Thursday, 17 December 2020


Not a day goes by without a drama.  Today the oxygen stopped reacting to me sniff in which should give me a blast of oxygen.  Quite frightening.  Neither the DP nor I can work out why.  Suddenly starts ok again.  Going to try replacing the cannula.  Fortunately it did not fail me on the Prom as the DP disappeared into the distance.

Fishing boat away on the hunt.

High tide.  Sunshine but oh it was cold.  I did half a walk today.

Rock Pipit on the rocks appropriately.

Sky tinged with pink reflecting the sunset.

Before his zoom meeting for the Photographic Society the DP  in his Christmas Jumper and Christmas Hat.


crafty cat corner said...

Love that little Rock Pipit, never seen one in real life.

Laurie said...

A bit of a scare with that oxygen,, hope it works properly now. That’s a very handsome Christmas sweater and hat!

The Furry Gnome said...

Handsome DP!

Jackie said...

What a sweet little bird. Your Rock Pipit looks similar to our sparrows over here.

Hope your oxygen keeps working.

God bless.

it's me said...

Surprised to see the rock pipit!
DP looks festive in his outfit. Hope you can get the oxygen stuff working.
We finally had a few hours of sun today. It makes such a difference in mood.

Carruthers said...

I haven't put my Christmas jumper on yet this year. It might well have its first outing today!

mamasmercantile said...

Hope the oxygen is behaving and everything is OK now. I love the fun of a Christmas jumper.

Jean said...

That was scary with the oxygen. I love the rock pippit. I would be thrilled to see one.

thelma said...

What a worry that oxygen is. Keep safe.