Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Continuing good.

 Just to say the new Oxygen regime is ace so far.  Enough about me.  Thanks to the fantastic supportive comments from Bloggers.  I would be lost without you all.

So crank up the sound and we will have a wonky video.

Cold - the damp cold which seems to seep onto your bones.  Managed about half the walk.

Wind farm bits being towed up the East coast.  We have lots of wind turbines up and down.  

Deserted beach.

Siesta time.

Boats, the latter way out so through murky mist.

The sky says it all.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Yay! so glad things are looking more positive xx

Susan Zarzycki said...

Wow, I wonder how they manage transporting those huge turbine bits from one destination to another without a major disaster? Love your header artwork!💖

Laurie said...

Beautiful! Have a good night, sleep well my friend,

Rae said...

I love all of your pictures - when it comes to the sea, I couldn't be more land locked in Minnesota, except we do have our lakes - just not the same. I particularly like the last photo of the sky - very intense. I'm also so glad that the change in oxygen regime has made things so much better for you. Ranee USA

Poppy and Me said...

That wind made me want to get my woolly hat out even though I'm snug as a bug with coffee and computer!!! Take care. Val

Carruthers said...

Thanks for the film! It did me good to hear AND see the sea!

mamasmercantile said...

Love the header and thrilled to read the new oxygen regime is going well.

Mary said...

Grand news about the oxygen regime.

Ellen D. said...

That wind in your video gave me a chill! Lovely views of the water and that dramatic sky in the end! Enjoyed your sweet Christmas card - your oyster catchers are fabulous! So glad you are feeling better.