Sunday, 8 December 2019

Here we go again.

Woke up to this.

At the request of the council we removed a healthy Leylandii hedge.  Replaced the old damaged fence.  At our cost.  In turn they were to improve signage and fit corner indicaters to protect our verge.  They havent done anything.  And the boy racers are back.  I dont know who did it but I have to pay for it to be fixed.  We are to get a camera.  More expense.

This morning the DP brought in the Christmas decorations from the garage into the hallway.  He then went to inspect the damage on the fence - and a chat to the neighbour of course.  I then heard a rustling and scrabbling from the IKEA bag which contained the stand up snowmen and reindeer.  Stuck my head out the front door and shouted .  On his return I was informed it was not a mouse.  These two were short tailed Voles.  I just wanted them out of the house.  There was a bit of a chase round of one of the Voles, but in the end they were out.  Sith cat slept through the whole adventure.  One snowman had to be binned having been chewed into a nest.

I never get bored......

A very large boat on the horizon.

A young surfer having fun.

Almost empty beach.

So the tree is decorated and some snowmen and a reindeer on the sitting room window sill.

Photos tomorrow.  Also made a small inroad on writing the cards.  Small pile to post.  More to do.

Exhausted but not bored.

Saturday, 7 December 2019


A Dreich Day.

Here is Santa arriving in Fraserburgh Harbour having been collected by our Lifeboat.

After lunch we ignored the weather and went to the Prom.

A short walk as it did rain.

Not many birds.  Just one Oystercatcher.

A small boat.

A very odd large boat.  

Our heating here is oil.  No gas around unless you go for Calor.  Everything else is electric.  Our current oil supplier are amazing.  I ordered a delivery to top up the tank on Tuesday morning and it was delivered at 7.30 a.m. the next day.

As you  know we have two wood burners.  The DP is ordering another load of logs which we should get later in the week so we will be set up for the Winter and Christmas.

Speaking of which I have still to write the Christmas cards.  Tomorrow......

My breathing today has been a real struggle.  I still think it is linked to the high humidity.  Which is in the 90%s.

Friday, 6 December 2019


I have now completed the manufacture of my cards.  Just to write the damn things and post them.

Tree purchased.  In a pot from Lidl.  Still to be decorated.  I will show you then.  We had the similar tree last year and it worked well.  Although very small to what we used to have.  Last years will be transferred to the garden shortly.

The carer due this morning.  I had a phone call from the Care Company.  The carer has forgotten to renew their certificate for something or another and is not allowed to visit.  I said don't send anyone today I am not up to it.  What do you do?

Go to the Prom of course.

A lovely afternoon.  Bit of a wind.  Cold.  But sunny which makes all the difference.

Pleaides coming into the harbour.  It means the seven daughters of Atlas turned into a group of stars, Greek Mythology.  There you go.

A much smaller boat.

The Gull Gang.

Lots of Oystercatchers.

There is always one.  Freezing cold.  In shorts.  

Quite inspired by the poses of the Oystercatchers.

But.  A visitation.  Always welcome.

Ace birdwatcher friend in his camouflage gear!

The Sun sets just after 3 p.m. Roll on the 22nd Winter Solstice.

Thursday, 5 December 2019


Another struggle to get control of my breathing - and breathe!

However sorted one problem out.  I was phoned by the company who provide my carers.  Apologies received by me.  The one who is never on time I will not see again.  Good.

Most problems disappear when I go to the Prom.  Today it was a howling gale!  Managed the railings.

Our beautiful beach.  Cannot tell how windy it was!  Gusting to 30 mph.

Lots and lots of Gulls.

Just the one small boat seen today.

A special day today as I received my 'prize' from K.J. Sutcliffe also known as Hawthorn Spellweaver.

An exquisite painting on a feather.  Wowee.

One of the big boats in the harbour lit up for Christmas.

I finally got my Christmas cards finished.  Just to write and post.......

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Better weather.  Wind not so bad.  Cold but sunny.

Chat with a friend.

Tiger Hill, the biggest sand dune.

The lovely Oystercatchers.

Small Lobster Boat.

Pilot Boat which came out of the harbour and then went back in again.

Another small Lobster boat.  The balls you can see float and indicate where the Lobster Creel is so it can be collected, hopefully full of Lobsters and Partins (Crabs.)

Home and into the Shedudio.  Visit from another friend and artist.  She enjoyed the DP'S muffins.  She has a wonderful painting of a Leopard on her drawing board.  I really must get back to painting.  

There is a meeting going on in our dining room.  Two members of the Photographic Society with the DP discussing plans for a project to do a years photography about Fraserburgh, it's people and doings.  Santa arrives on the Lifeboat on Saturday.  Gripping stuff.  

Visitors or not I am in PJs and Dressing Gown!  NOT with them of course, though I did say hello.  I know one of them and one is new.  I am managing to feed the woodburner in the sitting room.

I am struggling with breathing whenever I move.  Still not heard anything re my heart scan.  

Vic I dont pay for my carers.  It is free in Scotland.  I may decide to contact Social Services, who arrange it, re my problems as in the past they have said there is another company to try.  If the company I am now with would just communicate better all could be solved.

I will battle on.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


The day a carer visits.  10 a.m. is the time.  I am all prepared.  No-one arrives.  When it got to 20 past the DP said phone them up.  So I did.  Had a rant.  Which office area are you in?  Pardon?  Fraserburgh.  We will get them to phone you.  Who have I phoned then?  Phone rings repeat rant.  L is on holiday J is on her way.  J walks in.  10.30 she has been told.  No-one told me.  The Care Company had said they would phone me back after J had been.  Well they have not phoned me back.  But I am now washed and dressed.  Well actually now I am in my pjs.  May be time to contact Social Services and go with the other company they recently offered were I ever dissatisfied with who I am with now.

So totally stressed the DP and I went to the Prom.  Me with new camera.  Switched it on.  It refused to take photos until I had put in date and time..... So pleased I had gone with the DP.

A much better weather day.  The sun shone, there was no wind.  Yes it was cold.  It is November.

Two small Fishing boats.

A very large fishing boat.

Assisted out by the Pilot.

I walked.  Thrilled - so many Oystercatchers.

 So a tiring day.  But a good one in the end.  Although the DP had to catch up with the shopping after all the traumas.  Phew.

Monday, 2 December 2019


Struggling with Anxiety but I got there.

After lunch the DP was off to Aberdeen Royal and I went to the Prom solo.

The Dunes.

The Burn.

One of the Surfers today.  On his way in.

Two small Boats.

When I arrived home I managed to feed the birds outside the Shedudio.  This is a real struggle for me but I felt the birds expect it and they were all queuing up!  A pair of House Sparrows on the tree stump.  Also 5 Blackbirds, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Tree Sparrows, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Coal Tits, Robins and Dunnocks.  Not good for photos through the window.

The DP was back around 5 p.m.  He had been examined physically.  Not too worried about him but he has to have an MRI scan and then back again for a biopsy.  This will all be after Christmas.  Normally an MRI is within  4 weeks of this examination but Christmas is in the way.  They have to find out why his levels of whatever it is are raised, although not very high.  So there you go.

He also managed to buy me a replacement camera!

So cold today it has been a constant struggle to stay warm.  How did I survive the 1950s?