Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sunday. Breezy.

 It finally stopped raining - for a while.  But the wind was 30 mph gusting to 40.  Which was brilliant for Wind Surfers and Kite Surfers.

The DP got out of the car, walked and took the photos.  I was told to stay put.

So that is a Kite Surfer.

Wind Surfers.

DP chatting to a wind surfer.  He went back to collect his sail.  He reckoned it wasn't as windy as he wanted!

My views of Kite Surfers from the car......

The beach, Tiger Hill and the sea.  But I opened the window, breathed in the sea air from the side where the wind was not hitting, listened to the waves and was happy.  Still hoping for a day when I can get out of the car and walk.

And see Oystercatchers.


Laurie said...

The kite surfing looks exciting! The salt air I’m sure helped your poor tender lungs,,

thelma said...

A bit scary kite surfing, what if you got blown out to sea? I love your photos every morning and the daily dose of oyster catchers.

mamasmercantile said...

Your DP's photos were a delight, what fun. The forecast is not looking good for you to get out and walk but lets hope the forecast is wrong.

Carruthers said...

Your thoughts and photos of the sea continue to make up for our inability to get to Saltburn at the moment!

A lot of surfers at Saltburn. Their favorite trick is to jump off the end of the pier (rather them than me!)