Monday, 7 December 2020

Living in the slow lane.

 Youngest grandson scared us all again.  Spent the night with Mum in the hospital on oxygen.  Shallow rapid breathing.  Two viruses identified.  He is the one with the negative test for Corvid.  Fine now and home.

Me - well I phoned the Oxygen team.  Not in.  Will phone me in the week.  

Weather foul.  Heavy rain, high winds and cold.  Flooded fields everywhere.  

To the Prom if only to get the good sea air through the open window.

My view.

Kite Surfer.


Inspiration I hope.

Meanwhile I am playing a lot of Solitaire.


Ruth said...

Those birds in your last photo look like they are in military formation! So cool. That one boat looks like it is in the middle of a storm, there's so much flying spume about it and the waves look wrathful. Thanks!

Bovey Belle said...

Inspiring photos of the Oystercatchers. Hope the Oxygen team phone back soon.

Don't blame you for staying inside the car today!

Laurie said...

Oh Jill what a fright that must have been, poor little fella. Keep safe!

it's me said...

Love the photos of the oyster catchers with their shadows!

vic said...

Oh, what a scary time with your grandson. Good to hear that he is home again and doing better.

Keep safe.

Jackie said...

It does look very dreary there today. I do hope the Oxygen people get back to you sooner rather than later.

The Oyster catchers look like they are waiting for their dinner.

God bless.

Terra said...

I love your birds, both the paintings and the photos, and how the birds are all lined up facing the same direction.

thelma said...

The world is in such a worry mode at the moment, and it must be frightening for all of you when the little ones are affected. Keep strong. xxx

Carruthers said...

This is a lousy time to suffer health scares. Had one or two in our family recently, so know what it's like.

Great to see pictures of the sea. We're almost equidistant from the East and West coast of England (not that far to travel up here in the North). We love the sea but haven't been since before lockdown in March. It'll be great to go again.

Jean said...

It looks very choppy. I love the oyster catchers

pat chester said...

Glad your grandson is now ok. It is difficult when they are that age. My youngest grandson, who is now 12yrs old, was in and out of hospital several times with breathing problems in the first few months of his life.

The pictures of the Oyster catchers are lovely, very inspiring for you to paint.

Hope you get your oxygen problems sorted out soon.

Ellen D. said...

I can't imagine that kite surfer being out there when it looks so cold and dreary! Glad to hear your grandson is better.

Jules said...

I hope your grandson makes a swift recovery. He must have given you all quite a fright. X

Tom Stephenson said...

I never get tired of your coastal photos.