Thursday 31 October 2019


No reaction from the Shingles jab.  I am still walking.  The nurse did say if there was to be a reaction it would be within five minutes of having the jab so we had to sit in the waiting room for 5 minutes.  

It being a Thursday an evening alone.  Photographic Society weekly meeting tonight.  But I have my wine and Classic FM .

This morning the DP was at a funeral.  One of the long standing members of the Photographic Society.  We were both pleased to see his black suit still fitted.

After lunch we went to the Prom.

Bitterly cold.  Some sun.  Not much wind but cold.  This suitably spooky looking black dog was in and out of the water.

A deserted beach almost.  The car  park was almost empty too which I have never seen before.  No picture, who wants a photo of a car park?

Tide on its way in.

Two small boats inning and outing.

Back home and now time to prepare the Shedudio for the Winter.  Wood burner every afternoon is lit now.  Today out came the daylight bulb lamp.  Not only cold but darker to be addressed.

And applied paint to the pup.

The photo I am working from.  Not easy as I have no idea what the back legs look like!  But she has got me back to painting.  I think I will request a better photo!

Bit of a struggle today.  Very breathless.  Battle on.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

More Medical Appointments...

Today the DP and I had the Shingles jab.  This is offered to over 70s.  It is a live vaccine and we were advised to avoid new babies for 3 weeks.  This means our daughter with new baby cannot visit just yet.

We then went to the Prom.

Sunny.  No wind.  No rain.  Ace.  I walked.

Chloe May going home to the harbour.

This is Lennox.  A beautiful English Bulldog pup.  His first day out after his jabs.  Had to be lifted up as he would not stay still for me to photograph!  Hopefully I can do some sort of painting.

Tonight's Sunset now about 5 p.m.

Night all.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Mental Health.

So today I went to the Prom.  A solo trip.  Weather beautiful, what a change.  No wind, sunny, still cold.

I had a short walk.

I then drove to a village near to where we live to their Medical Centre.

Inside of which is Shirleys Space.  On a Tuesday they have a drop in from 10 til 4.  So I dropped in.

The Medical Centre is fairly new.  It has doctors, nurses, a chemist, a cafe and a gym.  And Shirleys Space.  

I was offered coffee, tea, cake but settled for water.  Interviewed by a counsellor who extracted more out of me than I realised was happening!  I am still trying to assimilate it all.  But I have been offered a place on a course for Cognitive Behaviour.  Possibly November but if fully booked will be January.  So a step in the right direction.  Most parts of my body now being dealt with. Not sure there are any more bits to drop off.  I am shattered.

And finally tonight's sun heading to set at 3.30p.m.

Monday 28 October 2019


Better weather day.  The DP got his 'new'car insured and went into town and paid the difference.  Also shopped.  Although somehow missed the fact the cupboard was bare of cat food so had to return later to replenish!  I was at home with the moaning cat.

We went to the Prom.  Sunny, slight breeze, very cold.  I walked further today.

The sea was quite rough and the fishing boats were upping and downing.

Lets have a wonky video.  Haven't had one for a while.

Body Surfer or just being lazy.  This weekend Fraserburgh hosts the Surfing Championships.  Gathering of the Clans.

And at last I returned to the drawing board.  A very dear friend has just taken on a bitch puppy chocolate labrador.  Hope I can recreate Cocoa as beautiful as she is.  My first rough sketch.  Look at those paws!

Sunday 27 October 2019


Weather appalling today.  Howling winds and rain.  Upside was I got an extra hour in bed.  Clocks going back as they did I awoke and I realised I did not have to get up for another hour.  However the cat does not understand.  So I had him whingeing at me for the whole hour and beyond.

Once up I checked for devastation from the wind outside (through the window) there was none.  

We decided to do the Prom.  There was blue sky.  The rain stopped.  Though the wind still blew.

I leant on the railings.

Then the rain fell.  A lot of rain.  So I went back to the car.

Photos taken through the windscreen.  Last one is a Rainbow......

So no walk today.

But there was still a sunset!  Although the DP had to walk up our lane a bit to capture it.  After the solstice the earth has moved again which I can never get my head round.  So the earth has tilted.  And the sun sets in a different direction.  Ah nature we never get bored with your antics.  So now a period of very dark nights that start early.  Okay they may finish early but I wont be up then will I?

I'm with you Crafty Cat Corner.  Night all.

Saturday 26 October 2019


After some pratting about with online banking I finally got a message relative to my problem,  The BACS transfer had not gone through so the DP went and bought the car using his debit card.

Basically its a Renault. Dachsia.  Sitting on the drive til Monday morning when the DP does what I told him to do on Friday - like tell the insurance people.... Three years old and much lower mileage than the previous.  Also 4 doors so can get the Chariot in that one as well as mine.

So in my car we went to the PROM.

Paddle Surfers.  There were three but this one was the best.

I walked.  My usual distance.  It was bitterly cold which does not help the breathing.

Lobster boat.

A few dog walkers on the beach.

At the other side of the beach were Oystercatchers.  A Redshank and a Turnstone.

Now all the hassle is over I am feeling better.  Now I have to just get used to the clocks going back an hour!

Friday 25 October 2019

Anxiety is the pits.

A nearby village's health centre has a drop in for counselling so after today I am definitely dropping in.

The DP has arranged to buy a second hand car from a garage and collecting tomorrow.  So I did the BACS transfer for the purchase of and nothing happened.... So I contacted the bank.  Which is an internet bank.  The response I got back was totally unrelated to my wanting to sort out the payment transfer.  So immediately I went into a downward spiral.  Internet banking is fine until you want to sort something out NOW.

So we went to the Prom.

On the horizon was this.  Prince of Wales Aircraft carrier.  No idea why it was there.  It is new.  It went back the other way.  Again no idea why or what it was doing.  

The Gull Gang.

I walked but not as far as yesterday.

An Eider Duck surfing!  Eider Ducks supplied your eiderdown with down = feathers.

As we are now heading for another tilt of the Sun or the Earth never sure which it is the Sunset is now more to the left of where it has been.  This entails going outside and I don't do that.  So the DP took this.  Sleep well all.