Saturday 31 October 2020


 Watching my daughters great efforts for their kids this Halloween.  And glad I don't have to any more!  

Is it storm Aidan beating us up now?  Our Prom visit showed how windy it was.

The car was rocking so we did not get out.  We drove on to Rosehearty.  Watched the many big boats sheltering.  Not able to get into harbour.

So I have missed my walk.  Feel as if I have had a totally wasted day.

Our cat is still visiting.  As are others.  When our neighbour died  the Cat Protection League were alerted as he had many feral cats.  They said they had got them all but possibly they missed some.  We will keep feeding and watching.  

The Art Trail was a success and there were sales.  None of mine.  The DP sold some as did others.  The shops who joined in and displayed the art work want to know when we can do it again.  So that is good.  At the moment they are all doing windows with Halloween displays for the kids to go round and see.  Although today has really not been fit.

My daughter, partner and two young children live in Lincoln.  So the lockdown.  She has been working from home since the last one.  The kids just back to school.  Which is continuing open.  Not sure I agree with that.

What a mess.

Friday 30 October 2020


 This anxiety lark is wearing.  I have a carer twice a week.  I know the carer but I still get anxious.  Have I got the clothes ready, in the right order.  Have I taken all my pills.  Is my bladder empty.  Just stupid.  

So she came.  I am washed and moisturised and dressed.  And totally exhausted.  Stupid.

The DP was away to do the shopping.  He prefers shopping to having it delivered. His choice.  Gives him a break from me!

This cat keeps coming back.  Very nervy and suspicious of people.  Well we two.

Persuaded the DP to give it some Tuna.  Which he did.  When he came back from shopping there were some cat food sachets....  It has had one.

In the afternoon we went to the surgery.  The DP had to have blood taken for testing for his Prostate cancer levels.  Then we went to the Prom.

Cold again.  Short walk.

The Gull Gang masses of them.

My friend is home from hospital.  She has to keep a dietary diary to establish what causes her bowel to object and become infected.  Scary.  Just glad she is home.

Looks as if we are heading for a national lockdown.  So depressing.  But if it works all good.

Thursday 29 October 2020


 Aberdeenshire lumped with Aberdeen and in level 2.  Not happy with this as we are in the lowest numbers for having it and dying from it.  Whereas Aberdeen is sadly a lot higher.  And don't forget this is Scotland's level 2 not Boris's.

So I shall not be seeing any of my family for even longer.  Poignant as today my eldest grandchild is 12.  Launched into secondary school.

This was when he was one.   On a side line I was thinking why have I got glasses on?  But of course since then I have now got two bionic eyes having had the cataracts sorted!

Tier 2 does not prevent me from going to the Prom.

So I went.  Mindst you I have gone when it was verboten to travel for exercise.......  

A grey Prom.  Not much wind and though cold I walked.  A struggle even with Oxygen today.

Fishing boats. 

Gull gang preening and abluting.



Curlew.  Turnstone nearest.



The Broch's Banksy!  The cat is appearing all through the town.  Fun for all at Halloween.  This one is on a stone bench on the Prom.

Wednesday 28 October 2020


 Letter from the hospital.  I have a phone consultation in November with the chest clinic.  Well then -  as I usually have to do blow jobs and someone listening to chest while breathing in and out I am unsure how this will proceed!

Not a bad weather day today.  No wind, no rain, not much sun either but you cannot have everything.

Big box of water plants arrived.  So the DP had fun putting them all at the level recommended.

They are tiny at the moment!

Off to the Prom.

Boats big and small.

Redshank at the waters edge.

Oystercatcher.  Turnstones left and right.

The sky and strange clouds.  The beach with Tiger Hill.

This lot frightened me to death.  Large group of secondary school pupils with a teacher.  Not one socially distancing or being reminded so to do.

Every year we have thousands of pink footed Geese overwinter at the Loch of Strathbeg.  They leave in the morning to feed on grass.  In the evening they return to roost.

This is a skein going back early evening. The noise they make is amazing.  Sound up.

My friend is still having tests in hospital.  But we have been able to message each other and tonight a phone call.  All good.

No news of Weaver of Grass.  Anyone have any updates?  So many of us would like to know.

Tuesday 27 October 2020


Carer morning.  I have struggled today.  So did not have hair washed.  Rest of me squeaky clean. Its not as if I go down the pit is it.

No visitors last night only the unwelcome ones.  Rat.  So no food going out til Samuel Whiskers is gone.  

Bitterly cold again.  I shall just have to get used to it.  Cold air does not help the lungs.  So the walk was to the railings and then back to the car.

Some boats.

 Tiger Hill.

Rocks by the caravan site.

Bird life - one of the main reasons I love the Prom.

The DP took a lot of the photos today including this.  A different view point as he walked!

Monday 26 October 2020

Monday again.

Plenty sun.  Not much wind.  Blimey.

No visitors last night. 

None today either.  Still waiting for District Nurse to come and repeat blood taking for retest.  Perhaps she is waiting for Halloween.

My best friend and fellow artist has been taken into hospital.  Pain in lower abdomen.  Not cancer, not Corona.  So lots of tests and of course no visitors.  We have spoken.  

2nd November I think we find out what tier we are for the lockdown.  I have had text messages and a letter from the Interim Chief Medical Officer as a vulnerable person.  Not to shield thank goodness.  Just do what everyone else has to.

To the Prom.

Thought I had seen it all but no.  Today we had two cars full of people unloading lots of stuff.  Then lighting a barbecue.

So I had a decision to make.  Do I walk past an open flame?  I walked past and then realised the damn thing was lit.  So I walked back giving them a very wide berth and back into the car.

Looks like a warship?  There have been navy ships around recently.  This paddle surfer was way out.

Fishing boats.

It is always good to say hello to people who pass.  The exchange of smiles always lift the spirit.

Seeing the Oystercatchers in the shallows by the rocks always improves the pleasure.

Darkening and stormy skies.

Back home and wondering if there was enough daylight to go down to the Shedudio.

Enough to watch the sunset.  Brought the bag of card making stuff back up into the house.  Need to set up the Christmas card making production line!

Then the moon rose.

Night night.