Friday 30 November 2018

Should I laugh or should I cry.

Been one of those sort of days.

First.  The new garage door was delivered at dawn.

Our Sunrise this morning.

Then the joiner arrived to fit it.  

Then my personal carer came to cleanse and moisturise, and dress me.

She left.  The door was done.

The garage door now opens and closes smoothly and locks and hopefully stays shut in the wind.  We never remember to lock it and anyway the Postie knows its not locked and can leave any parcels in there.

Then just as we had finished our lunch this huge lorry from Hotpoint appeared and parked next to our fence.  The broken one.

I was praying that no tractors arrived...

So he came in with his little bag of tools.  And announced that he could not remove the old, broken washing machine as the previous owners of the house had laid the laminate floor after installing the built in washing machine.  It would not come out of the hole without damaging the flooring.  He was not allowed to remove flooring and was about to go.  

I said we needed a working washing machine.  

At this point the DP insisted I left the premises as I was getting totally stressed.  So I did.

The weather today has been wonderful.  Not much wind, cold yes, sunny yes.

To the right.  Tiger Hill sand dune.

Kessock Burn entering the North Sea.

Fishing boats away on the hunt.  They went in different directions.

Blackheaded Gulls and Oystercatchers.  

Skurries (Herring Gulls.)

A dog enjoying the water and the his owner was cursing him!

And this is what I returned to.  The new washing machine up and running in fact it hasnt stopped as the DP catches up with the mounds of washing.

So now we have to claim back the installation, removal of old which we have paid for.  Then get joiner to lift laminate flooring.  Get someone to remove old washing machine, which is still full of water.  Refit new washing machine, replace plinth, door to unit.  

Should I laugh or should I cry.

I painted whiskers on the Brown Hare and called it a day.

Thursday 29 November 2018

Girded up me loins.

Weather still foul.  I was going out.

First a bit of a shock this morning.  The internet went off and a message came up saying we had used it all up!  Recently we changed from BT to EE.  Our broadband with BT was very low speed, frequently went off in the wind or rain.  The box to which they will eventually install fibre thing is 4 miles away so highly unlikely our broadband would ever be connected and improve.  EE do it from their mobile phone mast.  The difference has been amazing.  Never goes off and is speedy.  But - we had arranged for a package and the megabytes had all been used up.  Quick/long phone call and we are all singing and dancing again, and it is still cheaper than BT.

Once that was sorted I was off out.

Through the open window of the car.

Whipped up waves.

Looking through the murk.

Bit of computer enhancement.  And I got my enhancement of the lungs via the sea air.

Back home.  The DP had laid the fire.  I lit it.  Then just sat and watched the rain, the wind.  Awesome.

Nice to have a cheery bit of colour.  The Geraniums are in to overwinter.

The DP was away this afternoon viewing Pittendrum House.

It ticks all the boxes so we will be booking this for next April for our kids and their kids.  Bit further away than the other one but that sleeps 30+ so this one is more in our price range!

Sun tomorrow.  Yes!

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Not a lot happened.

Apart from the wind and the rain.  Worst I have ever known.  I never left the house. 

No matter what it is like tomorrow I shall get out.

I spent the afternoon going through the filing.  Shredded a bin bag full.  Some bad memories went.  Two years ago my bad car smash.  

All the claims for Blue Badge. Attendance Allowance.  All refused and then successful on appeal.

So a cathartic exercise.  Not much fun tho.

Friday looks to be a fun day.  Still windy, our joiner is to be on hand to receive the new garage door being delivered and fit it if not too windy.  Our new washing machine is coming and will be installed and old one removed.  At 10 a.m. my personal carer lands to wash me.

Just hoping they dont all come at the same time.

Stay safe.

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Here comes the wind.

Time to put the big coat on.  20 mph plus today and rain occasionally.

S my carer washed me and my hair today.  She whips the compression stocking off and then back on again she is amazing.

Pulmonary physio exercises done including sit to stand which I am improving on how many I can do now I have worked out how to wedge my wheeled chair!

After lunch loaded up by the DP into the car and off to the Prom.

Wheeled buggies, bikes etc are banned from the Dunes which believe it or not are fragile and can be damaged by them.  The council recently fitted more metal barriers to prevent them accessing the beach and the dunes.  These barriers have now been vandalised hence the 'art work' on Tiger Hill.  So depressing.  Not sure why and when ?  they do this.

The Gull Gang.

Choppy sea.

