Wednesday 30 September 2020

Moving On.

 Every year the Fraserburgh Art Group stage an Art exhibition.  This year it was cancelled as - well we all know why.

So this is what we did together with the Fraserburgh Business Group.

As we engage the community in our Exhibitions something for the kids.

I now have to select up to ten paintings to submit, all fully labelled and priced.  Together with a biography of moi.

The weather today has been horrid.  My friend came this afternoon and we sat in the Shedudio, does that count as a home?  Hope not.  Well over 2 metres apart, we got our sanity fix.

Then to the Prom.

Wet.  I did not walk but managed the railings.

Last night.

Badger and cat!

Two Badgers.

I sometimes worry that I have missed so many check ups.  Blood Pressure.  Lung function.  et al. Not had regular blood test on my liver because I take the bone disintegration preventative tablets.  I dont really know what to do.  Plus the flu jab is coming and we have been told this will not be done at the surgery and we will get a letter - this week actually.  Too much to worry about.  Think positive.  Try to think positive.  I will think positive.  But for now its bed time.

I forgot.  Our neighbour.

Sadly he did not survive.  The neighbourhood will be out on Monday to watch as he goes to his final resting place.

Tuesday 29 September 2020

The future.

I worry so much about what is happening.  I am sure many of us do.  But then today I was brought up short.  I should be thinking more of the future.

 My granddaughter.  With her Karate teacher.  Who wrote this about her.

This is Neve, officially the best hugger in the WORLD! (see our Instagram post for evidence).
She’s also very quiet and at times extremely shy 🙈.
When Neve first joined us her mum had to join in just to get her to participate and years later they are both still training together 😍
But she’s changed over the years, she’s learned how to become fierce and brave and everyday her confidence builds.
This last weekend she led the whole class through Kata and it was one of our proudest moments.
Everybody has there own challenges and fears, learning how to conquer them is a huge benefit of martial arts.
Keep being awesome Neve, we can’t wait to be able to get another Neve hug again 😊
And I cried tears of joy.

She is the future.

The future should also be about seeing all my grandchildren in the flesh. But if that is not to be they will still achieve their full potential.

So I trundle along. My narrow life takes me to the Prom.

Kids at Surf School. Watching them gain confidence and skills has been awesome.

The future is here with these young people. Please let them grow and not be stopped by the mismanagement by our political leaders of Coronavirus.

Nature is Corvid free. I shall try and be more positive from now on in.

Monday 28 September 2020


 No wind.  Still cold.  But nae bad.

Struggling on.  I have paid the months cleaning bill which included the leather suite and Roger Rhinocerous the foot stool being cleaned and fed.  I asked for the cleaning to continue fortnightly with two cleaners coming for an hour.  The leather clean and feed was a one off. This was agreed so am well happy.  One hour every two weeks and all downstairs done.  I still have to declutter the bedroom before their next visit.....


Our garden statues are way too heavy for the wind to move.  I can't move them or lift them is definitely a no no.  I like to have them and some are hidden as a surprise.  I will get more photos in the next few days and hope to raise a smile.

To the Prom.

Lots of boat activity.

Surf School gather.  The DP has been given an official Tammy from Broch Surf Club in thanks for his great photos.  Photo to follow.  I am having to pay for mine.....

Tonight's sundown.  Now waiting for a badger to appear there is an Aurora.  

Sunday 27 September 2020


 Tis Sunday.  The wind has died down but it is cold.

Badgers from last night.

There was a discussion on Weaver of Grass blog about garden ornaments.  We have quite a few, most buried by weeds.  The discussion has led to a clearance of weeds. Or should I say an intention so to do.  But here are the two Buddhas.  One looks onto my Shedudio patio and the other on the corner of the path.

What about you?  Garden statues or are they a no no?

So no wind and I got out of the car and walked.

Big boats.

Little boats.

A few Oystercatchers but well spread out.

Soon be time for the Green Snake and I to go to bed.  Goodnight.

Saturday 26 September 2020


 While the Badger was trundling around last night we also had an Aurora!  See the green?

At this moment there is a Badger on the patio outside but I am staying here.  My breathing has been a struggle today.  Wind high and strong again which does not help.

We went to the Prom and again I stayed in the car.  The DP took some super photos.  So here you are.

Oysteratcher, Redshank and Curlew battling to eat a crab.

Tomorrow the forecast is better - I have had two days without a walk so whatever the weather I will get out of the car and walk.

My mental state over this Corona thing is bad.  As I am sure many people feel the same.  Not being in control.  So I must control what I can.

Keep on blogging your blogs are so so helpful.  Thanks.

Friday 25 September 2020

Friday freezing.


Last nights visit.

This morning my carer arrived at her appointed time.  Which threw us as we had had a phone call from the Care Company yesterday saying she would be late as she was covering for holidays.  Well no-one had told my carer.  What a shambles the company is.  Not having prepared myself sufficiently we agreed to forget the hair wash as I was struggling with my breathing.  So the rest of me is clean and creamed.  Dry skin is the bane of being old is it not?

Very windy today.  Later we went to the Prom.

I didnt get out of the car.

Gannets diving for fish.  Sound up and listen to the wind.  DP took this and he was shaking!

See the Kite Surfer?

I took these from the car.  I had the window open and breathed in the sea air.  In or out my mental state improves when at the Prom.

My eldest daughter tutors at Edinburgh University who are trying to make them do face to face with the pupils.  Not a good idea and very worrying to all and me.  The union has been trying to deal with this for some time.  With the employers i.e. the University its all about money.  And all over the country students are testing as positive.

Tonight we have the wood burner lit.  So cold.  

But we had our visitor.

Now my camera isnt a patch on the DPs.  But here you go.

Hoping everyone is well and happy.  Tis a struggle we were not expecting but we will survive.

Thursday 24 September 2020


 Daily Badger fix.

Just after lunch my friend visited.  It was very cold so we went into the Shedudio and sat 2 metres apart.  She had coffee and a chocolate muffin made by the DP.  This was after a visit for her to the dentist so she was numb and starving.  We both felt much happier and more mentally stable after the visit.  I have purchased one of the contactless thermometer efforts.  So from when it is delivered I can check all visitors.

How would we manage without internet shopping?!  This week I received a new dress/tunic from Seasalt.  I get nothing from them for this but the quality and uniqueness of their clothes is ace.  Also some new shoes from another shop.  Which fit.  Size 4. I prefer to try shoes on as I have odd bumps on my feet from osteo arthritis.  But they fit.

The DP and I then went to the Prom.  Sadly it was so cold I did not do my walk, just to the railings, began to freeze so back in the car.

Not many people around so plenty of the Gull Gang.

Fishing Boat.

Surf School beginning.

I weep for this dog.  Every day this chap comes and parks in the disabled bay.  He can walk, with sticks, but rarely does.  So the poor dog never gets out of the car.  I have considered asking if it would be ok for the dog to come with me up and down the Prom.  But I know the chap and I doubt he would agree.  We have history.  Such a shame.

Tonight Sunset.

Feeling more positive.  

Boots and big coat tomorrow I think.  Temperatures down now.