Sunday 28 July 2013

Summer Sunday?

The above photo I took from the window in the cafe at the Lighthouse Museum.

Also yesterday, from our house, we could see the rain clouds gathering.  

Today it rained, and rained, and rained.  Soggy woodpecker on the peanuts.

On the coast the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse was shrouded in mist, a wet mist.

British Summer.

Friday 26 July 2013

Activities of old women.

Yesterday was the last of the Kids Activities at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  For the Summer that is.  Our theme was Sea Birds.

Every time I do this I do wonder why.  Such a lot of effort, planning, downloading, copying, printing, sometimes making a template as there isnt anything on the internet that is suitable, getting the craft supplies, beg, borrowed or stolen, (our bedroom has bags under the bed, in the wardrobe and along the walls with loo roll inners , kitchen paper inners, foil, yoghurt pots, etc.etc.)  My small band of volunteers, has grown, from 4 at the beginning we now have 12 ladies of a certain age who are buzzing with ideas, skills, and also have bags of anything they think can be recycled into ......

 The printed off silhouette gets stuck onto the inside of a clear plastic drinking vessel.  Using Sharpe Pens you then do your own thing, in my case this was a gannet, what else, you remove the silhouette/picture which reveals your own personally decorated pencil pot.

 Masks or Puppets are made with paper plates, templates and lollipop sticks (for a puppet).  We did Puffins and Gannets.  The child decided on the colour.

Making Octopus from loo roll inner, scissors, paint and googly eyes.  Some sea birds will eat baby octopus - well I think they do.
 Puffin pals, loo roll inners, templates which one of our volunteers had to create as we couldnt find a Puffin, colouring and sticking by the child.

 We have also made, binoculars, telescopes, flowers, (sea birds nest on cliffs where there are flowers!)  And some beautiful card making depicting seabirds.

Stones from the beach were transformed.  Into all manner of things, but I stuck to the sea bird theme.

Not sure who enjoys it the most, us the volunteers, the kids, the parents, the grandparents. 

For me a lot of satisfaction of seeing the enjoyment. 

Luring in a screaming child playing up and Mum about to give in and depart and the child then beams with pride at creating something. 

A Mum gently chastised (well okay, I said, "I will smack you!")  for trying to do it all and then letting the child do their own thing and giving the Mum all the bits and pieces to do her own thing.

But the best bit for me has to be at the end.  

Story time.  

What you cannot see on this photograph is the circle of Mums, holding babies in their arms, listening too. ......


Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wildlife and Weather.

 The Dawn Patroller has just returned from his latest jaunt.  A bit further afield this time, he visited Oban to stay with his sister, who also takes photographs.


Unlike here, on the East, you do not have to risk life and limb to photograph Puffins, though you might still do some damage to yourself tripping over one.


Dolphins played around their ferry boat.


Unlike our nearest castle, up the road, this one, Duart Castle is not in ruins.


Our cows have short back and sides.


Both sides of the country have had some torrential downpours.


Definitely required.  As can be witnessed by this waterfall, normally a torrent filling the screen.


What a shame there were no basking sharks.  They were all here, with us on the East.

Tomorrow it is wild life of a different kind, our last Kids Activity Morning of the Summer.


Saturday 20 July 2013

Learning how to leave everyone to do their own thing.

Tuesday I had me hair done.  Highlights was the order of the day.  My last hairdresser painstakingly brought up strands and using foil and a brush I ended up looking like a hedgehog with flat spines.  No pain.
This time it was back to something that looked like a swimming cap while agonisingly strands of hair were plucked out, I thought that form of torture was long gone.  Then the bits were plastered with bleach!?  Ye Gods. Bleach!! But it worked. Possibly?  I am 64 why do I still let this happen?

Wednesday was Art Group and I continued with my attempt at portraying my granddaughter.  Who now has purple arms.  I was told you can do skin colour from any colour, and the reflection of her blue dress was indeed leading to purple.  You will have to wait...I am instructed, so I do.

Thursday was our Kids Activity Morning at the Lighthouse Museum.  More kids and a better spread of ages.


This young lady managed to get round most of the activities on offer!  Puffin mask, Puffin Puppet, Puffin model, Dragonfly (no I dont know what that has to do with sea birds either, but if I have a volunteer willing to do a craft activity.........)

Then came story time.

The young man on my left announced, "I know this story."  I took a deep breath and said, "So you will help me?"  

And he did, correcting me at every sentence.  

"No the seagulls were not called that, "  

I am reading the book, they were called Tom., Fred, and ?, neither of us could work the third seagull out.  

But we did get to the end, and he very nearly met his end....... But he did fine.......Moi?

I have one more week of sea birds.  I have to think of some different activities.

So far so good.  However I will be telling a different story, that is not part of the National Curriculum in the hope I do not get some brain box who has memorised most of the words.

Friday I did my usual volunteering in the shop/admissions at the Lighthouse Museum, and some funny tales there too, but not now as I am tired, weary and hot.

Min and I are chilling out.  She knows table tops and work surfaces are a no no, but this is outside....... letting her do her own thing,....

So glad to be not having the oppressive heat of earlier this week when every day us inland experienced this.


Every day early afternoon, the sky clouded over, with a blanket.  No wind and no oxygen, not good for me at all.  Temperature was still heading towards to 30s.

Towards the coast, still blue skies and fresh air, but not inland.