Large boat on the horizon.  Moving slowly.  Will probably be heading for up the coast for shelter before the really big winds hit tomorrow.

My all time favourites - Oystercatchers facing into the wind.  As I was....

Back home and into the Shedudio I was visited by this Great Spotted Woodpecker.  

Who then came down to the bird bath!

Quite happy so I thought I would take a video.

Stove working well.  We have brought in the geraniums to overwinter.  I like Geraniums and they like the Shedudio.

Outside was rain and wind and cold.

The wind is howling round the house now, so I doubt I shall have my bedroom window open tonight.  Big winds tomorrow.  Hoping to still get out.  Good night.  

Monday 26 November 2018

I must to go down to the sea again!

And today I did.

Very cold, but then it is nearly December.  No wind, no rain.  Out of the car.

Eyes to the right.

Eyes to the left.  Still overcast.

Two of the four surfers. 

Shag.  These birds dive - so very difficult to get a photo.  You just manage to focus on them and they disappear downwards.  So a lot of photos showed the sea and no bird.  Binned.

The Redshank does not dive, but it does get spooked easily if anything approaches.  So I did a fair bit of walking today as the gang of four flew further up when a dog approached, and then flew back again.

I like this one below, it is quite artistic!

Lobster boat.  Homeward bound.

Part of the garden not many get to see.  This is behind the Shedudio and to its right.  Left if you are looking at it head on.  The Leylandii have had 6 foot removed as they were heading for the telephone wires.  The hedge round the front that hasnt been damaged by whoever has also had short back and sides.  This gives good visibility on the corner for turning.  It is a narrow road and if someone is coming towards the junction you are better off staying where you are until they have gone past.  An added plus to the trees being drastically cut back is an increase in light to the Shedudio.  Which I was not expecting.

Although a dull day it is noticeable that the left, here, is brighter.  Well pleased.

So I was actually able to paint for longer.

Where the Journey Takes Me asked for a Robin photo.  Well this particular Robin is a real non poser.  But anyway here you go.

Weather Warning for Wednesday/Thursday high gusting winds.  Tomorrow is more windy than today.  Fingers crossed I get down to the sea again.

Sunday 25 November 2018

I feel robbed!

Today was an away day for the DP.  Important that he gets these.  Looking after me must be a drag!

So away he went to Aberdeen for an RSPB jaunt.

I pootled about.  Switched on the dishwasher.  Made me own lunch.  Tin of Mackerel mashed up with vinegar and ground pepper.  On two Ryvitas, yum.  Cuppa Soup, and a banana.

Then off to the Prom.

No rain forecast.  Yeah.

It bucketed it down.  I thought I would wait a while.

Half an hour I sat there.  It stopped, I put the mobile in one pocket and the camera in the other ready to get out.

And it chucked it down again.  And it was a lot more windy than the forecast said.  

So I came home.

Lit the stove in the Shedudio which the DP had laid ( I dont do ashes, lungs do not like ashes.)

Put out the dish of bird food.  The DP is to do a check on the boxes of rat poison tomorrow and if still nothing taken we can resume normal bird feeding.  Great.  It is heart breaking to see the birds queueing up and not have enough for them all.

Put some hair on the Hare.

Not happy with this painting, feel it may be heading for the bucket, but its been a learning curve, so nothing wasted.

First switch on of the new ceiling light, which is not a daylight bulb, but certainly lit up totally the Shedudio!  I felt a bit like a Lighthouse in the middle of the countryside!  The daylight lamp is more subdued...

So then the DP returned.  Had a good time.  He was in Aberdeen with a large group.  Most of the birds in Johnston Gardens were up in the trees, so he could see them, but could not photograph them!

A city garden with streams, waterfalls, ponds, rockeries and rustic bridge that help to make this one of the most charming areas in the city.
The garden is planted with rhododendrons, spring bulbs, heathers and alpines; the ponds are full of irises, aylesbury, mallard and muscovy ducks.
This garden is well loved by bridal couples for photographs of their day. 
Facilities include children's play area and toilets.

However he managed to photograph

This Mandarin Duck which returns to Aberdeen every Winter.  From Norway.

This is a Grey Squirrel.  Not welcome in Scotland.  Someone in the group will be notifying the powers that be and the squirrel will be removed.... They are a threat to our native Red Squirrel.

So he had had a good day.  But me still feeling I was robbed.  Hoping for better tomorrow and to get out of the car.