Tuesday 30 April 2019

Powering up the Prom.

This 'new' me is taking some getting used to.  I keep expecting the funny taste, the breath to stop, the temperature to shoot up, but no.  Although as the evening draws on I am cream crackered!

No hat, no gloves, and almost, but not quite, a no coat day.

The Gull Gang were undisturbed today.

Small boat going in and big one off out.

Horse and rider off up into the Dunes.

Seen it all now.  Removing the sand from the path and uncovering the railings.  I said, "It will be back!"  "I ken." was the reply.  At a guess this was Community Service.  

Temperature well up.  Doors open in the Shedudio.

More on tulips.  Also sketched out some Puffins.  Not shown.

This evening's sunset.

Monday 29 April 2019

An exciting day.

Feeling so well I did my pulmonary physio exercises.  Every one.  Marching on the spot, Quads, Sit to stand, pole raising, arm weights, steps, yay.

After lunch to the Prom.  A beautiful day.  Sunshine, no wind, coolish.  I walked.  Quite a bit.

Low tide, as I like it, as then you see the birds on the beach.  Well, on the edge.

Lobster boat returning to harbour.

There the birds are.

Until along comes the cyclist.  

Kessock Burn sorting itself out.

Good to see how clear it is.

Favourites, the Oystercatchers.  Posing for a painting.  Most definitely.

We have the decorators in.  Who have far more paint on themselves....

At the end of the rocks by the caravan park were some Skurries.  Never seen birds seen birds in that area before.  Nice.

The exciting bit.

The DP and I have been discussing the garden.  This has been going on for some time.  

The only access I have is out the back door down the path and to the Shedudio.  

So today we had a garden designer visit.  Lots of questions.  What did we want to keep.  What would we like to see etc.  Access for me is the biggest and must have.  So she filled three pages of questions and answers.

The DP then took her round the garden.

She will now draw up her ideas and send with her quote for doing proper drawings.  We can then decide what is a priority and do the work in stages if necessary, i.e. the price of doing...  We were both well impressed with her.  Some of her ideas were things we had never thought of.  So watch this space.  I enjoyed the whole experience.  It was as if I had been given another chance at doing things.  Understand that?  One thing she talked about was raised beds so I could get my hands mucky again.  Exciting.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Another slightly strange day.

Again I was on my own.  The DP was away on an RSPB jaunt at St. Cyrus.

Lovely weather sunny, warm and no wind.  So after lunch to the Prom.

There was a Haar.  As I got to the top of our road there was just fog!

Which rolled in.

Stopping people in their tracks!

The Golden Horn disappeared.

As did this boat.

I walked.  And came home.

Bit more on the Tulips.  Then I went outside to see the real thing.

What will tomorrow bring?

Saturday 27 April 2019

A Strange Day.

First of all I was on my own.  Shock horror.  The DP was away to the 'Grampian Eye.'  A get together of photographers, clubs and societies, in Aberdeen.  He provided my breakfast and was then picked up and gone.  So once I washed and dressed I went out to go buy the newspaper -  from Tesco.  Back home and had my lunch.  Mackerel prepped by the DP.  I put it onto the Ryvitas, heated the tomato soup.  Done.

The Prom.  A murky day.

Plenty Gulls.

Plenty boats inning and outing.

Then this lot appeared and onto the beach.

They were members of the Fountain of Love Church.  Some of them had tee shirts proclaiming they were on a Beach Clean, though I saw no evidence of that.  Although the beach did look clean.  There was no rubbish.

Then the man in the white vest was pushed backwards into the sea and I could only assume this was an immersion baptism.  Apart from the man in the white vest everyone else seemed really happy.

Back home.  Two  Oystercatchers in the field.

The open beak pointing down is part of their mating ritual.  Will they stay?  Will they nest?

Decided to get on with the painting.  Bit of detail.  I dont enjoy detail, prefer to slosh it on.  Hey ho.

Stamens. ......

Even murkier evening.

So I got through the day.  Albeit very strange.  Guess what ?  The DP is off again tomorrow.  Who knows what I will see.  But the forecast is sunshine.  And we do not buy a newspaper on a Sunday.  So no pressure there then.  But this has been a very strange day.

Friday 26 April 2019


Thank goodness its Friday, although one day is pretty much like another when one is retired!

I have a new personal carer.  She who washes me.  S is leaving to work in a care home so I now have V who is very nice, we will get along fine.

Today was the meeting of the Fraserburgh Art Group, which I am still nominally the secretary despite my request to not be...  I did not go today, I had done all the paper work.  Turned out I did the right thing as one of the committee members, who not long ago was hospitalised with pneumonia, so you would think she would know better,  struggled in to the meeting with a sore throat, coughing, but announced her chest was fine.  Well whoopy do.

Instead I went to the Prom.  For the clean sea air.  Plenty of that as it was still breezy.

Look at that sky!

Gull Gang out in force.

Until some people headed straight for them.

Up and away.

A pair of Oystercatchers.

Back to the Shedudio and some painting.  The cat now needs some rectification on the right eye, me and indigo again.....

Pleased with the blowsy Tulips progress.

My Neighbour and Friends kids training the dog made me smile!

I got the prescription!!  What a *** that receptionist is.  I stressed so much thinking I wouldn't get the drugs.

One of my followers has asked about my paintings.  As it says in my about me top right, I have a facebook page, Buchan Birds and Beasts, which is about my art.  There is a shop on there, which I must update.  Framed pictures involving glass I do not post out.  But a lot of my work is mounted which is easier to post and you do your own frame, makes it cheaper as well as framing does not come cheap.  Not the frames I get done!

So - the last antibiotic took this morning.  Hope that's the last for some time.