Tuesday, 22 December 2020


Visitor of the day was my carer.  She will be back next Tuesday.  I was given the option of her coming on Friday by the care company,  which I gracefully declined.  

The DP did some shopping.  Many other people did too.  

I received my prescription from the chemist.  Looking at a bag with everything I take for the next couple of weeks was awesome. 

The Prom visit where I did get out of the car.  Walked to the railings.  Bitter, bitter cold.

Lots of my favourite birds.  Oystercatchers.

North Sea.  

Two Paddle Surfers and a Surfer.

Just me on the Prom.

Watched by the Moon.

Last night we had the Aurora.  So lucky we are.

No matter what tier we are in always the Big Sky and Nature does its own thing.


Chris said...

So lovely to see the Aurora. I doubt I will ever experience it so thanks for sharing! You are lucky.

it's me said...

The oystercatchers are always so colorful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. The cold water surfers still amaze me. I would love to see an aurora! I did watch the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn last night and was thankful that we finally had clear skies for the big event!

The Furry Gnome said...

I love all those Oystercatchers!

Jackie said...

The Oyster Catchers are so regal standing there on their bright orange legs.

I am glad you managed to get out of the car to breath the sea air.

God bless.

vic said...

I really like that first pic of the birds. The sort of ragged shadows are interesting.

Tigger said...

Special Christmas lights - have a warm and peaceful Xmas and a happy and creative 2021.

Jules said...

It must be wonderful to see the aurora with such frequency. X

thelma said...

I kid myself each night that I see the Aurora but then as a child I saw Father Christmas being pulled by his reindeer in the sky ;)

Sue in Suffolk said...

Wonderful aurora photos and you have so many stars, more than here and it's fairly dark here too

Carruthers said...

Wow! I've been out hunting for the aurora but I've never seen it. I think we're too far South.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

A small head shake of bemusement at the surfers, they must be half, if not entirely seal!! The first photo of the oystercatchers looks like one of your paintings. Nature is a wonderful thing, Stay safe x

Bovey Belle said...

How beautiful the Aurora lights are.

Gosh, NO WAY would I be in that water at this time of year - would only paddle on the hot days of summer! Those Paddle Surfers are tough.

I don't blame you not wanting your carer in on Christmas Day.

Laurie said...