Wednesday, 16 December 2020

A Bit Scary.

 I worried most of the morning about the plans for the cafe visit in the afternoon.  Stupid I am. While we were having lunch the Community Nurse landed to take blood.

I have an excess of red blood cells.  Which can be an effect of having COPD.  So a regular blood count done.  Excess of red blood cells can lead to clots and a stroke.  So far not been put on Warfarin.  What next???

So we made it to The Dunes.  The Dunes is a golf driving range with a cafe.  A really good cafe.  Owned and run by two very good friends of ours.  There were hand sanitisers and a book to put your contact details in.  One was supposed to wear a mask til seated.  Behind me is my friend.  There was ventilation but it was still too hot for me to be comfortable.

Afterwards the DP and I drove to the Prom.  It was getting dark but I needed to breathe in the sea air.  I sat in the car.  Breathed.  The DP went for a short walk and took the photos.

Deserted beach.

Plenty Oystercatchers.

So much happier we came home.


Laurie said...

I hope we soon can put our fears away, this pandemic doesn’t seem to be leaving us at all . It’s soaring here in Ontario, not in this northern part, we only have two cases but they say numbers will soar after Christmas because of so many selfish inconsiderate people. Take care my friend, you truly are in fragile health, take no risks.

Terra said...

You had a great change of scene when you visited the cafe. Since the weather turned cold, about 2 months ago, I haven't had any in person out of my home social events. Unless you count fun Zoom meetings which I have. My sons visit me often, so that is social and very helpful in maintaining my sanity.

Carruthers said...

Cafe? You're brave. Perhaps I'm over cautious. Just had the gas man servicing the boiler. Screened his room off from the rest of the house (open plan - no doors) with plastic sheeting.

Me, I've taken to getting bags of Lavazza delivered - three heaped dessert spoons in a large cafetiere! Decaf in my case. Lasts all day. Ultra safe. I tell myself I've turned our house into a coffee shop.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Hooray for a trip out and coffee in a cafe - something that used to be a simple pleasure and now so complicated and worrying.
Stay safe and keep breathing that Vitamin sea

crafty cat corner said...

If you have to go on Warfarin it's no problem Jill. Tom has been on warfarin for 22 years after heart attack and several blood clots on the lungs. He just gets tested every few weeks and it has not affected him otherwise.

Jackie said...

How wonderful that you got a trip out and to see your friend.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Thrilled you managed to get a trip out and visit your friend. I enjoyed a visit to a cafe too today, it was such a thrill to feel a little normality.

thelma said...

That was a good outing to the cafe, cake and coffee delicious ;)