Sunday, 20 October 2019

Sunday again.

The monthly pill.  Write off the rest of the day....  Hour before breakfast with lots of water.  This pill contains the active substance Ibandronic Acid which may reverse bone loss blah blah.  Along with everything else I have Osteopenia which means I am more prone to bones crumbling and have already had a fractured spine and crumbling bits which is why I am now 4 feet 11 inches instead of 5 feet and 3/4 inches.  Which I had been for many years.  

So still managed the Prom after lunch.

Here is the tide coming in.  Turn the sound on.

Tiger Hill and a few walkers.

Kessock Burn.

The DP did his usual collect of rubbish, plastic and glass bottles, disposable cups etc.  But some rubbish was too much for us.  Mostly Marine rubbish cast over board which is bad.

Couple of kite surfers.  You can just see the actual human surfer on the first one.

And on a family note my third daughter playing football against Notts Forest who I believe are professionals  whereas Newark that she plays for are not.

My daughter is the blonde in the middle grimacing.  The score was 13 - nil.  Being shoved by the Notts player.  How dare she.

Sundays hey!

Saturday, 19 October 2019

A Better Day.

Windy but no rain.

I walked.

Afternoon tea at Lonmay.

Autumn at Lonmay.

New Grandson's bum is better and he is now feeding well again.  One forgets how worrying new babies can be.

Dont you just love the Halloween outfit?!

Friday, 18 October 2019

Stir crazy.

One of my night time trips to the loo I saw sheet lightning then the deluge began of rain, non stop rain.

Floods everywhere.

The photos were taken later in the day.  Everything still wet and dripping.

So no walk today.  No visit to the Prom and no visit to the Shedudio.  Havent left the house.

My hairdresser came in the afternoon.  I had my carer this morning so clean from head to toe now and hair back to red.  I took the photo after the hairdresser left.  It has continued to become a darker red.  Love it.

No way am I ready for a purple rinse......

When we moved here we inherited interior doors that were the horrible Sapele 

So we had them replaced with these.

Which allowed light into the inner hallway and the rooms.  But the door handles, which to be fair our then joiner warned us about,  have become inoperable in some cases.  The most important one the  door without the glass behind which is the bathroom and I have not been able to close it for fear of being stuck in there for ever.  Another one became inoperable today so I messaged our now joiner, who came out.  He fixed the bathroom door and is sending pics of suggested replacement handles for 7 interior doors with the iffy handles.  And I asked about replacing the bath panel.  Due to me having my hair washed by carers and hair dresser I lean over the bath so the plastic bath panel is now cracked, presumably from my knees and unsightly. 

 In the bathroom we have those panels not tiles so our now joiner reckons he can get the same panel and cut it for new bath panel.  Bored yet?!  If it all works out wonderful.

Fingers crossed.

Whatever the weather tomorrow I am off out.  Not only stir crazy ever so slightly mad.

Thursday, 17 October 2019


Not too keen on Thursdays as in the evening the DP goes off to his Photographic Society.  We dont have a log burning as I cant manage to keep feeding it.  I dont watch the tele as what we watch we do together.  So here I am on the lap top.  Listening to Classic FM streamed through the tele.

Earlier we went to the Prom.  Amazing weather again today.  Sunny, no wind.  Walked.

The Chariot does not do sand.  So I walk on the hard surface of the Prom.  But there were others walking on the beach.

But I get a good view of the sea.

Today one of the biggest fishing boats was away out.  

There are fleets of these boats.  Owned by one or two fishing families.  Rich fishing families.

A smaller boat too.

A bit of painting.  

A cloudy Sunset.  Beautiful.

These lambs have been reared by my friend and neighbours 10 year old son.  These are the last lambs and are away to the market tomorrow morning.  He will then have the funds to buy new ones .  He is a hard working loon (young man) so I hope he and they do well.  

Tomorrow my hairdresser visits in the afternoon.  I am going red again.

Have a restful night.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Moving on up.

Bloggers are amazing.  Such supportive comments.  A better day.

The DP and I both had our flu jabs and have been booked in for 2 weeks time for the Shingles jab.  Whereafter we might feel unwell as it is a live vaccine.  Anyone else had it?

After the arm punctures we went to the Prom.  It was wet.


Rock Pipit on the beach.

Back home wet outside.

Cosy inside.  And no rat.

So I drew a rabbit with a mouth full of grass.

Then in the evening - a Sunset.

Night night.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

At war again.

Not a lot I enjoy and can do.  The Prom is one.

Bit murky today.

There were some clear spots nearer me.

Blackheaded Gulls, in winter plumage = no black head.  But they have red legs and red beaks.  And a bit of black behind the eye.  ok?

Having a feather sorting.

What I am at war with are Rats.  I cannot abide rats.  Many years ago I was training to be an NNEB and part of that was a work placement at a primary school and part of my 'job' was to care for their pets, Goldfish and 2 Rats.  I said I would gladly clean the fish tank with my tongue, but no way could I handle the Rats.  So I got to do the fish tank and a fellow student got the Rats.  Years after that a friend asked me to look after her cats while she went on holiday - and her son's Rats.  I did the cats and got one of my kids to feed the rats.

Since moving up here to the North East Scotland every Autumn in both properties we have lived in we have had Rats appear. Which have included in the first property them moving into the house.  We have tried a variety of ways to discourage them which have not worked.  Albeit reluctantly we now have bait traps which work.  So the last few days I go down to the Shedudio look out to watch the birds and see a Rat eating the bird food.  The Shedudio is one of the places I can go to to paint and draw.  It is my sanctuary.  I do not want to see a Rat.  So the Bait boxes are now filled and each day since still have a rat appearing but a different one.  And not a whole gang of them.  So the bait is working.

I do not like killing anything but ...........  

I am also considering visiting a nearby drop in centre for mental health issues as I am finding it increasingly difficult to cope.  Anyone else tried this?

Monday, 14 October 2019


Very pleasant weather at the moment.

Prom visit after lunch.

Lots of boat activity today.

It is half term here in Scotland.  In Aberdeenshire we are having the Tattie Fortnight.  In days gone by the kids would be out digging up potatoes.  Now done by machines.  But we still have two weeks.

Looking at the beach most people go away!

Flu jabs Wednesday.  Hair colours Friday.  Not much else happening.  So I wont bore you any longer.  Night.