Wednesday, 2 December 2020


My daughter had a text message this morning to say her son, my Grandson had tested negative.  Whew.  How good the results were so speedy.  The actual test was quite horrendous.  But a baby soon forgets.

I or rather the DP had the discuss re all the blood tests I have had /am having.  Thyroid was okay.  The one for the blood count is because of the amount of red blood cells.  This can be high for people such as I with COPD.  But if it continues to rise the blood can clot and cause a stroke.  So it will be repeated.  Good to be told.  But.......!  I have now also to start to record how much in time I am having oxygen.  Also to get in touch with the oxygen team although I had thought it was them to contact me.... 

So we went to the Prom.  

I love to see the boats. 

I also love to see the Oystercatchers.  Must start back painting.

Can you see the one on the right is looking at you!  Pity I almost chopped his head off.

Siesta time.

Cold.  Not many people.  One chap took great delight in speaking to me.  

"You are here every day ploughing up and down. I have COPD but you are worse than I am."

Well yes.  Make my day.  I smiled.

On the way home the sun plummeted to bed.  

Me going too -  soon.  9 hours of constant oxygen at night.  During the day I have to make that up to a total of 15 hours,  must try harder.  Problem is you cannot use oxygen when sitting down or so I was told.  So its toilet trips, getting dressed etc., just moving within the house so not sure I  can make it up to 15.


Laurie said...


Ruth said...

A neighbor of mine was on oxygen 24 hours a day. The tube trailed after her all over the one level house. If you ask the oxygen team, they should be able to tell you what to do. Better to ask than sit around not knowing.
I love the intensely blue water in those first boat pictures. It must have been a very nice day there today.

Jules said...

That's great news about your grandson. Xx

mamasmercantile said...

Some great photos today, stunning. So glad all was well with your grandson.

crafty cat corner said...

Tom has had blood clots on the lung 3 times and the last time he was put on warfarin for life. He has to get his blood tested regularly.
I often wonder if that had anything to do with his lung illness now, who knows.
Best to keep an eye on things.

Sooze said...

Glad to read your grandson's test was negative. As always, the quality of the light as shown in your photos never ceases to amaze me. Perfect for artists, I should think.

Carruthers said...

Scotland's a great place, isn't it? We go up there from time to time but not at the moment, obviously. Hope to get back up there in the future.

Chris said...

Great news about your grand son, and your photographs never fail to enthral me.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

My mother in law had pulmonary fibrosis and in her case, she would use oxygen while sitting watching tv, and in fact, all of the time, doing anything she did. Maybe your case is different, but I would definitely check about that with the doctor. It never hurts to double check when it comes to medical questions.

I always enjoy seeing what is going on at your prom each day.

Anonymous said...

Did the man actually say "ploughing up and down" as that sounds very much like your phraseology.