Tuesday 31 March 2020

Monday 30 March 2020

The Prom

Everyone here knows I love the Prom.  Its good and safe for me to walk, on the level and no danger of being mown down by a speeding car on a narrow country lane. Good for my physical and mental health.   So we went today.  

The DP stayed in the car( he doesnt approve, but has been married to me for almost 40 years so !,  while I did my walk to the railings and breathed deep breaths of sea air.

It was a beautiful day.  Not much wind and sunny.

Not many people to avoid.

While I was leaning on the railings the police arrived again.  Not sure whether it was the same police woman but one approached the DP sitting in the car and asked the questions.  She suggested that I phoned my GP and got a letter stating the health reasons for my being there.  Whoa a brain.  So on our return I phoned the surgery.  Very helpful person answered my call and will ask the doctor tomorrow and re the missing letter that I should have had by today.  She said she had seen something about it on the tele but they knew nothing about it in the surgery........

Fingers crossed.  If I get the letter, which I am quite happy to pay for, I can show that to the police.  Also one of my local councillors who has torn me off a strip on a private message on facebook.  She knows nothing of my health issues.  Hmmmm.  I just want to walk on the Prom, nowhere near anyone else, there are hardly any people on the Prom nowadays.  All the dogwalkers who arrive in cars have been cleared off by the police...

I got down to the Shedudio.  

Paints and the beginning of a 'Pole Cat'!

Stay safe everyone.  Hope to be back on the Prom.

Sunday 29 March 2020

The exception that broke the rule.

That is me folks.  I think I always suspected it!  We went to the Prom today.  Parked up and were joined by a Police van.  Then a policeman who asked why we were there.  "To breathe."  I replied.  The DP explained where we lived and that me, the chariot on narrow country lanes on a slope and cars doing 60 mph were not conducive to my health, or survival, to exercise.  The chariot was explained and that it contained my oxygen tank.  The policeman was very pleasant. Handed over this

He had done his job and I thanked him.

I then walked with the chariot to the railings and began the deep breathing.  So then there is a Policewoman at my elbow.  I pointed out she was standing way too near to me and she stepped back.  I explained again why I was there.  She said, "You are the exception to the rule."  And returned to her Police Car.  I was just about to set off walking when a third police car arrived.  This time my car registration number was checked and they left.  Presumably I am now on police records as the exception to the rule.  Had he approached me he might have heard me muttering the word 'harrassment.....'

The Redshank and I had our walk.

Said hello to the Gull Gang.

Then came home.  The Highland Cows continue to calve.  Here is the latest.

My daily drawing board.

My temporary work space in the dining room.

The mysterious letter.  Well it should arrive tomorrow.  If not you have to contact your G.P. or Consultant.  Apparently in England you can self refer.  Not in Scotland.  Look at comments on yesterdays post from Lynne tells you the web site for England.

Good luck everyone.  We need it in these trying times.  But our police people are wonderful.

Saturday 28 March 2020

The Mystery of the Letter.

Anyone over 70 and with serious health issues will receive a letter telling them what to do e.g. self shield and what that means.  Also identifying them as needing special arrangements such as obtaining their drugs, food etc.  This letter was supposed to be sent out by the 30th of this month.  Very few have received the letter.  I have not.

I made enquiries.  Apparently if nothing received by Monday you have to contact your GP and or Consultant.

So I will.

We had lots of offers to collect my drugs.  Which was heart warming.  Also to get any shopping.  I am now on a facebook page called Coronavirus Fraserburgh.  Tells you local stuff like which shop has flour plus so its really helpful.

We combined the trip to the chemist with a visit to the Prom.  Very windy.  I got out to the railings and did some deep breathing.  Not a lot to see.  But as always my spirits were lifted.

No boats.  No birds.  No people.  Just wind.

The DP was in and out swiftly at the chemist and there was no-one else in there.  The Chemist recognises him and has the packet ready and hands over in seconds.  All good.

We haven't decided what to do about Tesco delivery.  One of our daughters has booked us in for an April slot.  She is up in the small hours feeding the baby!  The DP will continue taking advantage of the slot in the supermarket for the oldies for now.  Our butcher is looking into delivery to us, we get our milk from him too.  So more positive.  And has to be sorted.  

I did a bit more on the Redshank but I need to get back down the Shedudio where my art materials are.  Hopefully tomorrow.

I am shaking my own feathers and trying to get on with life.

Friday 27 March 2020


Our first online shop from Tesco.  Disaster.  Stuff missing with no substitute.  So many carrier bags I am embarrassed.  So the DP will be back to running the risk of disease again.  But using our own bags and getting the stuff we need/want.

We combined the trip to the shops with a stop off on the Prom.  Our butchers and our supply of milk in glass bottles.  Remembering to take the rinsed out used ones.  Later he had to go to Lidl and get the stuff we needed that had not been delivered from Tesco.

It was warm!

A variety of boats.

The Gull Gang.

The beach.

Apparently I am to be informed by the NHS by Sunday as to whether I am on the at risk list and what I have to do.  I had today phoned our chemist to ask about delivery of my drugs.  No.  Apparently once I have this letter I can insist I get delivery.  Alternative is as is now the DP going in and collecting but this worries him as he may pick up something and bring it to me i.e. an infection.

So Boris has obviously been following his own advice.  Well no as he now has tested positive.  None of the NHS have even had a test.  Wonderful.

One despairs. 

Back to the shopping list.

Thursday 26 March 2020


Apparently it is a no no to drive to somewhere to exercise.  If I walked along the lanes here with the chariot I would be risking death and not from corona thingy.  So we combined the journey with a shopping visit. 

The sea was flat calm but the boats had some fun.

Gull Gang not self isolating.

He swam across the bay and back again.

Redshank on the drawing board.

Home to watch the ploughing.

Bought a bottle of wine and failed to buy any baking stuffs..... Supermarket was almost empty.  I remained in the car.  Not allowed in shops.

Home delivery tomorrow.  Will let you know how successful or otherwise.

Skype happening almost daily now.  Technology is good sometimes. 

Wednesday 25 March 2020


I am driving the DP mad.  I keep reading conflicting stuff re the Coronavirus.  I should stay away from this computer!

Our daily exercise at the Prom.  2 metre distancing from anyone else although there were not many.

The car park today.  And one car is mine.  A few cyclists zoomed past and shouted 'Fit like?'  Which is 'Alright?' in any other language but Doric.

We had a chat to two other couples, who we knew, at a great distance, good job I had my hearing aids in.


Turnstones having a bath.

Me going up and back down the path.  Not another soul.

Still waiting to be instructed on what I should be doing re self shielding.  We are attempting an online shop.  Which is causing the DP some considerable stress.  I am to find out if the chemist will deliver.  Our butcher will.  Whole new world.  Apparently we can get a home testing kit.  Then what?

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" 03/28/16

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Obeying the rules.

First the visit from my personal carer.  This is approved by the rules.  The DP stays well clear.  Sith Cat does not!  

The DP went to the local shop for the newspaper.  I am looking in to having this delivered.  

After lunch we had our exercise.  Allowed by the rules.  Easy to avoid all human contact as many remain in their cars having their lunches.  Those who walk steer well clear.  Although I did nearly have a problem with some smallish kids with skateboards.  But I do a good and effective death stare.

The Highland Coos are being very productive and we could see more new arrivals.  

A wide variety of boats.

Gulls galore.

The lovely Oystercatchers.

Posing for a painting!

The other end of town.  Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.  Cormorants on the rocks.

Mental and Physical Health sorted.  Home.  Behaved.