Sunday 30 September 2018

Sunday .

Brain almost in gear today.  Did some stuff for the Art Exhibition.  I will not pack it in until after the exhibition, but then you wont see me for dust...

Weather very odd.  Wind began to increase late morning.

The DP was away at just before lunch to photograph Crimond 8km run.  

Crimond is famous for its church clock.

The church clock, bearing the inscription "The hour's coming", has an extra minute between the eleven and twelve making for 61 minutes in the hour. 

Some of the runners showing off their medals.  

As I set off to the Prom me and the chariot had to circumnavigate a van parked in our drive.  The chap with the van told me he was to control the traffic for the runners.  So he controlled me very nicely out of my drive.....!

So in that direction, to the right, sunshine.

Now looking ominous.

The Gull Gang.

I had this bird as a Redshank and then had a comment on my facebook page from the bird expert to say it was a Barwit.  Well, I never ever heard of one of them.  So that''s a first for me.  One big tick if I were a twitcher.

Fishing boat way out on its way home.

I then got soaked as a Ninja shower came from behind me.  

The weather has continued to deteriorate.  Wind still howling round.  Lots of rain.  Not too cold.  But the log burner is lit.

My annual blood pressure check tomorrow.  Seems quite odd going to the docs for something 'normal'  but I also have the ankle pressure sore to ask about and the flu jab.  I like to get me moneys worth!

Tomorrow is Monday.  I just have to remind myself every so often as to what day it is.  Anyone else have to do that?

Saturday 29 September 2018


Odd sort of day.  Was breathing and eating ok.  Just felt as if I wasnt with it!

The DP drove me down to the Prom and he took the photos too.

Worm hunting by the car park.

Shags in flight.  Bit like Cormorants, they have long necks, that thing in the water looking like a periscope is a Shag.

Nearer to us were two Black Headed Gulls.

Big Boat.

Little boat.  

Once home and I decided to not visit the Shedudio and crack on with the being a secretary to the Art Group and the looming exhibition.  Got a fair bit done.  Despite my spaced out brain.  I have told the DP that I am packing it in after this one.  I do not deal with stress very well.

Our sunset tonight.  Goodnight from Land of the Big Sky.  Hoping for a better brain working day tomorrow!

Friday 28 September 2018

Fit like?

Fit like = How are you in Doric.  

Result.  A pair of shoes.  Measured.  Fitted.  Success.  What I thought I wanted was similar to Ugg boots.  The man in the shop was a real character.  He let me try to try on various boots.  We both agreed very soon I was not going to get boots on.  As the left ankle will not bend once swollen to its maximum in the afternoon.  

At one point I was surrounded by shoe boxes, 15!  And lots more in the back.  I was in there for 1 and a half hours.  An amazing experience.  Apparently the Shoe Box is the only place to supply footwear for the disabled in the North East of Scotland.  In Fraserburgh!  Just wonderful.  The shoes were not cheap.  But I was introduced to the fact as I was disabled I could have VAT relief.  So quite a bit knocked off and he rounded it down too and I got a shoe horn!  And two insoles for the right foot as it is normal size so that doesn't slip around.  Such service.

I told him I would be back for running shoes!

I had the DP with me.  The down side is he will have to put the shoes on for me as I cannot bend.

We then went to the Prom.

Beautiful weather.

Paddle Surfer.

A very fit Surfer.  I got a smile from him....before he leapt over the railings. 

Dog Surfer with his log.

Back home I was gob smacked to see this carpet of mushrooms?

Underneath our group of Birch trees.  I wonder if they are edible?

I shall be shut away from any distractions tomorrow.  I have to do all the FASE5 stuff.  I will do all the FASE5 stuff.  I think I will retire again then.  Fit Like?  Pathetic.

I have been asked if I do commissions.  Well yes I do.  From a good photo, get down to the level of the animal, the eyes are important.

Thursday 27 September 2018


Spent quite a lot of the day reflecting.  On what happened and was said yesterday.

Washed my hair, did my pulmonary exercises.  Went to the Prom.  Did not get out of the car as it was so windy.  Had my feet sorted with my foot specialist.  Blood was spilt and I asked if I could have the same amount of toes on each foot.  She knows me now and we laughed.

Good news is I have found a shoe shop which is expert in footwear for people with oedema in the Broch!!  Amazing.  I thought it would be Aberdeen or the internet.  Before all this fat leg lark I always needed to try on footwear as I also have Osteoarthritis.

I have my windproof and waterproof trousers and a similar protective coat so if I can sort my footwear I can brave the elements.  Ha ha.  Off tomorrow to hopefully get sorted.

My favourite dinner, look away vegetarians, Sirloin Steak.  Rare.

Then I watched the sky and reflected.  On all the work I must start tomorrow on the final stages of sorting the Visual Art Exhibition which looms ever nearer.

With views like that from the dining room I reflect on just how lucky I am.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Keep Breathing!

Peterhead Hospital, about 15 miles away.  This is where we went today to see the Consultant.  Far better than to Aberdeen which is much further and busier and bigger.

I am always amazed that despite the cut backs in the health service everyone is so helpful and pleasant.  

Chest x ray first, which I wasnt expecting.  (I didnt know what to expect!)  

Then to the waiting room.  Then the Nurse did the height, weight, oxygen levels checks.  Then the blow job.  Which my local nurse had said I hadnt to do any more as it would damage my lungs.  I survived.  

Eventually the Consultant.  Very thorough.  Prodded poked.  Listened to chest.  Listened to heart.  Examined parts I did not know were relevant, but all explained as she went along.  It helped that there was a trainee in the room!  I might not have had all the explanations otherwise.  

Right - so where do we go from here.  

