Sunday 31 March 2019

Last day of March 2019.

Not many people around today.  It was fine, sunny, not much wind but a lot cooler.  I was back to being booted, big coat, hat and gloves.

The beautiful bay.

Gull Gang.

Bathing and sorting feathers out.

The Kessock Burn changing yet again.

Back home and in the Shedudio, the Tawny Owl progresses slowly.

From my own photograph, yes I am obsessed, more Oystercatchers!

Outside the DP continues to remove turf and replant it at the road side.

I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this latest infection is on its way.  And remains away.  Our children and their children and partners arrive next weekend..... Not here of course!  We have paid for a week for them at Pittendrum House.

Saturday 30 March 2019

Earth Hour.

All our lights are switched off.  I am struggling to see the keyboard.  This post may take some time!

Speaking of lights.   I saw some outdoor solar powered lights on Argos website.  As they were reduced I ordered them and the DP went and collected them and then put up one lot.  Bling for the Shedudio.  We did have solar powered lights around and about but no longer work.  I love to see light twinkling in the garden at dusk.  Not costing anything and not harming the environment.

Bees!  Can't wait to see them lit, but I have to wait 48 hours to charge up initially the battery.  Cool are they not.  The other lot well there are 200 of them.....just plain white.  I want them draped round the left Ornamental Cherry Tree, one without bird feeders.  But today the DP had done so much we left them for now.

There has been a stiff breeze today.  So the Prom visit was not as pleasant as the last few days.  But the sun shone.  

You can see beyond the shelter of the bay how rough the sea is from the wind.

Not many other people braving the wind.

But that was good as it meant there were lots of birds on the shore line.

Back home and in the Shedudio I did some more on the Tawny Owl.

Outside the DP was tackling the new hedge.  This involves removal of the turf where the new plants are to go.  Removed to the road side.  He did a fair bit before a Ninja rain shower hit.  He has fertiliser to go in with the Escallonia.  Removal of the turf, and there will be threats, should prevent our 'gardeners' strimming anywhere near the new hedge.

Forecast for tomorrow is no wind or rain.

All good.

19 minutes to go and we can lighten our darkness.  Our Electric provider Octopus is to donate to WWF for any consumer whose electric consumption drops in this hour.

Even better.

Friday 29 March 2019

Taking things easy.

My Friday wash down top to toe done.  I rested.  Had the usual night after steroids.  Wide awake at 5 a.m. then 6 a.m. then 7 a.m.  Doesn't bother me now as I know what it is.
I think I am seeing an improvement but from past episodes I need to continue to rest.... Difficult when you are me.  Who feels better and then overdoes it.

But another beautiful sunny and warm day.

Over on the left I spotted the bloke on the bike and the dog that fetches the large log from the sea.  

Who now has another dog.  That is learning how to do it.

But not as successful .

A fair bit of boat activity.

Lobster boat.

Big boat entering the harbour.

The Gull Gang on shore.

Back home and garden bird watching.  Dyson on guard with his harem.

Robin collecting nesting material.

Coal Tit extracting peanuts.  Blackbird having a bath.

 Sound up you have music!

The sky tonight.

Enjoyed taking things easy, no pressure.  I sent my apologies to the Art Group meeting.  This could be a wake up call to pack in the stuff which stresses me out.  Take things easy.  Yes.

Thursday 28 March 2019


Dressed by 11 a.m. Slut I am.

Had to force myself to sort out stuff for the Art Group meeting tomorrow afternoon as I will not be there. 
I also cancelled the Hypertension Clinic appointment.  This involved the usual tortuous discussion with the receptionist at the surgery.  Just a small example.  I asked for another appointment in the afternoon later on next week.  

"But you are down for the starvation clinic."  

"No I do not have the starvation to do that's why the appointment I was cancelling was for 10 past 11, not crack of dawn."

"Did you speak to the nurse?  "  

"How else would I have an appointment?"

The nurse will phone me tomorrow.

Such a beautiful day.  No wind, sun shining and it was warm.  I had to go to the Prom, although the DP came with me.

How calm the sea is.

Herring Gulls doing contortions.

High up in the sky a skein of Pink Footed Geese.  This one of three and the smallest of three skeins heading towards the Loch of Strathbeg, our local bird reserve.  They should actually be going the other way now back to Iceland or wherever.  They overwinter with us and then return to breed.

This was above our house.  Down to the Shedudio.  No fire and the door open!

Dyson our alpha male Pheasant was outside for some time.

Taking advantage as to what is on offer.

Life drawing!

Bit more on the Tawny Owl.

The DP is now fully back into the Dawn Patrolling and coming back with some amazing photos.

Grey Heron.

Rare breed Zwartble.  I assume as the lamb grows it changes colour.

So that was my Thursday.  Hope yours was good too.  Keep battling on!

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Pill popping again.

Our grass cutters appeared this morning.  The DP went and explained what was happening and that he was going to plant a hedge.  They said they would be back in two weeks.  As they are somewhat heavy handed with the strimmer, already destroyed a tree, the DP is now removing turf to plant the hedge  so that the grass cutters cannot pursue their normal destruction of anything that grows.  A start has been made in that there are now canes 'planted' to indicate where the Escallonia bushes will go.

Overcast again today but not cold at all.  Most odd.  Spitty rain on and off.

The Gull gang gathering.

Handsome bunch.

Although a tad nervous on sighting a dog.

Small boat going out.

One coming in.

My friend and fellow artist visited.  We painted and exchanged news.

Chatting so much I forgot to take photos of the work being done.  Sorry.

During today it became apparent the chest infection has returned.  So back on the antibiotics and Steroids tomorrow.  Fed up.

Watching the sky always helps soothe the mind.  Lets hope this round of pills shifts it properly.