Friday 31 January 2020

More Battles.

Phoned Social Services Care again.  This time got a phone call back.  Apparently the care providers said not enough notice for them to provide care.  What about yesterday when I phoned them direct and they were to phone me back and didnt?

The DP was talking about cancelling his hospital appointment.  No way.  I asked him to phone a friend who had recently retired and lived nearby.  She is up for it.  So sorted.  Taken me hours to let go and relax.

To the Prom.

ANTARES (IMO: 9449223) is a Chemical Tanker that was built in 2012 (8 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of Germany.
It’s carrying capacity is 2408 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 5.7 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 79.01 meters and her width is 11.66 meters.  Fascinating!

Its going from Immingham Nr Grimsby to Invergordon.

So that is January over.

I am hoping February is less stressful!  For us all.

Thursday 30 January 2020

Nothing is easy.

Some time ago my Social Services Care Manager told me to contact her re any extra care.  We have been trying to contact her all day.  At one point I contacted the care providers and was promised a phone call back after 2 p.m.  Not happened.  On Monday morning the DP is booked in for a biopsy on his prostate at 9. 20.  This means he leaves the house at 8 a.m.  So we were trying to arrange for a carer to come in and do my breakfast.  I despair.

We went to the Prom after lunch as normal.

Helps to switch off.

Out of the car and on the oxygen.  Walked to the railings.  Very cold biting wind.  So no walk.  Just looked.

One of the very big fishing boats out on the horizon.

Wind turbines and Tiger Hill.

The Gull Gang.

Latter two taken by the DP as the Oystercatchers flew in after I had got back into the car.  Frozen.

He also took this Redshank by the rocks.

The youngest child has offered to come up from Edinburgh on the train on Sunday.  But needs to go back on the Monday.  This would involve the DP travelling into Aberdeen twice and one of the outs ins and outs after having an uncomfortable operation.  We need to discuss and have another go tomorrow to get the care sorted.  Does not help me at all.  Anxiety big time.  Sorry to offload.

Wednesday 29 January 2020


Today I have been using the oxygen more often.  I have found whatever I do active makes me need it.  Even talking, as a friend visited this afternoon!  

When I get to the Prom on the oxygen goes and fitted tubing and I am away.

Two big boats.

Little boat.

No people.

Five Oystercatchers.

Gulls out on the sea.

While I was gazing at them I saw two seals.  I wasn't sure they were seals but by the time I realised they were they had gone underwater and disappeared so no photo!

Tuesday 28 January 2020


The carer of today I like.  She was shooting questions at me re the oxygen and one has to answer.  She then said you need to be on it now!  Shouted to the DP and next thing was I was swishing away.  Answering her questions made me breathless!  But then she knows more about oxygen than I do!

It worked.

After lunch the DP and I went to the Prom.  If it hadnt been for the panic in the morning I was going to go solo.  But no.  Not today.

Sunny not much wind.

I walked.  The tide was in again so not a lot to see bird life wise.  But boat activity was good.

I am assuming this boat is registered in Nairn.  

Smaller boat.

Fraserburgh big boat.

Together with a small boat.

Another small one.

The oxygen worked well.  Still a big learning curve tho.  My fellow artist is visiting tomorrow so we have to work out how I cope with chatting, using oxygen and the wood burner in the Shedudio.  The DP assures me he has it sorted.

Still on the hunt for oil free lippies.  Yes Avon do them but once on the web site and trying to order all mention of oil free disappears.  I will persevere.

Monday 27 January 2020

Better day.

I tried the cannula from the hospital.  It has longer prongs.  Seemed to work better.

After lunch to the Prom and I walked and it stayed in where it should so my breathing in delivered the oxygen perfectly.  I hear the swish and know it is working.

 As the tide was in not a lot to see.  Not enough beach for the birds.  They were all out on the sea.

The DP had been shopping in the morning.  He went to our chemist and explained I wanted stuff safe to use with oxygen.  It is more a chemist than a make up provider.  He was given KY JELLY! Well he bought it .  It is to use if my nasal passages become annoying!  I found it hilarious.  Anyway after the Prom we went into town.  The DP went in to Superdrug.  Every assistant in the place was checking labels for stuff that did not have oil in and were horrified to hear I could set on fire.  

So I now have skin moisturiser for my body.  Still wanting a lip colour as I cannot wear lip stick as this could burst into flame.  I have a Nivea Soft Rose lip balm he bought with natural oils.  Really not sure.  Still oils.

At least men do not have these issues Bryony Tom should be fine!

Sunday 26 January 2020

We did the Prom after lunch.  I had the same problems with the cannula coming away from where it should be....  Tomorrow I am going to try the one the hospital gave me and which I used there with no problem.  If it works I shall then feel I can go independently.  The DP will be relieved.

As you can see it was wet.  Heavy rain.  Eased for a while so I got out of the car connected to the oxygen and walked to the railings and it came out.  See what happens tomorrow.

Small boat.

Good job the DP was with me today.

Big boat.

Gulls on the water.

Oystercatchers in flight.

Turnstones having a bath.

A very smart dog.

The end of the day we were sitting watching a very spooky Father Brown which was about evil imps and clairvoyants and lots of dead bodies when the electric went off.

We had the woodburner lit and the DP got the torches.  Our landline phones dont work without electric.  I have a number to call on my mobile phone.  So I did and was informed the electric would be back on by 11 at the latest.  It had already come back on while I was mid phone call.  But I hung on and got a person and reported myself as being on oxygen.  So now thats done so I will get priority and if its a long power cut they will apparently get in the Red Cross!  Not sure what they do - pedal a generator?

Saturday 25 January 2020

Here we go.

Practice run on the oxygen as I got up.  The DP insisted that as I was breathless then I had to.  

Later to the Prom.  The small cylinder went into the chariot and chariot folded the whole shebang went into the car.  Then taken out and the struggle with the cannula.  Two prongs up your nostrils.  

Mine did not look like the above.
Getting the tubing round the ears also a struggle as it removed my hearing aids!  Once all fixed I breathed in and heard the swish.  Working.

Going to need a lot more practice!


Almost deserted beach.

Some playing though.

Small boats.  Latter one is the line fishing trip boat.  Always plenty people on it.

Black Headed Gulls in winter plumage.

So I walked, the nasal effort kept moving so definitely need more practice with that.  But the cylinder worked and oxygen was delivered.  Once I am comfortable with all of it I shall zoom up that Prom.  Ha ha.  It didnt use much oxygen from the cylinder so no need to refill it from the noisy generator.  This is a big learning curve for me.  Even bigger is knowing I need it and am not going to get better.  Just coping.  Smile.