I am to have a body scan to see if there is a blood clot in my lung and a scan on my fat leg to see if there is one there, she doesn't think there is in either but obviously has to rule it out. If there is its blood thinning drugs. 

The scans have to be done at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  A place I know well but do not enjoy the journey to get there.  Over an hour.

 We talked about Pulmonary Emphysema.  Possible.  Damage to heart as it works harder due to damaged lungs. Becomes damaged itself and doesnt circulate stuff round body properly which causes fat leg.  (I owned up to having googled this!)

The Oxygen Team will be contacting me and coming to test me at rest, after me doing something physical, and say whether oxygen therapy is for me.

The consultant is also considering putting me on long term antibiotic to try and break the cycle of repeat chest infections.

I then go back to see her in late November/December.

Well sorry to go on at length. The DP and I were both whammied when we came out and got in the car.  

 It has taken me some hours to remember it all and now have got it down 'on paper'.  I doubt at the end of the day anything will change.  It was so nice to not be just told well thats it buggar off.  So I shall battle on.  

I got to the Prom.  Got my sanity, my vitamin sea, and a short walk.

Drizzle, overcast, not much wind though.  And not as cold.

Large boat on the horizon.

Lobster Fishing boat coming hame.

As was our Lifeboat - zooming in.

Thanks to you all for being with me on this -  do hope I am not being boring, do tell me if I am.

Back to normal tomorrow.  So long as I keep breathing!  

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Autumn kicks in big time.

My personal carer turned up this morning and was followed by another female who was to do my Care Package.  This will then be left here, once produced, and for the carers to fill in.  And presumably report on what a moo I am.  So after I was washed head to toe and moisturised and dressed we adjourned to the kitchen.  First question was what are your health issues.  I did ask her how long she had....

I did go to the Prom later.  However it was windy, wet and cold.  I did not leave the car.  Home again.

Really cosy.  

Some more on the Jackdaw.

The dog has been handed over and well received.  Alleluia.

Home front.  Builders have been and are to give us a quote for paved pathways so I can access more of the garden.  They also have some lumps of pink granite they were going to dispose of and have offered to dispose them on our verge between the road and the fence.  Well whats left of it.  I still havent heard back from the council with their solution so we decided to go with it.  

Leg front.  Thankyou to all of you who have suggested solutions to my problems with footwear on the swollen leg and foot.    Tomorrow I see the consultant.  I shall be wearing tracksuit bottoms and slippers....Just hope my offspring do not get wind of this as I will be disowned.

And finally Sue Bradshaw.  If you have an email address please put it in comments, I will of course not publish it but can reply to your question as facebook appeared to not like me replying to someone who was not on facebook.

I am now off to google footwear for fat legs.  I am sure it will be more pleasurable than reading about fat legs being the sign of the end stages of COPD.  Night night.

Monday 24 September 2018

Some swells.

The morning whizzed by and I seemed to have done absolutely nothing other than get myself washed and dressed.  Well I had done lots of things but nothing that had an ending.  Progress of some sort I suppose.  So after lunch guess where I went.

I had to give myself a stern talking to and got out of the car.

From viewing this sail boat you can see how the sea was.  One big swell.  Lots of surf too.

So some happy people.

Whatever size of boat the sea is the master.  

Talking of swells.  Here are the couple of swells...

The not so very lovely legs.  As winter draws nigh I have no idea how/what to put on my feet as I cant get me boots on.  

Lung consultant on Wednesday - hope he has some solution.

  I already take a 'water tablet' have done for years.  This swelling is new.  At night feet on pillows.  In the morning a pair of slim ankles.  Upright and gravity takes over.  Any advice? I just wait for the next bit of me to drop off or increase in size.  Exciting int it.

Sunday 23 September 2018

The day of rest. But I didnt.

Not done much today.  Apart from the odd list of things I have to do for the art exhibition, as things come to mind, I do wish I could switch off for a couple of days.....

The DP  was away early on one of the RSPB jaunts at Cruden Bay.  Nearby is the new Slains Castle.  Which is now a ruin.

Bram Stoker stayed in the pub nearby, the Kilmarnock Arms, and allegedly this castle inspired him to write about Dracula.  

As it rained the group went in to shelter, but it does not have a roof any more!

Meanwhile I got myself down to the Prom.  Much colder today, stiff breeze, and I got soaked by a Ninja shower.  They are the ones that appear without any notice.....

There were a lot of surfers today.  You can just see one here.  

Down on the sands it appeared to be a film crew?  Still trying to find out what was going on.

I came home and the DP was back and fed my garden birds and lit the stove in the Shedudio.

Despite having a pile of work in progress I began this painting of a Jackdaw from a photograph which caught my eye and the photographer kindly gave his permission.

I still have to select one of my own photographs to paint of the Lady Sparrowhawk.  She was back today at dinner time, for us, and looking out for hers.

One of the blogs I read today was talking about Counting Your Blessings.  I am going to try very hard and think about that.  I need to do this before Wednesday as I have the consultant appointment

I was asked if I sell my paintings.  Well I try!  Because of my physical disabilities I cannot hawk them around as my friends and fellow artists do.  I exhibit when possible and have open studio sessions.  I also have my face book page Buchan Birds and Beasts, where I do have a shop, which I should really update more often.  If anyone is interested in anything just let me know.  I am reluctant to post out stuff that is framed and has glass.  But I have a lot that is mounted only and is easy to post and as it isnt framed, (wherein lies most of the cost),  you still get an original and then have to to choose your own frame.

We had our logs delivered yesterday £98.  Not bad at all.  Although this will be the first winter we have two wood burning stoves going.  Still cheaper than having electric fire in the shedudio and oil fired central heating in the house.  

Hey ho.  Goodnight.