Saturday, 19 December 2020

All Change.

All of Scotland bar the islands now in Tier 4.  Probably the whole of the UK.  Not got my head round this as yet.

My Happy Place - the Prom - remains accessible.  Broch Surfers held a Surfing Santas event.

What fun!  Little did we know while watching that that on the news was the devastating news of the move to Tier 4.  But its sensible.  This variant of the virus is dangerous.

Further out the boats inning and outing.

The Prom was packed. 

But people moved to let me through.  

Nobody on the beach.

Lots in the sea.

My lovely mate came over with Chocolate Coins!  The DP partook.

A lovely afternoon which brought a lot of the community together.

Tier 4 does not stop that.


Laurie said...


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great event, such fun something we all need at the moment.

Jules said...

It looks very chilly. X

Carruthers said...

Haven't had any chocolate coins since the kids grew up! Perhaps I should get a bag. Trouble is, it means parting with some of the metal ones.

Sue in Suffolk said...

What a lot of people watching the surfing santas

The Weaver of Grass said...

Choc coins can be addictive - best avoided. Like the real thing - keep them all to oneself and risk being thought a miser.

Mum said...

What a jolly, upbeat man. What's n to to smile about?

Ellen D. said...

Wow, a busy day at the beach. Everyone getting out before your lockdown then.
Glad you are safe!