Monday 31 August 2020


As I write this the DP is outside in his hide waiting for a Badger!  Videos from last night.

I am not outside.

Hoping he doesnt put the Badger off.  He had put up the hide last night and the Badger came.

After lunch I was down in the Shedudio painting and bird watching.

Never have I struggled so much with a painting.

Sparrows through the window.  Hence the hazy picture.

Only small boats today.

I did my walk.  Despite not a good day breathing wise.  If it were not for this sodding Pandemic I would have had my regular tests, seen the medical people, been able to discuss stuff.  So worrying when you are not able to do that.

The Gull Gang lifted my spirits.  As always.

Surf School back on go.

More came after I took this.

We do support our local small businesses.  But this is beyond a joke.  Shutters were down at 10 past 4.  I am told it should be 4.3o.  Well it aint.

Sunset is now much earlier.  September tomorrow.  Goodness.


Sunday 30 August 2020


The camera was switched on last night!

Not much happened today.  DP did some more Thistle removing.  I did some more painting.

and garden watching.

The daily visit to the Prom.

We had every  intention of having a coffee.  I really cannot see this business surviving.

This is the view from the front of the cafe.  

I was told recently that the swathes of seaweed are caused by the fishermen trawling the sea bed and hoiking up the weed.  Not good for the sea creatures down there.....

The car park was full so no idea where the people went to. 

All the disabled spaces were full.  I parked the car.  Got out and walked.  Got back.  Then the car in front and in a disabled space left.  Now what to do?  I asked a lovely motor bike cyclist to grab the chariot.  Drove the car into the front disabled space and he brought me the chariot.  Lovely.  Then I got out and with chariot and oxygen plugged back in went and asked man parked next to me to turn his engine off.......

Then I sat and breathed in the sea air.

The DP returns from his walk and wonders how I changed spaces!

Saturday 29 August 2020


So last night the camera was not switched on.  All the food gone.  But no record.

Asda delivered.

Shedudio bird watching.

We are having a heck of a lot of sparrows in the garden at the moment.  House and Tree Sparrows.

To the Prom.  Still the cold breeze.

The Gull Gang.

Just these two surfing.  Surf School must be having an evening off.

I had a short walk.  It was sooooo cold. 

Back to the car and a voice behind me.  My optician!  Who is also a wannabe surfer.  

I asked him if oxygen therapy affected your eyesight as my long sight isn't as sharp some days.  He said he didn't know!  So I said I will google it.  He said that's what he was going to do too!  We get on well me and my optician.  

He is back to working now.  Bought himself some scrubs as he has to remove all his clothing before entering his house.  It is an easier way to comply.  Makes sense.

It is now dark.  The DP went into the dining room to switch off the oxygen machine as it had filled up the mobile bottle.  And outside on the patio - a Badger.  So I came to look too.  Difficult to see but when I finally saw the white stripe it was pure magic.

I also saw a cat.  Wonder if it is wanting a home.  I so miss Sith cat.

So tomorrow we should have a video of what we saw and more.


Friday 28 August 2020


Washed and moisturised.  I wash every day but twice a week it is the full works!  
Last nights Badger action.

I go down to the Shedudio after lunch.

More on Benson Beagle.

I rarely have more than one attempt at a painting.  But I have to get this one right.  As I know him!

After playing about being an artist its Prom time.

Always interesting to see boat activity.

But my heart is with the birds.

My all time favourite - an Oystercatcher.  Soon there will be lots of them as they have reared their young.

Skurries with their distinctive postures.

Our beautiful beach and bay.

We go around 4 p.m. as do lots of others.  But the cafe is shut again.  


A chilly breeze.  In England it is a Bank Holiday.  So the weather is never conducive!  Scotland does not do all the bank holidays.

Skype with daughter number 3 and her family.  She lives in Lincoln, the furthest of our children.  So looking forward to the end of this pandemic and we get to see them all.

Thursday 27 August 2020


No-one touched the Sweet Potato!  The rat never appeared.

Nothing much happened today.  My tide was out and I was on a down.  Solution usually found at the Prom.

But first to the Shedudio.

Blue Tit drinking at the solar powered water feature.

On the drawing board.  Benson Beagle is a wanderer and often walks through our garden.

Then the Prom.  This Surfer invited me in to the Surf building 'for a warm'.  Some years ago I think I might have said yes.

Then I did my good turn.  Currently only one person at a time is allowed in the public loos.

A woman and child were hopping and obviously busting so I loaned my key for the disabled loo.

Surfing school starts at 5p.m. and they were all gathering so this lot were 'proper' surfers.

Today's boats.

Deserted beach so some of the Gull Gang.

My daughter has booked a self catering cottage not too far away tho not that near.  The one she wanted would have been ideal, at the end of our road, but was booked up.

I have paid for the cottage.  They have petrol money to pay etc.  If things were normal they would be staying with us.  One day.