Saturday 18 June 2016

What a week.

Rain, rain and more rain.

I did try and go for my walk.  But not only was it raining it was misty and windy at the same time.  And cold. Plus I had one of my chest infections.

Surfers get wet anyway so they were still out.

I managed to
get down the shedudio and painted.

Because next weekend is 

And I have been doing a lot of the admin work, advertising, entry forms, etc. etc.  And painting and having stuff framed for it.

Now on steroids, antibiotics, new inhalers.  The sun finally reappeared today and as drugs kicked in I managed the walk.

I survived the week !  On a note of interest to some the sun sets tonight at 11 minutes past 10 - allegedly.  It still has a way to go. 

10.19 p.m.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Smoothing my path.

Here is the finished path.

Grass seed is going along the edges.

What was a surprise plus was how well the plants look with the  sleeper edging.  This bit of garden was nurtured and planted by me when I could.

I have had a few practice runs now and, apart from more practice in carrying a cappucino down, it is brilliant.

This gives you an idea of the slope we have.  Thanks to the gardener for noticing it was less where he has now put the path.  (Nothing like as steep as Jessica's precipitous bank which you can see on her blog Rusty Duck  - sorry I still cant master links but well worth looking at.)

What you see here on the ground are called chuckies up here in the North East of Scotland.  Decorative stone anywhere else.  And not helpful to chariots.  So my next plan is to have it paved.  A patio no less. I may even be able to potter amongst me pots again.  YAY.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Great Expectations.

The way down to the shedudio.  Left out of the kitchen door.  

And down the steps.  Coming back up - well.  Carrying anything, walking and breathing quite an issue.

We really didnt want to lose the arch.  It has honeysuckle, clematis and ivy holding it up.  It is used by the birds on their way to and from the feeding station. Some nest in it too. 

But then our gardener came up with a plan.

Today he began.

Still turn left out of the kitchen door. But then..... turn right.

There is the arch on the left so we keep that.  

The new path down to the shedudio. Brilliant !  Ladies Mantle and pots will be moved. Wee ramp into shedudio. More independence for moi.  The chariot and I can go down and up, I sling onto the chariots handlebars whatever I need to take down, and ditto coming back.  The DP no longer has to carry anything for me.  Tomorrow our wonderful gardener returns to finish the job.  Of course I will bore you all rigid with the second instalment.

We lost a Box bush which would have needed shaping and or taking cuttings from.  Too old for that. Me, not the plant. Also a Crocosmia which isnt lost.  The DP will split it and replant around the garden.  Great Expectations it will survive.

Friday 3 June 2016

Blooming June.

Not been very summery so far but apparently weather is to improve.

The garden is certainly blooming. Fantastic blossom on the cherry trees, Laburnam and now Lilac.

We have a new gardener.  So far he has cut the lawns for us.  And done an amazing job, he strims first, then cuts, the grass looks as if it has been shaved.  One still has to ignore the weed infested borders.  However the fact the hated grass cutting is done has led to the DP giving them his attention.

He has also been emptying the pots, re-filling and re - planting. My view from the shedudio is vastly improved.

The other border to the left of the shedudio is about ready to burst forth in colour.  

Peonies and Poppies.

Just beyond the fence at the rear of the peonies there is to be a path created by our gardener for me to wheel the chariot (wheeled walker) over the grass and straight down to the shedudio and , more importantly, back up.  I currently have to use steps so cannot use the walker. So carrying things to and from falls to the DP.  So a bit more independence for me.

I am currently improving from a chest infection.  Been out today for a great walk, watching our life boat on manoeuvres .

The bottom photo also shows a surfer !  Both show the haar on its way (mist).

Hope you are all, like me, looking forward to the rest of June being blooming.