Tuesday, 29 December 2020


 My lovely carer came this morning.  My carers are supplied free to me in Scotland.  I could employ my own and the money would be reimbursed.  I did not want the hassle of having to arrange this myself.  Social Services do it all and we have regular reviews. 

I am struggling at the moment and needing the oxygen quite a lot.  I was washed, moisturised and dressed.  I could not cope with the hair wash.  I had turned down the carer on Friday as it was New Year's  Day.  But she explained she was working that day anyway and could come and get my hair washed as well as the usual if I was up to it.  So I agreed.  

The Prom visit was yet another disaster when Mother Nature threw hail, snow and rain at us.  So yet again the photos were taken by the DP.

This one is taken by my friend Mark.  Showing you a Surfer who knows how to do it!  Today at the beach.

Now the DP showing a fishing boat battling the elements.  A bit like me!

The Prom being lashed by Ninja showers.

But the DP found my all time favourite bird.

Now where is my mojo to get painting again?

Kite Surfers today too.

And the beach by Tiger Hill.

So we have our questions for the Oxygen team.  Discussed over the roast duck the DP had cooked for the evening meal.

Hope for some answers tomorrow afternoon.


EM Griffith said...

Hoping you get some answers soon. And get to feeling good enough for some painting again, too. Although we're an ocean apart, your photos (and paintings) are reminiscent of our coastal area. --Elise (EM) in CA

Carruthers said...

Mojos are funny things, aren't they? They pop out when you're not looking and turn up when you least expect them to.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I know you're not getting out and walking the prom but you are still getting your lovely fresh sea air. Keep on breathing that in, hopefully soon the weather will be kinder and you'll be able to take the chariot there and back again😊

Laurie said...

Those oyster catchers will get a stir in your mojo, no one paints oyster catchers like you, yours are beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, I’m sorry to hear your struggling and for you to admit that you are,, I know it must be quite bad, I’m sending you all my love,

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry to read that the weather is again you again. It has been very cold here and remains of hailstones on my windscreen when I had to go to the PO.

Great photos, especially that stacked waves one.

I hope the oxygen questions get helpful answers.

Jackie said...

I was so hoping that you would get some nice weather.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can get some answers.

God bless.