Tuesday 31 January 2017


Wind and rain.

I went into Fraserburgh.  Called into Lidl and bought some pyjamas for 2 of the grandsons.  Apparently they cant get enough of pyjamas.  So we had Star Wars - Darth Vader and Spiderman.  Hmm.  I really dont remember what I wore as night wear in the 1950s.  

I then parked up by the beach where the wind winded and the rain rained.

I had to get out of the car and get soaked to take this photograph.

 A very large lorry, and how it got to where it was I know not.

But it was doing a top up of the bark on the playground.

The chariot would not have been able to get past it.  The weather was not conducive for a walk.  So hey ho.

I am now on 11% as opposed to 18% nicotine  on the vaping.  

Tomorrow is a better day. 

All good and I hope its the same for you.

Monday 30 January 2017

New Year resolutions - bit late in actioning.

Finally got round to make telephone calls from a list made on the 1st January.  As you do.

Chimney Sweep.  Been trying for two, possibly three, years to get him to come and sweep the flue and clean the cowl on the woodburner.  Spoke to someone who knows their stuff but is miles away and can't come, but at least he told me.  So it was back to the one who hasnt got back to me in two, possibly three years  "I will get Alan to phone you in the next few days......."

Double glazing firms.  We need a new front door, replacement pane in a window and trims or whatever they are called.  These are wood. So its either a painter goes up a ladder, comes down shakes his head, or just get them redone in upvc.

Then the hospital to tell them not to ask me to come mid February for the cataract pre -op.  Tried on numerous occasions but I couldnt be connected as they are very busy.  Obviously I am not......

Hearing Aid Hospital.  Do they still want me to come and be assessed - no.  As I am having no problems - no.  Well, just remembering to put the damn things in is sometimes a problem.

A joiner, recommended by a friend, to come and quote for lining the shedudio.  Hopefully that will make it a proper studio where I can hang paintings.  Promised to phone me next week.

I was totally exhausted.  Gone are the days when I was a high flyer spending all day on the phone and telling people what to do.  But then I had a bit of authority - and a title.  Not just Mrs.

So I was glad to be out on my walk after lunch.

It was sooooooooooooo cold.  The railings and I got together like old friends.  Damaged lungs do not work when it is that cold.  So a mere .59 of a mile once more.  Few steps - and breathe.

The boats were swinging from one side to another as well.  So quite a breeze.

Leaning starboard.

Still the Redshank.

And today some Turnstones.

Here is a painting of some Turnstones I have on the drawing board.

Also on the drawing board a frequent garden visitor - Sparrowhawk.

And finally. A finished painting of a Hobby.  This bird landed on a boat way out in the North Sea for a rest, and was photographed by a crew member who is also a keen birdwatcher.  So I had a happy late afternoon. 

Tonight the wind is blowing and will become stronger overnight and during the day tomorrow. Plus heavy rain.  So no walk.

I am way overdue visiting one of my best mates who also mounts and frames my paintings.  So tomorrow thats where I am heading.

This will be after sorting out my gardener who is to remove a bush at the side of our parking space, laughingly called a drive.  I and many visitors including our oil delivery man have visible scars of what this Berberis can do.  I dont care that there is an old nest or two in there.  Thats why that was another phone call this morning to get the damn thing gone -now - before any bird thinks of nesting.

Sunday 29 January 2017

Mainly Redshanks.

Weather gone silly!  Just down the road from us they had snow, not forecast by either amateur (Windy Wilson who I follow on fb) nor the Met Office.  Here - glorious sunshine.

It being Sunday the beach and the esplanade were packed.  The Redshank were sunbathing.  Just look at the colours of the rocks.  Beautiful.

It was high tide.  So not much beach.

As you can see from this shot above where I am walking up the Path of Doom between the dunes.

Some of the Redshank went food hunting as the tide came in.

The Stone Sculptor is back.  I actually watched him doing another.  But by the time I saw him I was back in the car and the chariot packed away and it was beyond me to get out.  The strange thing was he placed a rock on top of another and just sat as if he was welding the rock to the other with his mind.  Something to look for tomorrow.

And finally just a wee bit more Redshank.  This is from a photo taken by the Dawn Patroller some time back.  It is called Shelter.

Dont you just love their red shanks.

Saturday 28 January 2017

Its jist stotting doon.

Ah the Doric language.

Depending on the age of the viewer I am either a Quine or a wifey.  (Girl or woman.)  I am glad I am not a male as they are loons.

The Dunes are Bents.  I am still learning so stand to be corrected.

It is a dreich day today .

Ye wid need a gwed set o oilskins the day.

Indeed it has been foul today.  So I have the hot water bottle on my back .

Dreaming of better days.

And nights.

Friday 27 January 2017

Technology = frustration.

Although bitterly cold I decided to do my walk and hopefully extend the distance from a mile.

As you can see a bleak day.

I walked the same as I had done on cracking the mile.

Both levels of the Esplanade. 

Up and down the Path of Doom. (So named as a while back I never thought I could get to the end .)

PLUS down the path to the beach

and back up it.

PLUS  down the board walk and back up that which is the other side of the burn (stream).  AND round the playground. 

Photographs of the birds are far better from beach level.

So I get back to the car and discover the b****y machine had "Lorst the GPS."  It had stopped at .99 of a mile.  I think thats when I had worked up a sweat and threw my woolly hat into the chariot, wherein I place my tablet set up to record the distance, and covered the damn thing up.....

So I came home.

And threw a bit of ink and watercolour around.

I will just have to do it all again.

Including this.

Happy Friday.

Thursday 26 January 2017


Well I have thanks to Hawthorn Spellweaver for the advice on hot water bottle onto back.  Bliss almost. Also The Weaver of Grass on keeping moving.  Advice taken and working.

