Thursday 31 December 2020

Wish I could replay yesterday!

Woke about 5 a.m. with a massive nosebleed.  Which repeated and repeated. Poor DP has had a lot of washing to do today.  Including me....

Have spoken to the GP who has prescribed some cream for the nostrils.  Strict instructions not to touch anything in the nostrils other than applying the cream.  All down to the oxygen apparently.  Just hope it doesn't happen again.

The DP said to me that Midsomer Murders et al never show enough blood on their murder victims!  As he gathered up the stained bedding to wash.  All now done.

2021 Bring it on.

Wednesday 30 December 2020


I had my video  consultation with a member of the oxygen team.  Very useful.  All my questions answered.  Some tweaks to the routine suggested.  Their phone line is active five days a week and I can contact them should I need to.

And most important she said, "I will see you again in 6 months time."  So they haven't written me off. She has referred me to Physio Pulmonary team for help.  Also chasing up the Fire Department's advice section to visit and check out where we have the oxygen in the house.  

She had had her second Corvid vaccine today.  Hope mine is not long to wait for.

So it was a bit later than usual that we went to the Prom.  I GOT OUT OF THE CAR!  I also walked.  Probably half the walk that I do.

So it was heading for nightfall!

And still they surf.

Just make out the Gull Gang?



The DP walked to Tiger Hill.


The moon this morning.  A skein of Pink footed geese fly over the house calling.  A magical sound as they call to each other.

A good day.

Tuesday 29 December 2020


 My lovely carer came this morning.  My carers are supplied free to me in Scotland.  I could employ my own and the money would be reimbursed.  I did not want the hassle of having to arrange this myself.  Social Services do it all and we have regular reviews. 

I am struggling at the moment and needing the oxygen quite a lot.  I was washed, moisturised and dressed.  I could not cope with the hair wash.  I had turned down the carer on Friday as it was New Year's  Day.  But she explained she was working that day anyway and could come and get my hair washed as well as the usual if I was up to it.  So I agreed.  

The Prom visit was yet another disaster when Mother Nature threw hail, snow and rain at us.  So yet again the photos were taken by the DP.

This one is taken by my friend Mark.  Showing you a Surfer who knows how to do it!  Today at the beach.

Now the DP showing a fishing boat battling the elements.  A bit like me!

The Prom being lashed by Ninja showers.

But the DP found my all time favourite bird.

Now where is my mojo to get painting again?

Kite Surfers today too.

And the beach by Tiger Hill.

So we have our questions for the Oxygen team.  Discussed over the roast duck the DP had cooked for the evening meal.

Hope for some answers tomorrow afternoon.

Monday 28 December 2020


 Today we had snow.  A blizzard as we left the house for the Prom.

So I was snookered again for getting out of the car and walking.  Bitter cold and every so often it snowed.  At an angle!

Photographs are therefore taken by the DP.

Before he set off he put the oxygen next to me.  Having a bad day today and needing it.

Some boats.

Lots of surfers.  Temperature below freezing.

The kids were out there too.  I heard a Mum ask, "Was it good or  were you cold?"

"It was good!"


The Gull Gang.

I really need to walk.  But I get there and become a wimp.

Sunday 27 December 2020


 I have a screen meet up with the oxygen team on Wednesday.  I have lots of questions.  I am really struggling.  Fingers crossed they have some answers.

Bitter cold we also had snow.  

This Mute Swan has appeared.  On its own which is odd.  On the railway line.  Now a 
cycling, walking way.  The neighbour who spotted it managed to usher it into the field at our rear, where there is grain on the ground, and then reported to the DP.

He has been to look at it and today also .  It has got itself into another field.  Acts unlike it should.  Our wildlife rescue the New Arc have been contacted.  They suspect avian flu and as it appears undamaged enough and just acting odd they are not happy to uplift it in case it is the flu.  So the DP is keeping an eye on it.

Today's Surfers.  It was so cold, below freezing, I sat in the car with the chariot outside and feeding me oxygen through the window!  The surfers do have winter wet suits which are thicker.  Allegedly warmer.

Birds at the beach.  Oystercatchers and a Turnstone.  Photos all by the DP.

Now for a game of Solitaire to aid my switch off.  Good night.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Boxing DAY.

 Just finished our family zoom quiz - a great success and lovely to see my kids.  Their kids all in bed.

More tomorrow.

Friday 25 December 2020

Christmas Day.

Presents opened.  

We eat in the evening.

Prom visit.

Sat in the car.

 Always a Surfer!

Sunset on the way home.

Hello to neighbour across the road.

Our Christmas Dinner.

Just waiting for the Pheasant.

Strange Christmas.  I am sure it has been for many.  

We have a family zoom tomorrow and a quiz.  Set up by the DP.  

Hope you all enjoyed your day.

Thursday 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve

Another visit to the Prom where I never left the car.  Wind very strong and gusting to 30+ mph.

 We had had snow earlier - just a few flurries.

The DP got out of the car and found the Gull Gang.

I got my vitamin sea through the open car window.  

Home to greet the Postie.  Last post until after Christmas. 

So thats it.  Christmas 2020 here we are.

Happy Christmas to all.  See you on the other side.