Monday, 28 December 2020


 Today we had snow.  A blizzard as we left the house for the Prom.

So I was snookered again for getting out of the car and walking.  Bitter cold and every so often it snowed.  At an angle!

Photographs are therefore taken by the DP.

Before he set off he put the oxygen next to me.  Having a bad day today and needing it.

Some boats.

Lots of surfers.  Temperature below freezing.

The kids were out there too.  I heard a Mum ask, "Was it good or  were you cold?"

"It was good!"


The Gull Gang.

I really need to walk.  But I get there and become a wimp.


Jackie said...

Brrr, I find it amazing that people can even think of surfing when it is so cold.

I hope you get to walk the prom soon and breath that lovely air.

God bless.

Tigger said...

Jill your body needs so much more oxygen to burn the calories needed to stay warm in weather like that. Wimping is probably saving you from hypothermia, even in a good coat. Enjoy the view and being able to leave the house at all. Wishing you a brighter new year F & Mr T

Carruthers said...

You're not a wimp. Having seen my mum go into hospital with a broken hip recently (she's now out and we'll on the mend), I'd say this is really a time to err well on the side of caution! We do.

Susan Zarzycki said...

Goodness, that surf looks so cold! Not a good day for a stroll! I would stay in the car too!💖

Bovey Belle said...

Well, I am a wimp when it is icy cold, so will keep you company! It also affects my breathing, so best to stay in the warm.