Friday 31 August 2012

Friday's Flutterings.

So I get swollen ankles. Which went on quite a while.  Before the Summer, like mid August.  Then the Summer came the day after, but you couldn't really say the swelling was from the bit of heat we had the day before.  Still with me?

So I went to the doctor.  Did not actually get to see a doctor, I saw a Specialist Nurse.

Not this one, but similar.  Who looked at her computer and asked me to come back in the afternoon and see the Blood Pressure Nurse.  (I do suffer from high blood pressure, stress related, medicated and under control).  So I got quite stressed at being asked to go away, sort my life out and come back again.  What was the point in seeing this Specialist Nurse, what was she specialist in?  Directing people?  

After taking my blood pressure, which was fine,  she then took an armful of blood.  And suggested the doctor would probably  prescribe me with a water tablet as the swelling was probably down to that, i.e. me not weeing enough.  Hmm.  Seem to spend most of the night having a wander to the loo and back.

I was then summonsed back to have yet more blood taken following STARVING overnight.  Results before had shown I was glucose high and cholesterol high.  Having had blood taken straight after a very satisfying lunch this was not a surprise.  

Total silence following these blood tests which I was told would mean there was not a problem.

However, the Dawn Patroller who also does the shopping, returned from the supermarket with foods that were low cholesterol.

Vomit in a bowl = cottage cheese, well it does for me.  This was placed on top of my baked potato last night.

I am going back to the doctors for a recount.

Meanwhile I raise a glass to you all.  Red wine, not sure whether this will up my cholesterol or  blood sugar.  To be honest I dont really care.
Oh, forgot to mention, ankles are back to being slim again.  

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Artistry with brush and scissors.

The Wednesday Art Group at Dalrymple Hall, Fraserburgh, is growing.  For many weeks we were lucky to have five of us, but today we had 12!  From beginners to experienced painters we encourage each other.

The lady in blue bending over the lady in white is the most experienced artist among us, and occasionally wanders round and advises us.  We are very, very lucky to have her amongst us.

In the main we all enjoy the session, no matter what our expertise or talent.

But always we share and more importantly have fun.

The last two weeks our task has been to use only three colours.  And to mix them if any more are needed.

Last week I used ultramarine blue, a green, and I think(!)umber. (brown).

Well, apart from the odd looking sheep, I kept chopping off a leg here and there, and then having to put one in again, sheep have four legs, other wise they fall over.  I was quite pleased.  
(Which reminds me of a poem I didnt learn when I was small, which went something like, "  A horse.  Has four legs, one at each corner.")

This week I had a go with Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Green and ( just as I thought I could remember some colours)  a sort of orangey brown.  This one I will do more work on.  The wave splashing up I was quite pleased with so will carry on.  Yes, I know that makes four colours with the white but that is the paper colour, so doesnt count.

In the afternoon I went and had my hair done.  At last I booked myself in to a hairdresser in the Broch.

Coming out - this was the view.  Always give a deep breath in appreciation.  Harbour, lighthouse, boats and sea.  After many years being inland, surrounded by industry, I give a deep breath in appreciation.

And as they say in the Midlands, which we escaped from, "Tara a bit."

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tuesday - a bit tiring.

Yesterday evening on the television at 7p.m. I watched the Edinburgh Tattoo.  Bliss.

Mass Pipe Bands.

The fantastic Secret Drumming Band from Norway.

The lone Piper on the Battlements of Edinburgh Castle.

Back to work this morning.

Our gang at the Seamens Mission in Fraserburgh.  Task in hand was to put velcro stickers on the 155 cd disc covers that have been donated for the exhibition at the Lighthouse Museum.  The exhibition starts on Tuesday next week.  Tuesday morning we go and display the disc covers on to exhibition boards placed in the cafe there.  The Dawn Patroller's photographic exhibition comes down.  He has sold one photograph, framed, and some mounted ones and cards, so quite successful for a first time.

I have to mention that is is my responsibility to care for the 155 works of art.  Part of that responsibility was taking them this morning to have their velcro put on.  Had you seen me staggering round the harbour with a blue Ikea bag stuffed with them, plus a see through ex super king bed cover  bag you would have given me first prize as a bag lady.  Fortunately I had some help to return them to my car boot.

Lunch at the Lighthouse Museum and I was presented with yet more disc covers with art in them, that had been handed in.

I leave you with one of those magical moments we are lucky enough to experience living where we do.

This was taken yesterday evening, in the dark, so has been enhanced.  This stag spent an age feeding in the barley field.  As it got too dark to see it looked as if he was lying down and ready to spend the night.