And a very good reason for not going into the tool shed for garden implements was this, a wasp nest.......


Sometimes its as well just to leave everyone and everything to it.

Monday 15 July 2013

The Hidden Corner - lets reveal it.

Like many other small towns, Fraserburgh is struggling. 

We are fortunate in that we still have a variety of independent shops.  Butchers.  The one we frequent, Ian McIntosh, has his own cows and sheep which he cares for, arranges their death and then carves them up for our delectation.  Sorry to all vegetarian readers, but these animals are cared for.  I witness it every day, they have a wonderful life. Yes, they die for us to eat them.  But then they wouldnt even exist if we didnt want to eat them.  Mr McIntosh also supplies the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Restaurant.  I do wonder if those who constantly knock those of us trying to promote the town actually support our small traders, small as opposed to Tesco/Lidl.

There are also many small businesses who provide craft materials, wedding outfits, electrical goods, shoes, and an old fashioned sweetie shop, jewellers, newsagents, etc.  Not bad, for a small town to hang on to them.  And the cafes.

But much of the rest of the town centre is boarded up shops.  

Then again we do have the usual for small towns, many charity shops.  

A few chemists, including a Boots, who some of the more depressive of our residents maintain are only there to dish out methadone. 

Forgetting that many people actually do need regular drugs not necessarily to create a high, just to live, and indeed have a life that is reasonably okay.   Including me.

We have a very large contingent of residents who are vociferous in constantly bringing up the down side of our town no matter what or who is trying, very hard, to uplift the town and what it has to offer.  One facebook page is Brochers and Proud of it.  Well, most of the input is on dog ****. even horse **** people taking booze onto the beach, having barbecues, ok, the ones who dont clear up after themselves deserve to be lambasted.  But really...... Lets look at the plus side sometime.  We have a beautiful beach.  No problem with barbecues so long as people take their rubbish home.

 People enjoying their singing and sharing it.

 What a beautiful smile!

So a group of business people struggling to survive got together with the Council and others and set up SUPER SATURDAYS.  The first was around businesses and showcased the different ones within and without the Broch (local name for Fraserburgh.)  Success.
Lots of visitors.

The second one this last Saturday was on Sport and was very successful.

 There was a wall for people to climb up.  Showcasing sport.  Others showcased their sport and the massive availability we have .  Not forgetting.....


A local Chocolatier.


 Plants and Herbs.

 Cheeses. Local.

 Says it all.  The Businesses did well. There were lots more than I have pictured.

 Not just wall climbing, but surfing, cricket, soccer,indoor bowling, outdoor bowling oh just everything and we have it all here in Fraserburgh!

It is just a bit sad that there is this great upsurge of wanting to promote Fraserburgh as a great destination for tourists, a wonderful place to live as a resident and there are these constant gripes against moving forwards.  Forward Fraserburgh.

We have a fantastic clean beach.

We have the Museum of Scottish Lighthouse Museum.

Which hosts weddings, art exhibitions, kids activity mornings and so much more.

The Heritage Centre. 

 Just go on their website!  the stuff they have in their place is fascinating.

We have the  fascinating working Harbour where everyone is so friendly and approachable, you would be welcomed on board on some of the boats.  You can see nets being repaired, lobster pots being cleaned, the fish market, mind boggling.

Not far away are more interesting places to visit, castles, fishing villages, stately homes.

Frequently seen porpoise, basking sharks, dolphins and killer whale pods.  Tons of sea birds.

Not forgetting inland.  Deer, Hares, Pheasants, Cows with calves, sheep, lambs. short eared owls, herons, bitterns, I could go on.

The Loch of Strathbeg our RSPB reserve is a few minutes away from Fraserburgh, even nearer are the Waters of Philorth.  

Want golf?  Take your pick from some amazing golf courses, Fraserburgh, Inverallochy.....

So, the Hidden Corner.  I live here and I welcome anyone who wants to experience it.

But I do get totally fed up with those who knock down what some of us are trying to do.

So, Welcome everyone who wants to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the most friendly people, clean air, clean beaches, history, nature, wildlife, birdlife, golf, surfing, fishing, whatever you want, and dinna worry the moaners ah nae fash yersel.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Weddings at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses etc.

The Dawn Patroller had a new task yesterday.  Being the Official Wedding Photographer.
Here are some of the pictures he took.

We did eventually let her in.

And she and he did tie the knot.


The Wedding Party posing by the net drying poles.

Climbing the stairs within the Lighthouse.

Out on the roof.  

Now theres a wedding with a difference!  Hope they like the photos.

The DP joined with them afterwards with a glass of Pimms.  Huh, where was my invite?  But did come home with a bottle of red wine. Yay.  

We toasted the bride and groom while being totally confused with Sherlock on the tele.

So back to earth.

Here is one of, we think two, baby Woodpeckers.  On the fence, 

On the electric pole, danger of death and all that, 

But can you see the swivel of the head?  Exorcism or what?!  That's almost better than an owl does.  And we humans have no chance.

So - what has the rest of today brought.  Well another Super Saturday in Fraserburgh to regenerate the town centre.  The DP yet again, Official Photographer, so more later.

I need to do a seperate blog on this.

At the homestead.

My Roses and Lavender.

Beginnings, I have been so busy this week I have only just got round to doing what I desperately want to do, draw, paint.  So the beginnings....

Which is what weddings are all about, beginnings.