Tuesday 31 December 2019

New Years Eve

My last walk in 2019 on the Esplanade.

Two small boats heading for the harbour.

Lots of Oystercatchers.

Lots of poses.  One looking extremely tricky!

People on the beach.

Here's me back to the drawing board.  Pencil, then pen and ink and finally watercolour.  I really need to keep on as I am well out of practice.

Hoping for a healthy, happy next year.  For all of you and us.

Monday 30 December 2019

Monday. Last of 2019.

I had a solo trip to the Prom.

Cold.  An off shore  breeze .  So I walked to where I had a building at my back and leant on the railings.

Not supposed to go on the Dunes as it damages them apparently but this couple got to the top of Tiger Hill which has survived for many years.

The tide was well in so not a lot to see.  No birds.

Not many people either.

The Douglas Currie is an ex. Fraserburgh lifeboat, lovingly restored..and is now berthed in the town.  Off out for a jaunt today.

Then it was home and into the Shedudio.  The DP had lit the stove and fed the birds.  A bit more bird watching and planning.

Tomorrow I hope to commence a sketch a day.  Watch this space.

Sunday 29 December 2019

The Esplanade.

Is the Prom's proper name.  But no-one uses it!  Its the Prom to all.

My photos are taken from the Prom as that is where I walk.  If I got onto the beach the wheels of the chariot would sink and I would be stuck.

Today - not too cold. Bit of a breeze.  No rain.  All good.  So I walked.

Only bird I saw today a Rock Pipit on the pebbles by the burn.

Once home I made it to the Shedudio.

The DP  lit the woodburner and fed the birds.  So I watched the birds in the garden.

Try and ignore the reflections - sorry!  See all the sparrows lined up on the fence!  Hungry birds.  I also did some planning on painting.  All good.  Then I walked back to the house up my Prom.

Saturday 28 December 2019

I left the house.

Weather slightly improved so we went to the Prom.

Large boat on the horizon.  This must be a Christmas thing!

Fishing boat returning home.

Sea quite calm.

Some wind and it had rained.  Just started again as we headed back to the car.  Before that I managed a walk.

The tide was going out leaving room for the Oystercatchers to land.

The North Sea.

Across the road from the beach car park is a running track and some football pitches.  Today Celtic were playing Rangers.  We do not normally entertain the big guys in Fraserburgh.  But these were the respective supporters clubs having a friendly to raise money for charity.

I still have not been down to the Shedudio.  This needs the DP to go down and light the woodburner an hour before I go down.  He has been feeding the birds in that area of the garden daily.  But we havent managed yet to get me down there yet.  Best plan is I go to the Prom alone while he does all the fire laying and lighting.  Perhaps tomorrow.  

I am now slowly coming round to looking forward to the Oxygen team appointment.  If I have to trundle round with an oxygen tank in the chariot and it helps that can only be good.  And the daily struggle to do the smallest task will ease,  I hope.

Back tomorrow.

Friday 27 December 2019

Awful weather.

High winds and heavy rain.  Have not left the house.  Whatever the weather I am off to the Prom tomorrow.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Boxing Day.

Almost over for another year.

After lunch to the Prom.

Bitterly cold.

One person on the beach.  But lots of sea birds.

Many Oystercatchers.  Lovely.

With Blackheaded Gulls here.

The DP heading up to look in the rocks.

Where he spotted a Redshank.  Another bird I like to paint.


One small boat came out of the Harbour at speed.

Then it was home.  The DP was hanging our new bird feeders.

All three feeders were gifts gratefully received by us and the birds.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Christmas Day.

The walk on the Prom.  The weather was fine so off we went.

Not many people.  Thats the DP on the lower Prom.  But this white dog which did nothing but run and yap cleared the beach of any bird life.

Not many people.

A Redshank.


Eider Duck.

Me.  I walked.

We both received lots of lovely presents.  In amongst was some more bling for the chariot.  Including a siren!

Our lovely neighbours from across the back field passed by with tinselled ponies.  Lovely.

Christmas Dinner we have in the evening and it was Goose.  Probably for the next six months.

It was delicious.  Bought from our butcher so reared humanely not far away.

One of my more interesting Christmas gifts is this Himalayan Salt Lamp.  I suggest you google it .

Thats it .  All over.  Just the two of us but still tired out!  Sure the DP is also as he has done everything.

Hope you all had a good day.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Christmas Eve.

Fun and games with the carer - not.  Due at 10.  It is Christmas and what staff are on are thinly stretched.  But communication is appalling.  I was done by lunch time - just.  Good job I had nothing planned.  And I am clean for Christmas.

The DP and I to the Prom.

Very large boat on the horizon.

My day made by the lovely Oystercatchers.

Kessock Burn.  With the Gull Gang gathered where it meets the North Sea.

Drinking, bathing, all sorted for Christmas!

My beautiful beach.

Land of the Big Sky.

Happy Christmas everyone.