Which is about the stage I am at, though not in the field.

Sunday 26 August 2012


Our neighbours across the field to the rear.  At night it is now becoming darker.  The lovely glow of lamplight.

Neighbours further up the lane must have a broken lawn mower.  As these two have made an appearance.

Neighbours to the right of us, who we have not met, but own the walled (secret) garden know nothing of the delights within.

Many of our neighbours are feathered.

But are still very neighbourly.

Our nearest neighbours.  See the pole on the right of the picture?  

We are about to have a serious conversation with these neighbours.  
About strimming the grass verge opposite to their house.  
The pole on the right of the picture is bearing our telephone/broadband cable, and the reason we have been off line for a week is that the strimmer strimmed the *****y cable.

Saturday 25 August 2012

I'm back!

Amazing what one does when no longer connected to the internet.  The Dawn Patroller and I cleared and cleaned the kitchen cupboards.

We moved in here in April 2011.  We moved lock stock and barrel and just shoved everything in.  Then along the way I began to realise that we were no longer doing bed and breakfast and catering for the masses.  So - I suggested we did a clear out and make things work more logistically.  The picture above is all the different flours for all the different dietary requirements of b&b guests.  Gluten free, lactose free, the Americans were the worse with all their intoooolerances.

We have clear shelves!

Items grouped together in a sensible way.

And a lot of stuff to recycle.  Though we still have three toast racks.

I also painted the dull downstairs bathroom with sunshine yellow paint.

Whilst we have been off line the DP has amassed a huge amount of pictures.  I have still yet to wade through them.  However, these are the ones he took last weekend.

Cruden Bay, versus the Vikings, the 1000 year anniversary.

A thousand years ago they came from the sea - this year they came from the pub.

They are back!

Friday 24 August 2012


Have now been without internet for 5 days.  I could think of different words starting with B T but will restrain myself.
I am paying to sit in an internet cafe.
Just in case anyone was worried I had dropped off the planet.  Which according to BT we may well have.  Hope to be blogging again soon.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Piping Hot!

Two days in a row that the DP and I go on a jaunt.

Today was the annual North of Scotland Champion of Champions Pipe Band Contest.

At Aden Country Park, Mintlaw.  (note to self to do another post about Aden.)

The Pipe band is the Fraserburgh Royal British Legion Pipe Band, and I know the person playing the big drum.

 Never before have I seen her without a smile on her face.  Presumably one is not allowed to show delight.

The competition starts at 12.30p.m. so first stop is for a venison burger.

Then the judging starts.  Note kilted man with clipboard.

Drum Majors do not actually play a drum.  They have a big stick which they gesticulate with and occasionally throw it up in the air and catch it. (not when I have the video switched on.)

This is another band , I think 9 in all that entertained us and were judged.

We did not stay for the results as my ankles were swelling and I had to drive home so had to avoid the beer tent.

This is a picture of me, I was so excited at being able to wear Summer Clothes, revealing bare skin.  So glad I hadnt put it all in the charity bag, I am suffering now as I am a lot redder, nay,  glowing this evening.

And finally, a picture of Minerva McGonagall looking spooky in the (warm!) evening light.

Piping Hot!

Saturday 18 August 2012

Gala Time

Not a week goes by without some Gala in some village or town.  Starting in May there is always something going on somewhere.

Fraserburgh has not had a Gala for 20 years.  But this year it came back.

The usual stalls and burgers.  Craft stalls, cupcakes, raffles, hand made soaps, jams, strong men pulling a lorry.  The strong men were having an argument as to which way to pull the lorry so we gave up!
Cricket matches, kite surfing, a baby show (definitely not my type of thing.)  Golf - of course. (no pun intended)
Children Zumba dancing.  Not my type of thing.
Pony rides.  Would have loved to but the queue was l-o-o-n-g.

But as a sideline there was a display of Custom Motorbikes and Scooters.

This brought back so many memories I became almost maudlin.

Back in the 60s I never could make up my mind whether I was a Rocker or a Mod, or even a Beat (nik).  Depended on who I was going out with at the time.

My Father had great difficulty with me growing up.  I remember him chopping the flares of my bell bottoms, telling me to wear shoes as I was going barefoot everywhere, and then when I started going out with a Mod, telling me  I looked like a tart with all the make up on.  Ah happy days.

Now I am older than he ever got to, my ankles swelled in the heat of today,  so the DP and I went off to the beach.  

People swimming in the sea.  Was sorely tempted, but ballooning ankles anchored me to my seat in the beach side cafe.

Could this really be Fraserburgh?

Well its Gala Time.