive and move a few plug sockets. Six weeks ago he was coming.

I disappeared off in the afternoon to purchase some layers pellets. Mike had been unable to access the shed wherein was the hen and duck food. So I had to go and buy some!

And I called in at Happy Plant to purchase the solar powered water feature. Still in its box in the back of my car. Be patient.

But I also got another bargain. Half price 'bowl' of plants. Crammed full of petunias, fuschias, geranium, diascia and other plants down from £16.99 to £9.99 less 20%.

Fits perfectly into my cauldron/nightwatchmans burner.

This was something I designed and had made by a metal working company some years ago. Story is that I had wanted a chimenia before they became fashionable. Suddenly they were everywhere. So I asked this company to make me a brazier. And I drew the design and they made it. It works well as a wood burning fire for the sitting out area. But it also works well as a display stand for a planter!

So I too am not such an ugly duckling....brain wise ????

Sunday 24 July 2011

A CATastrophe!

Remember we are looking after friends' three cats and numerous ducks and hens? Mike does the early morning shift, setting off about 6a.m. He feeds the cats. He lets out the poultry and feeds them, collects the eggs. Comes home. This morning whilst juggling the eggs in his pocket and removing things like keys, so as not to break the eggs, he leaves the keys on the kitchen table, comes out of the house and closes the door. It is a yale lock. And, no, credit cards do not work in getting back in.
After much discussion we are down to using one of our spare cat magnets to open the cat flap placing the bowls with food through the cat flap. Taking off the door to the shed which contains the poultry food, and screwing it back on afterwards. We have one and a half days to go before our friends return. Whether they will still be our friends after this I know not.

On his walk back he was calm enough to take these pictures of the local wild life.

This is how I felt for most of the day.

Stormy seas at Cairnbulg.

And how the weather continues to be. Blustery and grey.

No good sitting and worrying. We went off to Happy Plant in the afternoon. I bought three Christmas gifts for extended family at vastly reduced prices. Which I was well pleased with. Cannot tell you what they were for obvious reasons. Also the Secret Santa for our Bed and Breakfast Group. Although no longer offering b&b I have been retained as Honorary Secretary, mainly as no-one else wants to do it.

For me a white Aquilegia, a good sized healthy plant at £1.49, just because its stopped flowering. The spent flowers are bursting with seeds, so with any luck I shall end up with more than one plant.

I didnt buy any more roses. I came home and enjoyed what we already have.

The mystery rambler continues to slowly open its buds.

Of which there are oh so many.

One thing we did see at the garden centre was a lovely solar water feature which has been on our wish list. We were very sensible however and walked away to think about where we would put it. By the time we got home and had talked about it and its price and the current discount I dont think we care where we would put it.

So fingers crossed it wont be another catastrophe as we are going to buy it!

Saturday 23 July 2011

Its Summer Time....

You could have fooled me. Howling wind. Spitty rain.
And I remembered one other reason why I didnt use a paint roller. The paint tray fell off the ladder.

Fortunately the carpet was on its way to the tip anyway.
So far we have managed to get about a third of the carpet up, plus the obnoxious gripper rods. And the underlay and the staples. A very well fitted carpet.

These pictures give you an idea of the wind blowing the clouds around.

Reflection of the setting sun, strangely the sun was setting in the opposite direction to these clouds. I never get bored from sky watching and seeing what Nature has thought up.

I escaped today. I met a friend for coffee at our local garden centre, 'The Largest Garden Centre in the North East'. Its name is, 'Happy Plant.' Cringe. One of the best things it has is a very unhappy section where plants are reduced and begging for tlc. Some of my best bargains have come from there.

After my friend and I had caught up with each other I went off to get a birthday card. At the till the amount asked for was less than what appeared on the back of the card. Only then did I realise the sale was on and it was 20% off everything.

I know its July. But perhaps this year I will actually do what I have always threatened to do and get Christmas over early. Just the thought of that is making me feel so good. So I am off back tomorrow with Mike to push a very large trolley. Tonight I shall do my Christmas Present buying list. Of course what will happen in reality is the trolley will be full of things I like.......There were some lovely roses I could see from the window of the cafe......

After all it is summer time.