Today I finally got going in the afternoon and had some retail therapy.  Looking for track suit bottoms, Te**o and smartish trousers and top A**a.  I then drove to the beach.

There were actually masses of sea birds but I had staggered out of the car, put on my wind proof/wet proof coat been bashed repeatedly by the car door, staggered up to the railings, hung on like grim death, took photos which all turned out to be blurred as I couldnt stand upright let alone hold a camera steady.  Managed two photos. Birds facing into the wind.  And

this Cormorant.  Sitting with its head under its wing having a rest and being dive bombed by Herring Gulls.  It eventually decided to go back into the foaming sea.

Returned to car.  (Dont know why I bother having hair done.)

Now more advice required.

After years of having cats many cats,  we are down to one.

This is Sith.

He is 13.  He gets very worried if the normal routine is altered.  Today is Thursday.  Which is the night the Dawn Patroller goes to the Fraserburgh Photographic Society meeting.   As the woodburner is lit and and the tele goes on Sith strolls into the sitting room and sits on the DP's lap.  But the DP is not there.  This happens every week.

I am trying to watch some of the stack of pre recorded New Tricks progs and I keep getting a claw into my arm, leg, aaargh.  I fuss, I stroke.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Day off.

I have been struggling with pain in my back for some days now.  The new office chair is helping.  But today there were strong winds so I had an excuse to take the day off.  A rare occurrence.  Tomorrow the same winds are forecast.  But Friday there is to be a cessation so I intend to be back walking and hopefully extend the distance.

So I had a bit of fun on Google street view and although designated 'unnamed road'  there we were.  An old photo as the shedudio is now green.  A bit disconcerting to see all the poles leaning which of course they are not in real life.

I have caught up with the bank account, sorted a few drawers out and other bits and pieces.  But the general opinion is I would far rather be out doing things.  

So tomorrow will most definitely be a day on.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

I walked the line..

When I use this app on my tablet this America female voice, just as I have set off, says " GPS signal lost."  

I invariably reply (why?)  "Well find it then."  

To the total mystification of other walkers. 

Despite bad back I did it.  Shouting "Yes I did it."  with hands in the air mystified a few more and as the chariot made the most of it and rolled away they were even more worried.

As you can also see it took almost an hour.  But then I do have lots to stop and look at and the clock carries on ticking......

Back home I limbered up on bird watching to be ready for this weekends RSPB Garden Birdwatch.

And from many years experience of Garden Bird Watch they will all disappear during the hour I watch at the weekend.  Hopefully this year I have the little sods trained better.

Monday 23 January 2017

Monday and the mile challenge.

Did some spending today.

The DP noticed me hunched the other day.  My laptop is on the dressing table in our bedroom, so what else would I be sitting on but a dressing table stool?  Hunched he said.  So off to Argos and I now have proper chair with a curved supporting back.  Only problem is getting used to sitting down and not shooting off on those wheels.  So a) my back is supported.  But b) I could kill myself zooming off backwards and breaking my neck.

I went for my walk today.  .91 of a mile.  I have been promised a bottle of red wine if I crack the mile by a friend.  Whoooo.

Very strange views today.  A family wanging 3 sliced loaves and getting a feeding frenzy from the gulls.

I did think at one point he was offering up the child too.

The gulls soon settled down to sunbathing once the family had gone.

Well the DP seems to have sorted the rodent lodger.  Not a sound.  He has purchased some steel wool and that is to be stuffed in the hole.. Rats dont like it, tho I am now thinking it was a mouse as a rat could have got through what he first put in the hole. And could have got into the bird food stash too, stored in the garage.  Sigh of relief.

I leave you with a few photos taken from the Esplanade cafe - taken by a 'friend' who posted them on facebook.  Not the most glamorous granny am I ?

The mile tomorrow!

Sunday 22 January 2017

We will survive.

I will not be defeated by back ache.  I followed advice from the Weaver of Grass and others and ploughed on.  (I cant do links to other blogs - sorry.)  Nor will I go into graphic detail about which daily activity causes the most discomfort !

Today I managed .6 of a mile.  

As you can see there are a few more people on the beach - this being  Sunday.

So no birds.  People, children, and dogs = no birds.

But families kite flying and enjoying the beach can't be bad.

On my way home after the esplanade walk I had to stop as the Farmer has been muck spreading.  Healthy smell?  But that means lots of worms.  So most of the gull population was in the fields.

But they dont like cars stopping to take photos.  So above the fields.....

Buzzards also like worms.

And zoom off to join in the feast.

On the unwanted lodger front.  The DP found the hole and stuffed it.  This was in the garage which is attached to the house.  The hole is into a granite wall and has the central heating pipe and various electric wires going in.  Then into the cavity wall.  Stuffed now with all manner of things foil, etc.  It seems to have worked.  Fingers crossed.  But the decision has now been made (by me) that we totally declutter the garage.

So - the first thing was 19 bags of

After trying these in our woodburner we were disappointed.  They remained in the garage.  So we put it up on a freecycle group . Broch free or somesuch.   Well.  They went very quickly.  And I said so very quickly.  And then watched as people went to war.  I was gob smacked. 

I always say plz so plz don't comment on what I've said as I was taught to always say plz and TyAlso don't no if it you that's got them so plz don't comment on my comment that's being nasty and I am not. A nasty person


I ended up leaving the group.  Only way to stop it - me getting stressed anyway !

The bags of logs have gone.  We still have a garage stuffed with - well stuff.  There is a charitable organisation which upcycles stuff and there is a fair bit of stuff heading their way,  but there is still stuff I would freely give but am really not sure how to do this without releasing this holocaust of nastiness.

We will survive.

Chat conversation end