Thursday 31 May 2018


This photo, taken by the daughter who visited this week, made me smile.  There I am walking along the prom, with my sun 'lid' on in the Haar!

It took almost all of today to lift.  Our road which I use to go to town/Prom is still closed.  The work men still spending more time just looking at the ground a lot and not doing anything.  Locals have been driving up, moving the road closed sign, driving through, replacing the sign.  Its a farce.  I drove the long way round following the detour signs, as there is no way I could move the sign.....

As you can see it is still murky.

Later in the afternoon the sun came out.

Sith cat snoozing on the patio.

New visitors to the garden, a pair of Yellowhammers.

My second daughter moved house today, in Edinburgh, when they arrived at their new abode it was to find the previous occupant still in there..... Their removal people refused to deliver their stuff as the previous occupant was still in there!  It got sorted.  So you hand over your keys and then think you can sit there with, apparently a mountain of house plants, waiting to be collected by your partner or whoever in a house that no longer belongs to you??  Unbelievable.

No painting today.  Not feeling 100% the last couple of days.  Not sure why.  

Better tomorrow, as is the weather forecast.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wednesday wittering.

The older you get..... my exhaustion from visiting family really hit home today.  The weather did not help as it was overcast, the Haar hanging around, cool and rain at about the time I would normally go to the Prom.  Plus lots of workmen standing about looking at the road they were supposed to be repairing.  Despite the sign saying this road will be closed, vehicles were still being allowed to zoom up and down it.

Now a memory.  Back home in Lincoln now.  This is one of the new pieces of equipment at the beach play park.

Magpie beneath the bird feeders.

Blackbird fledgling being fed.  The garden seems full of baby birds.  The noise is deafening.  Some babies are already attempting the feeders.  Oh and the other day we saw a rabbit.  I do not want rabbits.  The grass has been cut, but when I mention weeds the chaps talk about spraying, no.

Dyson with two of his harem.

The Shag.  Finishing it off which is usually the point at which I really do finish it off and it ends up in the bucket.  Fingers crossed that does not happen.  Ah well early bed tonight, have a good one.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Cats and kids.etc.

Sith cat and grandchildren.  

Sith is an old man.  

Our last family visitors had my grandson who is nearly two.  He loves Sith and Sith was so patient with him.  "CAT!  CAT!"

Once grandson was shown how to stroke his head (and ignore the back end. ) All was good.  Sith purred.  And carried on with his routine.

 The grandson visiting for the last few days has a total meltdown when he sees a cat.  Screams to set your teeth on edge.  Sith coped admirably.  He very calmly left the building.

Family have left now.  Just after lunch.  Sith returned to our bed and has been zonked for hours.  Then this evening back on the DP's knee and all is back to normal.  That cat is amazing.  My ears are still ringing.

So the roadworks were supposed to start yesterday.  The road has remained open .  Workmen appeared this morning and proceeded to give our neighbour a kerb, digging a trench round his verge.  They thought the signs on the road were where a sign should go saying Men Working. (MW.) Still confused.  But we could take the shortest route to the Prom.

Still hot but no Haar.

And no wind.  So a gentle amble was lovely.

In to the Shedudio.  Open doors, and both opening windows.  The view through the door - I love Alliums.  The clematis over the arch in the background.  Just lovely.  Deafening noise from all the birds now with fledglings.

Later the sunset.

It is just after 10 p.m. now and we are shrouded in mist!  Haar will be back tomorrow then.....

Monday 28 May 2018


We do not have bank holidays in Scotland.  Perhaps the banks do.  But the rest of us do not.  Nor do we have school holidays.  Schools break up for the Summer holidays soon.  Took a while to get used to all that difference when we ran the bed and breakfast.

Very warm today.  I struggle to do anything physical when it is warm as my breathing is affected.  

We went to the beach.  I got as far as the railings and after some deep breathing of sea air returned to the car.  The Haar was rolling in and out.

You can see the Haar on the horizon.

The Gull gang in the mist.

A more graphic illustration of the Haar rolling in and out is the photo of the 'Golden Horn' at the entrance to the harbour.  As the Haar rolled in....

And then rolled out.

None of which bothered this lot.

Back home it was so hot I opened doors and windows in the shedudio and just sat.  All artistic creations were done by these two.

They are back to Edinburgh tomorrow to stay with eldest daughter, then back down to Lincoln on Wednesday.  Phew.  Been good but I am exhausted!  

Sunday 27 May 2018


Somewhat tired!

These are my 6 grandchildren eating together in Edinburgh.  Yesterday.

Today my 3rd daughter travelled up to us with two of the grandkids.  My only granddaughter and her brother.

The Haar never left the beach.  We left our house in bright and warm sunshine and this was what we found.

Didnt bother the kids.

Our Grandaughter found a crab.

Albeit dead.  So she gave it a sea burial.

The Gull Gang through the mist.

As we were having dinner the granddaughter said "There is a Hare."  And there was a Hare.  In the field.  Amazing.  Thats three sightings for me who has never seen one so close.  Wow.

And not long after that the granddaughter and the daughter gave a brilliant Karate demonstration.  

I would not like to meet either of them on a dark night.

Family.  Wow.

Saturday 26 May 2018

Life goes on.

The Haar never left us and is still with us now.

But there was no wind and it was not cold so I enjoyed the walk.

The Gull Gang.

And a male and female of the surfing species.

Black Headed Gull, which haven't been around for a while.  There were 3 at the beach today.

Fishing Boat doing some rocking and rolling.

More painting and salting of the Shag's rocks.

A Brown Hare.  When I went for one of my dawn loo visits there were two Brown Hares in the back field.  First I have ever seen so close.  Quite awesome.

And finally, for today, the rear of our house.  When we came here there was a coal bunker and a dog run.  All demolished now and just left a mess, so it is time to do something about it.  Life goes on.

Friday 25 May 2018


Must be getting on an even keel at last as I am now planning.

I have wallowed in self pity for long enough.  So CAB have a drop in so we are off next week.  Will find out what the next step is, and if I can apply for funding or do I just get on with getting a person to come and help me wash.

Also getting in a garden design person to point us in the direction of making the garden more maintenance free and enabling me to move around it.

We were at a meeting this afternoon planning for the annual visual art exhibition.  Yesterday I decided to resign as secretary, today I managed to offload some tasks, but am still planning (suggesting other people do stuff , rather than me volunteering.)

After that - the Prom.

Heck of a lot of seaweed, which I am advised is the result of trawling breaking up the kelp.

The Gull Gang.

Having a drinking session.

Back home a sleepy pheasant outside the shedudio.

And the first fledgling Blackbird(on the right) makes an appearance being fed by Mum (on
the left.)

Later as we ate dinner we watched the advancing Haar spread over the outside .

That is forecast to burn off and give us another sunny, warm day tomorrow.  Should be conducive to my mood to do some more planning.