Wednesday, 21 August 2019


The DP came with me today to the Prom.

It was breezy so I was concentrating on holding the camera steady.

Boy Harry going home.

Loads of Gulls and other sea birds.

Quite a few of the young Herring Gulls were picking up things flying up with them and then dropping them.  Then coming down to pick them up again.  Quite clearly practising for catching food!

Bearing in mind it was breezy these two idiots were being stupid with what they had in the sea.  Our local Lifeboat condemns this equipment for taking people out.  Inflatables and flimsy equipment.

The newest addition to the herd of Highland Cows up the road.  Born today.  Will try and get a photo of it not asleep!

The day has now deteriorated.  Lashings of rain and dark earlier already.  No visible Sunset.

Two positives.  I got to the Prom and walked.  I was able to help a chap accompanying a young man in a wheelchair with my Radar Key for the disabled loo so they could get in there and make the young man more comfortable.  I explained about how to get the key too.  But said times I was around usually and to always feel free to ask me for the key again.

Hoping to get some energy tomorrow and breathe enough to do some Rose pruning.  Ever hopeful!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019


Sunrise returning home to the harbour.

Despite the almost full car park the beach was almost deserted.

I walked.

Small boats to-ing and fro-ing.

Back home Dyson reappeared.  Our main man Pheasant.  Without tail feathers.  I am sure he will have some magnificent regrowth by next Spring.


Positives today.  Well - return of Dyson.  And the Sunset.

Also.  I googled Humidity levels and COPD.  I was right!  it does affect my breathing.  But apart from saying stay indoors does not give any other solutions, so not that helpful, but at least I was right and my new Kia has air conditioning.  So I can drive to the Prom and back and will be able to breathe......

Monday, 19 August 2019

Lets talk about the weather.

Don't we always!

After lunch I went solo to the Prom.

It started off alright.

But I forgot to look behind me.

I am now sheltering under a veranda thing.  That is hail.  So I missed getting soaked and battered.  Phew.

Back home.  The Rambling Rector rose has managed to pull down his trellis.

The DP had to come to the rescue and give the Rector a hard prune, remove the trellis and has plans to tie up the remains to the fence rather than use the trellis.  This was in between more Ninja showers but rain not hail.

My two positives today.

Thrilled at a new Crocosmia planted itself.

Our ageing cat, Cait Sith, through a rainy window, on vermin patrol.  Cait Sith is Gaelic for Fairy Cat.  When we got him he was tiny.  His Cat Protection foster mum kept him down her bra!  Not possible now as he grew - a lot.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Sunday struggle day.

Not up to par today.  The DP cancelled his off day.  Came with me to the Prom.

It was very windy.  So he parked me at the railings, clinging on!  Went off to walk.  I remained where I had been parked.

Early years lesson on surfing?

Fishing boat returning to harbour.  So I had to move down the railings to get it going into the harbour.

We have had some heavy rain today.  These were the showers moving across.

Tonight was hoping to see the sunset.  But this was as good as I got.  Very cloudy.  Not helping the mental state at all!


This weeks flowers.  And a handsome Blackbird.

From now on - I will post two positives a day.  My kick up the proverbial.

Saturday, 17 August 2019


Hopeless at selfies but this was me yesterday evening ready to go out for dinner.

Our transport for the evening was a people carrier.  Which had a very high step to mount to get in.  I would have been better with a ladder, but I did it.  On the way home however it took the whole journey to regain control of my breathing and was quite scary.  But I am still here to tell the tale and we did have an enjoyable evening.

From the Prom this afternoon.

This one was taken by the DP as his camera can take a better picture.  This ship is the Black Watch, owned and operated by Fred Olsen Cruis Lines, going from Rosyth to Ullapool.  

We have had foul weather today heavy rain and thunder.

So that was Saturday.  Hope yours was good.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Dinner out.

Just had a very good evening with friends.  Who drove us there and back and (sneakily) paid for everything!  After talking a lot and eating a fair bit I am shattered.

This is where we went.  In the countryside.  It was a farm. Now an Inn.  With rooms.  A restaurant in the conservatory.


Back tomorrow with the more boring doings.

Thursday, 15 August 2019


Whoops I missed a day of blogging.  Too tired trying to get the lungs working.  But I went for a walk yesterday and today on the Prom.

The sea was fairly calm yesterday.  A small boat.

In the evening we had a visit from a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Today was very windy .

Line fishing from the shore.

The rocks below the Prom are glittery, coloured and have lichen.

A new notice board has appeared.  At 4 feet 10 I struggled to read everything.  Basically it is a much needed warning of the dangers of the sea.  How to recognise and avoid rip tides.

Back home.

The Barley field at our rear is about ready to be cut.

My new filing cabinet.  From Hobbycraft.  The drawers are for crafting materials, but fit A4 paper and files which is what I wanted it for.  Currently strewed on window sill, top of printer on the desk in a few days they will all be neatly filed away!  Ha ha.

Sith Cat on the bed.  He has been for his check up at the vets today.  No weight loss and after a blood test all is well for a cat of his age.  His liver function has improved so keep giving him the pills.  One he has mashed up.  The other I administer and he won the battle this morning.  Three goes and he spat it out three times.  I shall win tomorrow.  But its not easy when you cannot breathe.  The DP holds him in a towel and I open his mouth and throw the pill in.  Then we both wait for him to swallow it.  Which he usually does, but not today.


Not that dramatic!  We could all do better.