Monday 30 November 2020

Weather foul.

High winds and heavy rain.

 Too windy to get out of the car.

A couple of Surfers being brave.  Kite Surfers across the bay being mad.

Rainbow through the car window.

We drove to the other side of the bay.  No better there.

Cairnbulg Beacon and the wreck of the Sovereign.

I was robbed.  I got the sea air through the open window.  Tomorrow is a better forecast.

Wednesday I have a telephone discuss re my blood tests.  Oil delivered today for the heating and hot water.

Onward and upward.

Sunday 29 November 2020


 Sunshine all morning.  Don't it make ya feel good!  We got to the Prom and it disappeared....The DP set off on his 'I am going to lose weight walk.'   While I expended the same amount of energy getting my coat on.  Its the winter red coat now.  The one that has to be re waterproofed every few months.  Seems to work.

I had a very distressing session with a man I know, as his horse was let out of its field in the night and hit and killed by an unsuspecting motorist.  The man is not a grown up and never will be.  I talked to him about the future and carrying on for the other horses in his care.  I promised to look out for photographs we have of the horse and hope that keeps him from not doing owt daft.  So shook me.

Sorry. Helps me just to write it down.  

Kids were surfing.  Getting better all the time.

I see some strange things.  This man had a drum.  He gave the drum to the child and the drum sticks.  He left the child and drum on the beach and came up onto the Prom.  Launched a drone and kept shouting 'Drum, keep drumming.'  I dont think he will get an Oscar for it.  Had I not got back in the car I would have gone and asked him to explain please.

Boats.  There was a time back in the past when boats did not move on a Sunday.  Religious reasons.  Money reasons changed all that.

Wintry views over the bay.  There is frost today.

Ah Oystercatchers..... 

Skurries - Herring Gulls doing their worm hunting dance.

The pale moon rises.

The sun sets as we drive home.

So I walked the walk.  Shook up a bit but not stirred.  Red wine fixes a lot.  Sadly not lungs.

Saturday 28 November 2020


The sun shone - a real positive.  

We have not had the Badger visit for some time now.  They slow down in the winter.  Plus the wet spells make it easy for them to get worms.  The black and white cat continues to be fed twice a day.  Still timid so we feed it and that's it.

My visit to the Prom on a daily basis never fails to lift my spirits.  It may be boring to some as I have been informed on deleted anonymous comments, one asking if I recycle the photos.  Well no.  Half the fun is seeing the slight changes.  But the continuity of the tides is satisfying too.  If anyone finds my posts boring then don't read them.  The posts are part of my coping with my ailments.

The sea and sky are changing all the time.  Nature is a far better artist than I will ever be.

Eyes to the right.

Surf school.  Parents and kids.

Small kids wear crash helmets as once they are all in the water surf boards can require damage limitation!

As many of you know I love seabirds.  The poses.  Anything with red legs!  Oystercatchers actually have deep pink legs.  Orange beak and eye surround.   I have so many paintings of this bird.

Recently I have been painting groups of Herring Gulls.  Not a popular bird with the masses.

And when I do paint I forget about Corona forget about my struggle to breathe.  Ah bliss.

Friday 27 November 2020


The DP was on the Dawn Patrol today.

Our house.

A day of being prodded and poked.  Carer in the morning.  Cheered me up as usual. And I am clean and moisturised .

My usual foot lady has broken her finger so I had a new one today .  Very thorough.  I will not go into graphic detail.  Thorough.  

A bit late going to the Prom.  Plus I was tired.  Got to the railings.

Sky was amazing.

Tiger Hill our biggest sand dune.

A few of the Gull Gang.


Sitting in the car I remembered I had to phone for the blood test results.

The blood count one has to be repeated by the Community Nurse in 2 weeks time.  The other one was marked no further action.  I asked what that was for and the receptionist said she was not allowed to tell me.  Right................

As the moon was up we came home.

Thursday 26 November 2020

I am a control freak.

I do not like not being in control.  

Obviously there are things I am in control of.  One such - just -my bladder!

Seriously now.  I am in control of the car driving to the Prom.

There were a couple of surfers today.

 Some boats.

Very few people.

I did the full walk,

Oystercatchers, Blackheaded Gulls and a Turnstone at the rear.  So I was well happy.

I get my latest blood test results tomorrow.  The kids have worked out that the hot flashes are part of having COPD.  My kids are amazing.  One has apparently sorted us out with a plumber.  It would be the icing on the cake if I could be near to them physically.  Thats the bad side of not being in control.  None of them are allowed to travel to where I am.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Wednesday witterings.

 Green snake fixed.  The green snake comes from the oxygen creating machine in the dining room and snakes through to the bedroom.  It delivers a constant low level of oxygen during the night.  So the oxygen readings were 89 when I woke up.  I had fixed the tubes tighter - obviously without throttling myself.

Level 2 selected on the oxygen bottle I have in the chariot for when I move.  Having said all that today was a breathing struggle day.  But still here to tell the tale.

Despite a vampiric nurse crashing through the front door as we were having lunch.  She extracted a fair bit of blood.  Had no idea why she was doing it.  Something about the blood count.  I know about that as it was done before.  I have more red blood cells than normal.  Due to scarring of the lungs.. So why again?  One day I will find out.

Not much of a walk on the Prom then.

Fair bit of boat activity.

Not much people activity.

Ah the Oystercatchers.

Then home and the sunset.  Roll on the 21st December when sunset becomes later and later.

So we can all meet up and spread the virus over Christmas.   No thank you.  I will wait for the jab.

We did meet a friend today on the prom.  She was out with her dogs.  She had had coronavirus.  Tested positive after losing sense of smell and having brain fog.  That was it.  Self isolated for the required time and back out again.  Back to work tomorrow.  In one of the local surgeries.....

Its a mad world.