Friday, 18 December 2020

Battling on.

Still problems with the oxygen bottles.  By the time the carer arrived I was shattered.  We had a chat and she said she would come back tomorrow.  Bless.

The DP phoned the oxygen company who supply everything.  Customer service said it was me that wasn't breathing strongly enough and to contact the oxygen team at the hospital.  For goodness sake I do not breathe strongly hence oxygen.....  Never had a problem before and after some wiggling not a problem now but never sure which bit we wiggled. Or should have/not should have.

We went to the Prom but I did not get out as I did not trust the bottle to pack in working if I set off to walk and the DP was not within earshot.  Yes he would have stayed with me but thats not what it is about.  So I sat in the car and breathed in the sea air .

The photos are a mix of me taking and the DP taking.

The DP sets off and walks to Tiger Hill.

And saw some Oystercatchers.

We saw the sunset on the way home.

I have one of those face time consults with the Oxygen team at the end of the month.  So I will just battle on til then.



Lynda said...

Hope the oxygen problem gets resolved...talking to you AFTER Christmas is not acceptable ! Call again..the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

Chris said...

That's a long time to wait for your consult. Maybe another timely request and some pressure?

Debby said...

I agree with Lydia. Waiting until after Christmas for this is NOT acceptable.

Jackie said...

I am getting really worried about that oxygen not working correctly. I hope you can manage to get some help soon.

God bless.

busybusybeejay said...

Services and help are rubbish at the moment.Austerity did not prepare us for this.I hope you are not a Tory voter!,,

it's me said...

Can’t believe the answers you are getting! Breathing is not something you can wait on!

Jules said...

I'm glad you still managed to get yourself some fresh sea air but I'm sorry you're still having to battle on without sufficient support from the oxygen team. X

Carruthers said...

I'm with Chris! It wouldn't hurt to get in touch and tell them what you've been told.

Chris said...

Sorry about the delivery problem with your oxygen.. but your photographs are as beautiful as ever.

crafty cat corner said...

Maybe the bottle is faulty. Tom has 2 bottles do you? so if one of his isn't working he has a spare. Not breathing deeply enough? How about feeble people laying in bed, they're not breathing deeply.
I have practically given up on all the so called 'experts' non of them have been of any real help to us, I feel as though we've been written off.
Hope you get it sorted real soon, it's a worry.
Haven't had the card yet but guess the post is up the wall.

Tom Stephenson said...

The British Oxygen Company are renowned for their unwillingness to help, if they are the suppliers. I won't tell you what my welder friend thinks 'BOC' stands for.

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you were able to make it to the prom and got some fresh air but worrying that the oxygen is not working properly. Waiting until after Christmas seems a long tie to wait for something that is urgent.