Friday 31 August 2018

Enough already.

My long time followers know I have been here before.

There once was a Leylandii hedge there.  That was eventually destroyed.  We claimed on our insurance and had a fence put up instead.  This is the fourth possibly fifth time it has been damaged.

I am going to ask the council what to do and if they can put up one of those crash barriers.  I cannot keep on paying out for the replacement of the fence.  You can see from the different colours where it has been hit.  No-one can really work out how the damage has been caused.  But it has.  If I do nothing then what?  They knock our lovely Birch trees down?  Plough up the grass?  Kill the cat?  Any suggestions???

The rest of the day was morning having the head to toe wash and moisturise from my personal carer.

Afternoon was the meeting of the Fraserburgh Art Group and our exhibition getting nearer.  I seem to have ended up with more stuff to do......

Quick trip to the Prom on the way home.

It was very breezy so I managed the railings only.

Did some deep breathing.

It is noticeably cooler in the early morning and in the evening.

This morning, taken by the Dawn Patroller.  

The farmers are now cutting the Barley fields hell for leather.  The one across the road from our house has caused a heck of a lot of dust.  No washing out on the line and all the windows shut....  

Enough already.

Thursday 30 August 2018

Healthily tired.

Done a fair bit today.  Washed my hair.  (Next Tuesday I finally get the red hair back, yay.)  Did the Pulmonary Physio exercises.  Everything prepared for tomorrow's meeting of Fraserburgh Art Group.  Walked further on the Prom.  Painted. All ticks.

I seriously would love one of these!

He started off clearing stuff from the bottom of one set of steps down to the beach.

But as the tide came in moved off to the Kessock Burn.  Clearing rocks which had diverted the burn.

And removing rubbish.

I was so fascinated with the art of his manoeuvring I walked further to keep looking.

Well impressed!

Out in the bay Big Fishing boat.

Small fishing boats.

The Gull Gang.

Much maligned Herring Gull, Skurry, love them.

The Short Eared Owl progresses.

Hope I haven't overdone it today!

Deserving this?!

Wednesday 29 August 2018


Been a slow day today.  No pressing secretarial duties, all systems go after the meeting on Friday afternoon tho .....

I was chatting to a friend on the Prom.  He is an extremely good photographer.  Recently he has been with a young man who swam across the bay here, and then did a big swim in the Orkneys to raise money for a charity.  Things people do, he has my admiration.  My friend documented it with his camera.

I just document the beach!  Do you know I have never even dipped a toe into that sea!!

A very large fishing boat.  These boats interiors are like a luxury home.  Polished surfaces and the crew have to wear those overshoes like they have in operating theatres when in the interior.  Owned by very rich fisher families.

Our Buddlea, 'Buzz Indigo', gave us a first for the garden, a Peacock Butterfly!  And a honey bee.

I had a friend and fellow artist visit this afternoon.

New to watercolour painting.  She is very good!  This was finished this afternoon, and is from a photograph of a Willow Warbler on Fennel, taken by me!

Along came this adolescent male Pheasant.  Joining Mum and two younger ones.

It will be a while yet before he will look magnificent taking this attitude, instead of hilarious scrawniness.  But thats adolescence with attitude!

Good to do slow.  Taking the time to just look.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Small Pleasures.

Full body wash and moisturised this morning.  Courtesy of my Personal Carer.  I learnt a  lot about her life.  

After lunch was the Prom.

It is quite boring to be honest as the tide is high or getting there when I go at the moment.

The Gull Gang are all bobbing about in the sea.

Much warmer than the last few days.  So this Dad and son were in the sea.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  Short Eared Owl now on the drawing board.  This Owl is with the New Arc Wildlife Rescue Centre.  Slight damage to a wing and very underweight.  The New Arc has a high success rate in returning wildlife to the wild so all looks promising.  If this painting is as successful I hope to be able to raise some funds for them.

Our Buddleia, is in a pot, as we have failed miserably with the plant in the past.  Success!  

Red Admiral and a Bee!!

Later watched a Robin having a bath.

Small pleasures.

The biggest pleasure of today was the Cooncil conceding on the price for the hall booking for the exhibition.  

Monday 27 August 2018

This and that.

As reported previously I have been cracking on as secretary of the Fraserburgh Art Group (FAG).  Until today.  Emails have been whizzing back and forth between moi and this person at the council who is the latest numpty with whom I have to deal with re the booking of the hall for our exhibition.  It is booked, has been for months.  I asked for the cost for this year, knowing there was an increase.  Well - last year we paid around £400.  This year based on what we paid last year, which this numpty has got wrong, the charges this year are to be just under 1k.  How do these people get their jobs?  Can't read, can't add up, c.b.a.  Well I can do without the bloody stress.  It will be sorted.  I am not a numpty.

And breathe.

Almost high tide.  So not a lot going on.  Not for me anyway!  Sea birds all out at sea.

This boat was out at sea too, and I have no idea what it does.  

Puffin is almost finished.

So I started on 

More tomorrow.

Had me feet seen to.  My foot lady and I had a good laugh, specially when she drew blood and I said, I had another 4 toes so that was fine.

Thats it for now.  Hopefully more on an even keel tomorrow.  Stay strong everyone.

Sunday 26 August 2018


More or less on top of my duties as secretary to the Fraserburgh Art Group.  Rejigged all the entry forms and rules for the 2018 exhibition.

Sent out the minutes of the last meeting with the notice of Friday being the next meeting.

 Also received a lovely email from a local primary school teacher.  Two of their years pupils are answering the Community Challenge to create Fraserburgh Flyers.  These are to be of anything that flies, that is alive, or once was, and the creations will be hung as mobiles in the hall.  So that will be over a 100!!!

While I was embroiled in secretarial duties, the DP was at the RSPB reserve nearby and seeing birds being ringed.

A very young Swallow lifted, and ringed, from the nest, and replaced.

Adult Swallow trapped in the mist net.  Ringed and then released.

After lunch.  The Prom.

It was very breezy and cool.  Coat on.  Managed the railings and that was it.

Good job I have a great zoom on my camera!  The Gull Gang.

Herring Gull listening for worms. (With a ring on his leg.)

Black Headed Gull keeping one leg warm.

Back home and the sorting continued.

What a mess.

Work space ?  Dont think so.

A brutal clearance.

Drawers done.

Not often one sees this workspace as a space.  But there you go.  Achievements

Now friends - from last week to today is so amazing.  I did all this today without the need for any inhaler assistance.  I cannot believe it!  Last week I could do sweet Fanny Adams. 

We are now into cooler weather.  It rained this evening, and the woodburner was lit....

But today I think I can say I have achieved.