Monday 21 March 2016

Being Thankful

That I am still here !

After this experience 4 weeks ago I realised I had to be thankful there were only damaged ribs.

And after the cataract operation  2 weeks ago thankful I no l0nger need to wear glasses.

That I met, in person, my newest grandchild.

Not forgetting the beautiful place where I live.

And finally thankful to be married to the Dawn Patroller, who writes in the sand to me for my birthday today.

Monday 14 March 2016

Bat watching.

Common pipistrelle is one of the UK's most common bat species. It is a small bat which is found in a wide range of habitats including farmland, woodlands and suburban and urban habitats. It often roosts in crevices around the outside of houses and buildings. It mainly eats small flies. Data on the population trends of the common pipistrelle are collected through two surveys: Field Survey and Roost Count. 

Bat Conservation Trust.

As the earth tilts our days get longer. This evening as we ate our evening meal at 6 p.m. we
enjoyed watching the bats zooming back and forth past our patio windows.  

We knew they were pipistrelle as we have a bat detecting machine which maximises the noise they are making so we can hear it and identifies the bat making the noise.  Cool eh?

Unfortunately we dont know how to take a photograph of such a creature zooming past our windows.  But the Dawn Patroller is on the case.  He now has a lens and a scope for everything.  Hmm.

Earlier I had done my walk on Fraserburgh Esplanade.  Now into our second day of fantastic weather.

This lovely dog made me laugh.  Once let off he ran and ran and ran.  Round in circles and they got bigger and bigger.  Last seen heading to the next bay with the owner in hot pursuit.  Hope it all ended happily.  One batty dog.

Friday 11 March 2016

Seeing clearly.

Wow what a colourful world we live in !!!  I must have been walking round with my mouth open all week in amazement at the difference now I no longer have a cataract.

Before the op. I knew there were birds there, Could probably guess as to what type of bird they were.  But now - just think of the song, " I can see clearly now...."

I have been going through my paintings and wonder how I would now paint the colours.  Down in the shedudio I have just watched the brilliant colours of the birds coming to the feeders.  But it wont be long before I paint again. 

Next ?

My ribs are almost better.  Not bad for an old woman. Its 3 weeks today since the accident and I just have one area still giving me jip.

So, as the insurance paid up.  I went from this

to this.  

Matches my eyes which I can now see clearly are blue.

Monday 7 March 2016


Today I had my cataract operation.

Despite everyone telling me it didnt hurt, well no it didnt, but it was bloody uncomfortable. Laid flat, with ones head in a well and then a pillow shoved under your knees - why?  Wanted to move up a bit and then the bruised ribs kicked in.
Trying to breathe, relax, etc, while the consultant is describing what they are doing is not helpful when they want you to relax. "I am now chopping up your cataract. Send in cataract water, you will feel water flushing over your eye, keep looking at the light, I am now pressing in the new cataract."

  Well. What can I say.  

When I have the other eye done I will try and relax.

Saturday 5 March 2016

Fraserburgh Beach

I try to walk on the Esplanade every day.  Sometimes the weather is against me. I don't mind the rain, the wind if its not too strong or the cold. But when they combine together its hard work.

Whenever possible I look around me and see what is going on

There are usually sea birds.

One of my top favourites is the Oyster Catcher.  I have done many paintings of this bird.

There are, on the beach, usually dog walkers.

And on this occasion a pony walker.

Children playing or just looking.

Sometimes there is evidence left to raise a smile.

Arthur and Allison were here.

And some evidence one would rather not see.......

But, I do love Fraserburgh beach.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Much better.

After my walk yesterday, and home again, the Dawn Patroller sat with his coffee watching the birds.

Then this happened.

Our bird feeding station has lots of branches tied to it and last year's Christmas tree.  The reason for all that is so the DP can take photographs of the birds in a 'natural' setting.  So with no more ado,




Great Tit.

There were lots more, but I dont want to overload you.

Then today.  Well, totally different.

And whats more I got to the Esplanade for my walk all by myself.  Loan car delivered this morning.

Much better.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

You never know what is going to happen next.

Almost two weeks ago now I was tootling along on my way home.  A very loud bang and there I was in a field having done a 75% turn.  Car wrapped in barbed wire. The farmer was there before the emergency services. a)to check on me and b) presumably to check on his fence.  The vehicle that hit me had come out of a side road and has admitted it was their fault.  Although of course all this was going on while I sat there in shock.

This is the Fire Brigade removing my car door to extract me.  I was then carried to the ambulance by the Firemen and woman.  (In every cloud there is a silver lining!)

After checks to make sure I was not about to expire I was taken to casualty and diagnosed with damaged ribs.  As if I didnt know.  By this time I was in agony.  Far worse than childbirth.  Told to take paracetemol 4 hourly.  

So here I am. Alive. Pain of ribs very much eased .  Very, very lucky.