Sunday 25 January 2015

In the pink.

Fraserburgh Moonlight Prowl has been raising funds to fight breast cancer for ten years.

Every year for ten years many women have joined in the Moonlight Prowl to raise even more funds.

As this year is the tenth their intention is to celebrate by having ten events through the year.  We, at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, are proud to be involved.

Last night our lighthouse at Kinnaird Head obtained all the necessary permissions to light the light in the old lighthouse.  This necessitates notifying the Harbour Board, shipping et al.

We then flood lit the tower and the light itself was PINK.

The Moonlight Prowlers gathered at the Lighthouse to have a special Burns Night Supper. To celebrate the women behind the man.

Happy Burns Night to all.

Monday 19 January 2015


Bit of snow, lots of wind, some frost, well it is Winter. What else do we expect?!

Bet you weren't expecting that. Note the date, 13th January. 

The sunsets have been awesome.

The sna (snow) quite pretty.

So - to be expected - a painting of a Buchan Beast in a snow storm. 


Stay warm.  Not long til Spring now....

Friday 9 January 2015

Exexutive or executed?

Apologies for being away for so long.  But oh boy have I been busy.

As vice chair of the trustees of the Lighthouse Museum, since the 3rd January when the Museum reopened after the festive break, I have been in almost every day.  The departure of our Business Manager has left the chair and I at the helm.  

Wouldnt be so-o-o hard were I being paid an executive salary, but I get nowt other than job satisfaction........

This morning I had to make the decision to close down the Lighthouse tours.  This was after I had to use my mobile for someone to come out of the Museum and open my car door, allow me to hang on to them from car to Museum, then heft the doors open to let me in.  The wind was so strong.  

Bits of somebody's roof were all over the car park.  Which was asbestos so the staff went into a state of panic.  (I think you have to break it up then inhale the dust, or eat it,  before it becomes a danger....)  

It was picked up and put into our store  and now has large DANGER ASBESTOS signs everywhere.  I really can do without all this hysteria.....

Fortunately I still manage my painting therapy.

Although, once finished, it did remind me of the staff in a huddle building up for another panic attack about something... 

They are lovely really!!

Friday 2 January 2015

Better now.

2015 welcome.  Pleurisy gone. Allelulia.  Better now.

 Photo from tinternet. Blizzards on and off all day here, but not settling much.  Very windy, horizontal snow so possibly settled somewhere else?  Better now.

So dark though so not much painting done this afternoon.

Here is one I did earlier, a commission, which for once I enjoyed doing.  For Christmas, but now its been given by the commissioner I can show it.

I guess most of us have been looking back, over the last year, if not further.  You are not alone, so did I.  Pleased to say I think I am better, than I was on the painting front.

 Some things never change.  My urge to move furniture round...  Sadly I can no longer do this myself.  So from thought to it being done takes some time, while I drip feed the DP!  
"Dont you think..... would look better.....?"

Our book shelves were along the wall to the right of the window.  

Now, thank you DP, they are along the wall to the right of the doorway.

Much better!